Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Review

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Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Review :

One of my FAVORITE Games

by sdan12 Aug 01, 2011

In this Pokemon ranger game the Pokemon of the Almia are being forced under control by the new Team Dim Sun. And it's up to you to save the Pokemon of the Almia region before time runs out. In this game everything has improved. The way you're supposed to capture Pokemon, the length of the game, the characters, and especially the partner Pokemon. In this game there are a numerous amount of partner Pokemon. You basically get to choose your first and when you do certain quests then you get the Pokemon you caught during that quest. And did I mention that some things from the Fiore region are put into this game. Like when you go up to one of the operators, you can hear him talking to Spencer, the ranger leader from Ringtown in the last game. Or if you go up to the pledge stone then you can see Ringtown Leader Spencer's pledge and Wintown Leader Elita's pledge. Both of them are from the Fiore region. And did I mention that instead of the Go Rock Quads it's the Sinis Trio this time? Plus the Go Rock Quads are back too(as good guys). With all an all new adventure and extra quests and Legendary Pokemon to catch, this game is one of the Best ranger games so far!

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10Story line
The basic storyline is that a new team of villians,Team Dim Sun,is building machines to take control over pokemon against thier will.So you,as a new ranger,must help destroy the machines and help rescue Almia!
The graphics are really good.Whether your trying to do a captutre or your running around in a bunch of ruins the graphics are always really good.
The sound is okay.Most pokemon games have kind of irratating sounds.Basically the pokemon's noises are always going off and it's kinda irritating.
The gameplay is really good.I've never got stuck anywhere and when you make capyures it's so much easier than in the first game.Because in the first game you would have to do 20 loops in a row but in this one there is just a bar at the bottom of the pokemon that you have to fill up.
10Lasting Appeal
This game is definetly one of the best.it's so much better then the original game.Including the:storyline,captures,an d the game is a lot longer then the original too.
(Out of 10)


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