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Pokemon Platinum Review :

About the same.

by Dart456 Aug 10, 2010

Well I have been a fan of the Pokemon Game Boy series for a while. I don't like the show or the cards because those are a little much. (Plus Ash is a dumbass that won't stop pissing me off.) But the games have always kept me interested because I find it fun to go around and collect all the various types of Pokemon. And with all the new ways to obtain them it keeps a good challenge ch going and I don't have to worry about the game coming to a stop. So I thought I would see what was new with Pokemon Platinum. It was about the same. But I noticed that the new set of Pokemon from the Sinnoh region, didn't have the same awesome selection the older games had. I only like two of the new Pokemon. Garchomp, and Gallade. Gible and Gabite were just bad ideas. They should have made Garchomp the third evolution to Sharpedo. It looks a lot like it. The rest just don't do much for me. Plus the need for some really useless HM moves got really annoying. Seriously, if you're going to make me have a move, at least make it do something. Defog is a waste of a move. I can't even remember what it does in battle because I only used it once. I do remember that it wasn't even worth using a second time. And as for rock smash, It sounds like it should pack a little more punch but it is so weak I can't wait to get to the move deleter and get rid of it. I am glad they made flash a TM though. Stop forcing useless moves on me and put in some better Pokemon and mabey the next games will be better.

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5Story line
About the same as the last games. Wake up in Twinleaf Town and leave on an adventure. Beat the five trainers in the Pokemon leage and collect all the pokemon.
Pokemon has gone 3D. Iy is a refreshing change to see pokemon step out of the 2D graphics that should be left in the past. Plus the pokemon move a lot more.
Same corny music. Changes with each place you visit. I always thought they could have done a harder beat to pokemon battles
Still the same as in past games. Weaken a pokemon, catch it, train it, use it to win. nothing special.
10Lasting Appeal
At the risk of sounding corny myself, "Gotta catch em' all!" Like I saod. It is fun to have a game that isn't so easy to end. You have to work for the end.
(Out of 10)


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