Pokemon Platinum Version Review

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Pokemon Platinum Version Review :

Platinum reveiw

by jumbojet Nov 11, 2010

The problem with rpgs like this is you get hooked into them for years. No need to worry with platinum, you'll be hooked for life. Platinum boasts new features such as:

  • New wi-fi stuff to play about with
  • Battle factory,Hall and others
  • Your own villa
  • the chance to catch a level 100 magikarp
  • And many more!

Having said that, these are all minor changes, and not exactly a major breakthrough. The Pokemon series deserves a change, because its all the same thing. Trainer starts small,has choice of three starters,battles,trains,b eats champion. As a game, bravo, as a series...Not so good

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
6Story line
classic, with a few twists.I like the distorstion world part, unlike the beggining.Good enough, but not great.
Very good, including some excellent sprite-work.The backgrounds are ussually un-repetetive.Thumbs up!
A little repetetive, and by the end gets annoying. Besides that, energetic with some old favourites tthrown in. Above average
Brilliant, as are the other games in the series.In my opinion, the best aspect of the game.I'm impressed
10Lasting Appeal
I conclude the reveiw on a high note!10/10 from me! the second best part of the game. The game scores:
(Out of 10)


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