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Pokemon Platinum Review :

Nintendo Never Stops Amazing Me

by KittyLover Aug 20, 2010

Pokemon Platinum is the next game after Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It features new things like the Wi-Fi Club, Egg Spin Trade, and cool new renovations to some of the Pokemon Gyms. It also includes many new Pokemon to the Pokedex, which makes it harder to complete. But it makes the game more fun. Lucas and Dawn also get warmer clothing. With the world's temperature supposedly dropping, snow can be seen along trees and on the ground. A new intro appears when you get your starter also.

Pokemon Platinum turns the spotlight on a new Ghost-Dragon type legendary, Giratina, which leader of evil Team Galactic , Cyrus is after.

You have to plunge into the Distortion world, and it looks so cool. But it takes forever to get through.

This game is really worth the money!

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7Story line
The storyline is same old, same old... complete your Pokedex, rip the stuffing out of Team Galactic, win over the Pokemon League... Seriously, I await the day when a new story line is made.
The graphics are okay, but sometimes the main character's face looks smooshed in the distortion world. Also, some parts can look faded or fuzzy.
The sound is awesome... The songs are catchy, the sound effects sound great. But the battle music can get boring after a while. I think the music is one of the good parts in the game.
This game can take many hours to complete, with what all the training, money-making, and puzzle solving you need to do. Only AR or trading can make the game go faster.
9Lasting Appeal
This game is defianantly very fun. It's one you can play over again and not get bored. It's fun, training your Pokemon to make yours stronger than your friends. But you're gonna need alot of patience if you wanna complete this game!
(Out of 10)


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