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by Angel138 Aug 01, 2011

Ah, Nintendogs. A classic game nearly every owner of a DS has. For me, it was actually my first DS game, and I got the Chihuahua and friends one, Chihuahuas being my dream dog at the time.

I must say, having Nintendog's almost is like having your own dog minus the mess, and as a child for me it was a dream come true, perhaps as you get older you'll grow out of the game and find it less realistic, I now have a dog and don't play the game as much, but I still think Nintendogs is a brilliant idea, and others seem to think so too what with a sequel now out in 3D, though without a 3DS I haven't ever played it, so my review will be on the first one.

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6Story line
When you first start the game you will be greeted by a door. Knock it with your stylus and you're welcomed into the kennel! Chose a new puppy, teach it it's name, train it, care for it, then adopt another two if you feel like it! Enter compitions and collect trainer points, aim to be the best owner.
Amazing. Outstanding. Simply amazing. Er, that is until your puppy sort of merges into your other. I find the graphics very good for a game coming out at the time, though graphics may of moved on slightly since then I still think they are pretty impressive.
Lovely, calming music when you're out for a walk, not so much in the house however. When your dog does it's buisness the music will chnage, when your dog makes a new friend or enemy it will also change accordenly. Quite smart.
Easy for all ages to play, the instructions are clear easy to follow, with in-game instruction books even being provided in one's inventory.
9Lasting Appeal
An all round outstanding game, great for any dog, gaming or DS fan. I'd reccomend this game highly, especially now it'll be a bit cheaper seeing as it's older and the new 3D one is out.
(Out of 10)


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