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Pokemon Pure Silver Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Pure Silver cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 2 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Pure Silver on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Hint - Rare Pokemon Locations

by Unregistered Jun 19, 2014

Before I get started, the following information pertains to a fan made 'hackrom' called Pokemon Pure Silver for the GBC.

Johto Starters - One is available in Dark Cave (You will have to battle it and Rock Smash required, or surfing from the far side) the other can be obtained by buying an egg from an NPC in Goldenrod.

Kanto Starters - Squirtle: Have 5 or less Pokemon with you and visit the house north of Cycling Road. The NPC gives you Squirtle. Charmander: Obtain Charizard and mate it with a Ditto at the Daycare. Bulbasaur: Obtain Ivysaur and mate it with a Ditto at the Daycare.

Charizard - There is an NPC in Pewter City who needs help (sorry, I don't remember exactly which NPC it was) He/she gives you Charizard.

Ivysaur - Route 25 (north from Cerulean) Ivysaur is hiding in a tree. Capture it via battle.

Kabuto and Omanyte - Obtain Celebi (see below) and talk to the NPC near the Ruins of Alph (Surf Required) You are only allows to Celebi (required) and up to one other Pokemon with you. Wild Pokemon are all level 70+. Capture Omastar (on and island south of starting point) and Kabutops (in grass south-southwest of starting point) and breed with Ditto for the earlier forms of each.

Pokemon that evolve by trading (Gengar, Golem, etc) In Blackthorn City there is an NPC that will trade your first Pokemon (on your team line up) for a berry, then immediately trade back. This is the ONLY way to evolve these Pokemon.

Articuno - Seafoam Islands, same location as Red, Blue, etc.

Zapdos - "Find a way to attract Zapdos's attention at the Power Plant." (I still haven't done this, not sure exactly what is required)

Moltres - Cinnabar Volcano (Cinnabar Island) Defeat the level 97 Shiny Moltres (Cannot capture, believe me I tried) And investigate his/her nest to get a level 5 Moltres. (Requires having 5 or less Pokemon with you)

Mewtwo - Same location as in Yellow, Red, Blue. Easiest to find and capture. Use a Master Ball. (Use item duplication trick to get more Master Balls)

Mew - "Legends say that Mew walks among people in disguise. Look around towns in Johto." (I'm still looking, spent hours already.. help? xD)

Celebi - Have a Mysteryberry (Obtained from a tree just north of Ilex Forest, Surf required) and offer it at the Shrine in Ilex Forest. Capture via battle.

Just a side note: No matter which legendary pokemon you are trying to capture, I highly suggest saving often, and using Savestates to save yourself a lot of time and trouble. For the... 

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Code - Pokemon Pure silver hints and cheats

by Unregistered Jun 07, 2012

Starters: Catch one starter in the Dark Cave and for the other buy an egg from an NPC in Goldenrod City

Lapras: Same as in normal silver version. It appears only on Friday. From Azalea Town go inside the Union Cave. Then go to the left,surf down and get to the ladder. Just follow the path and you should be able to find Lapras.

Get pokemon that evolve by trading (Alakazam,Machamp,Gengar and Golem): Go to BlackThorn City. Go the house most right and put the pokemon at first in your party(for example graveler). A girl wants to trade and trade back to see what happens. After you did this your pokemon evolved. She wished to keep the pokemon but as promised she trade the pokemon back.

Clone: the clone cheat still works just as in the normal silver version. Save,put a pokemon in the box,change box and reset your game while the second line appears after saying 2 times yes.

I'm now in Blackthorn City so I'll give you soon more hints and cheats!

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Pokemon Pure Silver Cheats


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