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Pokemon Ranger Review :

One of The Best Pokemon Games Around

by sdan12 Sep 06, 2011

So in this game you play as a girl or a boy. Depending on what you choose, you can either get a plusle or a minun for a partner. This affects the story very little. If you choose a boy. One of the rangers will end up being a girl instead. If you choose a girl, that ranger will be a boy. But that affects the main storyline very little. There are lot's of pokemon to capture. But the region is kinda small. And the transportation isn't that good either. If you want to go to another town or city then you have go to a ranger base and take the dragonite bus. It takes you to whatever base that you want to go to. Once your at the base, you have to walk to wherever you want to go. And when you beat the game, you get bonus missions on the homescreen. There is only three and you only get the next after you have beaten the last one.

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10Story line
The basic storyline is that your a new recruit.But when you're escorting Professor Hastings to Fall City,a mysterious gang takes the professors super styler when your seperated.Now it's up to you to take them down before they capture legendary pokemon and wreak havoc on Fiore.
The graphics are really good,just like any other pokemon game. Although,when you bring the screen up to check your level and stuff like that,the picture of you isn't to detailed.But this is a Pokemon game and their graphics are amazing!
There are a lot of diffrent sounds and music.Especailly when your in a town or city that a ranger base is located. They have peticular sounds.
The gameplay is really good.Most of the gameplay is just capturing pokemon. And that's a little hard because,sometimes,you have to make twenty or thirty loops in a row to finish the capture.
10Lasting Appeal
This game is excellent!I love the pokemon ranger series.They never fail to impress me!I can't wait to see the Pokemon Ranger games to come.
(Out of 10)


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