Pokemon Platinum Review

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Pokemon Platinum Review :

Pokemon Platinum Review

by Bramblefang Aug 13, 2010

Pokemon Platinum is the sequel to the first 4th Generation games called Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond. Platinum stars a new legendary Pokemon called Giratina. This game features several new features that were not in Pokemon D/P.

  • Gardenia's, Maylene's, and Fantina's, gym have been redesigned.
  • The Elite 4 have their rooms redesigned.
  • Teams of many trainers including the E4 and Gym Leaders have been changed.
  • The Battle Frontier now includes the Battle Castle, Battle Hall, Battle Arcade, and the Battle Factory
  • Rotom, Giratina, and Shaymin were introduced with new forms
  • There are 2 new key characters which are Looker and Charon
  • You may own your own house in the Resort area
  • There are new Wi-fi features
  • Some main characters you battle will have an animation when you enter a battle

There are many more to list but I think you can find them out yourself.

The game starts of with a TV Screen. When it fades out, you find yourself in front of your tv at your house in Twinleaf Town. You go down the stairs and your mom tells you that your friend needs you. Do all of that and eventually, you go to the route above Twinleaf Town with your friend. A Professor and his assistant come up to you. Go through the conversation and then you are offered a Pokemon along with your friend. You have a selection of the Fire Type Chimchar, the Grass Type Turtwig, or the Water Type Piplup. After you choose a Pokemon, you will have some more talking with the professor and then they will leave for Sandgem Town.

Right after they leave, you a challenged to a battle with your rival.

The story continues on and you will go on a quest to conquer the Pokemon league. You defeat Gym Leaders, face a threatening team called Team Galactic , meet many Pokemon, and do other things. Catch and raise your Pokemon along the way. Will you be strong enough to defeat the Champion?

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5Story line
You battle gym leaders, the Elite 4, and a group of enemies, in this game Team Galactic. Your goal is to conquer the Sinnoh League. It's much like the story lines in past games.
They look pretty good. A lot of the sprites move more and the 3D areas look cool. (Distortion World for example) It was pretty fun seeing what Sinnoh looked like.
The music was decent for the 4th Generation. Past generations had better music. The music for Pokemon Trainer & Wild Pokemon got really boring after awhile.
It's the same as past games. You get a Pokemon and train it. You catch other Pokemon and train them as well. Battling other trainers is really fun when you are pretty even in level.
7Lasting Appeal
Depending on the person playing the game, the game would either get boring for them or they may still have interest for it. If you like to play around with hacks or battle competitively, you'll have a long lasting appeal for this game.
(Out of 10)


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