Pokemon Platinum Review

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Pokemon Platinum Review :

Pokemon Platinum is Okay!

by Love95Legendz Oct 08, 2010

#1 Pokemon Platinum: My opinion on Pokemon Platinum is that it is a good game to get. I should know because I can't stop playing it. You couldn't guess how many hours I've spent just on that one little game. It's just hourz of fun! =] I just hope someday the makers of Pokemon will try to do something new for change because all the Pokemon games are like the exact same thing from gba to DS Lolz! =] Although there is some new things but not so much an upgrade. I love how itz still compatible with the gba games! But anyway Pokemon never gets old. If your a poke fan you know what I mean and it'z a must have! <3

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7Story line
Same as always you start off with your 1st pokemon collect gym badges... Battle your rival a couple times... Shocker! Team galactic{rocket] is up to no good. Defeat them and beat the elite4 become champ go to battle tower. The End.<3
Cute pokies + cute trainer.<3 New Pokemon + better sounds.<<< New moves for Rare Pokemon. Cool. Love new pokemon too.
Cute little tunes but the wild encounter music can get annoying... I always like that when you battle special trainers or rare pokies the song is all dramatic Lolz!
Double battles can be fun and battling with friends. Wi-fi <3 it. I hate the way it takes forever to level up Pokemon but whatever.
10Lasting Appeal
You somehow seem addicted to getting your favorite Pokemon and shinnies! Getting your pokedex completed even though it seems impossible at times.
(Out of 10)


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