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Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs Review :

Pokemon Ranger 3: Guardian Signs Reviewed

by RandomishGamer Feb 22, 2011

The third game in the Pokemon Ranger series, Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs was extremely good. The story line was brilliant, really. It was new and fresh, leaving the older games in series behind. Of course, you could never do without Fiore or Almia, so they get referred to occasionally.

The signs part of it was great. Being able to summon Legendary Pokemon nearly anywhere was great. The bad part of it was that some signs were hard to draw, so you could get stuck trying to register a sign for ages.

The game didn't take all that long for me to complete. The bosses weren't exactly difficult up to the last boss battle, but even then I completed that in just under ten minutes.

The new features including multiplayer mode were great! Being able to re-battle boss Pokemon and go on missions with friends was great fun!

So overall, I'd say this is one of the best Pokemon games yet.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
9Story line
Epic storyline. Brilliant most of the time. Bit boring sometimes, and sometimes way too hard. But the rest was fabulous.
The Pokemon Sprites were great, so was the landscape. The only downfall was when battling the giant boss Crobat. That was too pixelated.
The music was very good. The new theme tune was absolutely, positively awesome. Overall, the sound was ace.
The game play was fabulous, but got way too hard or way too boring at some points like I said earlier.
7Lasting Appeal
It was great fun all the way through, but took me just under three weeks to complete. So although it's fun, it's short if you're already an expert at the Ranger series.
(Out of 10)


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