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Pokemon Platinum Version Review :

Pokemon Platinum Version

by platinummaster8 Dec 02, 2010

Pokemon Platinum(Platinum)is the remake of Diamond and Peral versions for the DS. The story line is the same and the same starters, after all it is still in Sinnoh. The legend that you get in thiks game it Girintina, you also get to go into the Torn world.

I find Platinum better than D/P mainly because of new event like the Torn world being added also new gym challenges and elite four teams give it the extra hint of adventure that makes it so great for Pokemon lovers. New Pokemon have been introduced like the Rotom forms and origin form Girintina. It is a nice remake of D/P and has better wi-fi.

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8Story line
The story line is the same as D/P but with a few twists like the Torn world. You still fight Team Galatic and a poilceman called 'Looker' has been added.The stroy line is good but I think it could be better. Overall-8/10
The graphics included mud/grass on the ground battle secences, characters and Pokemon colours. The graohics need a bit of improvment. Overall- 5/10
The sound in Platinum incudes pokemon cries, city/route tunes and move noies(e.g flamethrower burning sound). The could do with a little bit of imrovment. Overall- 6/10
The gamplay includes exploring on land, underground and on water. In battle you get 4 option theses are, fight(use your moves, Pokemon(switch Pokemon), bag(use item like medicnes or pokeball and run (flee a wild pokemon battle. You find and catch wild Pokemon in the tall grass. Overall 7/10.
8Lasting Appeal
Pokemon Platinum was a big hit and very entertaining when played with no cheats. It passes time and I personally give 8/10.
(Out of 10)


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