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Pokemon Soul Silver Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Soul Silver [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 11 May 2010 by DeadlyDragonite and is called "How to beat Red with A Lv 64 Dragonite in 10 easy steps.". The Cheat have a rating 0 by 6 our users and has been commented 14 times. Also 6 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up DeadlyDragonite and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 102 other cheats for Pokemon Soul Silver, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - How to beat Red with A Lv 64 Dragonite in 10 easy steps.

by DeadlyDragonite May 11, 2010

This is a really useful trick i did a while ago that got me my charizard. Before enteriing the Pokeom League, I'd stocked up on revives and hyper potions. i had loads left over, so i went for a trip to Mt silver. To beat red, you will need 50 revives, 30 hyper potions, a focus sash (battle frontier, mom's spending sprees), a few ethers/elixirs, ppossibly some max revives and a Level 64 or higher Dragonite that knows earthquake,fireblast,draco meteor and fly. you will also need to bring 5 other pokemon to send out when good old dragonite cops it and dies, so youu can Revive him. Here's how to do it...
1-Preperation. Put Dragonite first in your party and give him the focus sash. Make sure he is at full health and PP.
2-Common Sense. SAVE!!!!!! This plan is not foolproof, and climbing up Mt silver is really annoying.
3-The Beginning.Challenge RED.
4-Pikachu.Use Earthquake. Lv. 88 Pikachu will use volt tackle, which would normally kill you, but cos of the focus sash you should survive. the recoil pikachu recieves will take him about a third of his health down, and the earthquake will finish him off.
5-Lapras. Unfortunately, the hail will then finish YOU off, so switch to another pokemon and revive your Dragonite, while Red sends out his Lapras. Also healing your dragonite to full. to do this, just keep swithcing to a pokemon and reviving another until Lapras runs out of Blizzard attacks. As soon as he has, send out Dragonite and use fly, but heal after the fly attack if you took dammage (lapras will probably use body slam). Keep using fly and healing until lapras in dead. When the game asks if you want to switch pokemon, select YES (SWITCH POKEMON).
6-Snorlax. Same as with Lapras, just keep usiing the other pokemon as bait so that snorlax uses up all his Blizzard attacks. If he doesn't use Blizzard, switch to dragonite and keep sacrificing, then reviving him. When he's all out, hammer him with draco meteor, and switch out. when he's killed the other pokemon, switch back to dragonite and keepusing fly. your fly PP may be running low by now, so you may need to use an ether.Snorlax will die eventually and when it asks if you want to switch pokeomon, say yes if youu have low health (then heal), but if you have 85%-100% of youur health left, just stay out.
7-Charizard. As soon as you can, use draco metoer and then fly on him, as he'll probably start using dragon pulse on you. keep using fly and again, he'll die. Watch out, however, as you are likely to die a few times so keep those revives a'comin'. when it asks for the switch, say yes and switch to a weaker pokemon and heal up Dragonite.
8-Venusaur. Red might actually send out Blastoise now, he changes, but if he does, just look at step 9 and look back at this when Blastoise pops his clogs. Venusaur is actually pretty easy tobeat ; just keep using fire blast and heal when his sludge bomb attack gets you low on HP.If he still has blastoise left, when it asks for swithcing, say yes, and switch. If Venusaur was his last pokemon, you won. Do not pass go, do not collect 200, just go to step 10! (lol)
9-Blastoise. I really don't like blastoise. youu may have noticed by now that your weaker pokemon have generally all been killed, or youu have 1 0r 2 left. if this is the case, this will be a bit harder.use fly as soon as you can, and then use draco meteor. I f that doesn't kill him, keep using fly. also, blastois's blizzard attack will take youu out in one shott, but luckily blastoise has a terrible aim. Hail is youur best friend in this battle, as it will slowly take Blastoise out, and you can just keep revivng your pokemon in a circle so he should die. Red will use a full restore, but if you time it right, a fly attack while blastoise's hp is in the orange zone should take him out. If Red still has Venusaur left, go to step 8, if he doesn't... YOU WIN. See step 10.
10-Victory and rewards. Congratz! you have now beaten Red! To claim your rewards, firrstly fly over to Proffesor oak. He will let you choose from either a charmander,squirtle or bulbasaur. Secondly, fly over to Silph Co (Saffron City ) and talk to the guy with silver hair neear the desk.He'l let you chose from a red stone, a green stone, and a blue stone. the stone represernts the type for the hoenn starters.e.g. green stone = treecko, red stone = torchic, blue stone = mudkip. You third reward ir prehaps the most satisfying. Fly to Mr. Pokemon(you know, the guy north of cherrygrove) and when you enter his house he will give you a orb (blue for heartgold, red for soulsilver). once you have recieved youur orb, fly to cianwood. go throgu hthe safari cave entrance and when you get to the route leading to the safari zone, go in the forst cave you see and go down the ladder. the exit the cave and surf on the water, and heead left. youu will notice that one of the stones in the barrier sticks out a bit, so you can pass. keep heading this way and you will see a place where youu can rock climb. go in the caave. Depending on youur game type, the legendaries from hoenn will await you (groundon soulsilver, kyogre heartgold.) if you want rayquaza, trade the other legendary over with someeone who has it (so you have both kyogre and groundon), then ttalk to oak. he will give you the jade orb.go back to the embedded tower and raquaza will await you.

Hope this helps and sorry abbout the dodgy spelling, any questions, private message me and i'll try to answer you within a day.

And by thw way if youu are still reading this you have way too much internet time.

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