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Pokemon Soul Silver Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Soul Silver cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 150 cheats in our list, which includes 17 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 126 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Soul Silver on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

SeCret box wallpapers and Pokemon eggs

by ckjkj Mar 22, 2010

Go to Violet City Pokemon Center. Tell the man next to the PC certain words when he asks you for your opinion. Use this website to generate these words( http://www.filb.de/games/tools/aikotoba ) . This will unlock special box wallpapers and Pokemon eggs in your game.

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ApRicorns, Aprishakes & Pokethon

by Illumise27 Nov 04, 2009

A new feature added to HG&SS is making Aprishakes from Apricorns... Similar to Poffins and Pokeblock in previous games, but instead of enhancing contest stat appeal, it enhances Pokethon stats. (Lower)

Different Colored Apricorns increase different stats. (They also have different flavors, so be careful...)

Blue Apricorn Increases Technique; Dry Flavor
Green Apricorn Increases Jump; Bitter Flavor
Pink Apricorn Increases Speed; Sweet Flavor
Red Apricorn Increases Power; Spicy Flavor
Yellow Apricorn Increases Stamina; Sour Flavor
Black Apricorn Increases All Stats slightly; No Flavor
White Apricorn Increases All Stats slightly; No Flavor

Pokethon is another feature added on in the 4th gen. remake. It's like a mini Olympics for your Pokemon: they can participate in various games with NPCs or your friends via WiFi. They can in the following events;

Dash Hurdles

Stats Used: Speed, Jump

Bounce Field

Stats Used: Technique, Jump

Ring Match

Stats Used: Power, Stamina

Snowball Fight

Stats Used: Power, Technique

Relay Race

Stats Used: Speed, Stamina

Brick Break

Stats Used: Power, Stamina

Push Circle

Stats Used: Power, Speed

Capture the Flag

Stats Used: Technique, Speed

Frizbee Toss

Stats Used: Jump, Power


Stats Used: Technique, Power

Rewards are handed out daily for the top 3 places... and they vary day by day. They usually consist of another Apricorn, A stat enhancing item (HP Up, Carbos, ext.) and/or Evolution-related items.

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MoVes good with other moves

by imaspazfull Aug 20, 2010

Theese moves go good together
1.Endure 2.Reversal with speedy pokemon

1.Protect or Detect other pokemon 1.any move that hits your teamate and the foes

groudon with eruption and kyogre with water spout not spourt

1.any move that hits your teamate and the foes for speedier out of the 2
2.healing move with slower pokemon

switching between any move that needs recharging

swager one pokemon and the other hold persim berry

when foe in air use twister or gust

earthquake for underground foe

surf for underwater foe

switch between baton passing and returning(move)

brick break gets through moves like light screen and reflect
hoped i helped -SPAZ-
ill put new matches on comments

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RiOlu kick

by imaspazfull Aug 16, 2010

What you will need;
Female riolu or lucario
Hitmonlee that knows blaze kick

1.put both of the pokemon listed above into the day care
2.keep laying eggs till you find a riolu with blaze kick

You can breed them because there both fighting types
hoped i helped SPAZ

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LeVel 30 Kingler

by Zoroark2000 Mar 26, 2010

South of Fuschi City (in Kanto) there is a smashable rock hidden behind a larger stable rock. If you smash it a secret level 30 Kingler will come out of the rock. I was so foolish to kill it though so hope you guys enjoy it!


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KrUt in water

by soulfly Mar 21, 2012

if you have the walk Thu walls cheat on be for stop team rocket in slowpoke well go to the entrance to the basement you should see krut in the water.

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EaSy way to heal your Pokemon!!

by Unregistered Sep 24, 2010

Has this ever happened to you? Your Pokemon are hurt, and there's no Pokemon Center in sight! Well, lucky for you, I know how to heal your Pokemon WITHOUT items or a Pokemon Center.

Say that your nearby National Park inside the building where you can enter for the Bug-Catching Contest, and your little Pokemon are hurt. This'll come in handy if you don't have the Fly HM or if you don't have a Pokemon that knows Fly in your party. All you've gotta do is pop the Pokemon in the PC, bring it back in, and presto! Your Pokemon are INSTANTLY HEALED!!!!

...I know, I know. Some of you probably already know this, but... Well, I hope it helped anyway.

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GB music

by SuperRyu Jun 14, 2010

You 1st have to get all 16 badges. then go to celadon city. go to a builing named celadon condominiums. on the 1st floor, go to the elevator and go to the 3rd floor. talk to the guy in front of the globe and he'll give you the GB sounds. then wherever you go it will play a old school remix of the song that is playing wherever you go.

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PoKe'Gear: Mysterious BroadCast

by skyp Jul 12, 2010

Go to the Ruins of Alph Main entrance. Go to the radio on your Poke'Gear and put the little dot thingy in the middle of the circle. There will ba a scary sound and the Poke'Gear will say Mysterious Broakcast. CREEpY! HUH?!?!

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PaSt characters

by ShinyTyphlosion2247 Jun 24, 2010

Here is how to find characters from past games in HG/SS
Wake: Find him in the Goldenrod Department store. He gives you a Chimchar mask, a Turtwig mask, and a Piplup mask. Meet him later at route 47 near a large waterfall.
Maylene: Find her in a restaurant in Celadon City. She doesn't really do anything.
Eusine: Find him when you first find Suicune in Cianwood City and whenever else you find it. Once you catch Suicune, Eusine completely disappears. (He was in Crystal)
Cynthia: Find her at the Sinjoh Ruins.
Steven Stone: Find him after retrieving Copycat's doll, at Silph Co., and at the Pewter Museum.

That's all for now, sorry if I forgot some or of it's a little inaccurate.

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CrAsher Wake

by Bramblefang Mar 25, 2010

Crasher Wake is a Gym Leader from the Sinnoh Region and specializes in Water Type Pokemon.

The first time you meet him is on the 2nd Floor of Celadon's Department Store. He's looking at masks when he notices you if you talk to him. Wake will give you the Turtwig, Piplup, and Chimchar Masks which are Accessories you can use to dress up your Pokemon. Then, he leaves.

You can go back to Johto and find him staring at a waterfall on Route 47. Wake talks about how he heard about the waterfall near Cianwood and talks about other things after noticing that you are a trainer from Johto.

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HiDden items in Ruins Of Alph

by ckjkj Mar 22, 2010

In the same rooms where you have to complete a picture puzzle of Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Ho-Oh, or Omanyte, there is a plaque that has a word that is spelled using Unowns. Complete the following steps to get the hidden items:

Room with the Kabuto Puzzle: The word is "Escape". You must use an Escape Rope while facing the plaque. You can easily get an Escape Rope at the Violet City Pokemart. The four items you receive are Energy Powder, Heal Powder, Oran Berry, and Pecha Berry.

Room with the Aerodactyl Puzzle (accessible by Surfing): The word is "Light". Use Flash while facing the plaque. The four items you receive are Energy Root, Heal Powder, Moon Stone, and Sitrus Berry.

Room with the Ho-Oh Puzzle: The word is "Ho-Oh". You must have Ho-Oh first in your roster. The items you receive are Charcoal, Leppa Berry, Life Orb, and Revival Herb. In Pokemon HeartGold, Ho-Oh is obtained in the Bell Tower. In Pokemon SoulSilver, Ho-Oh is obtained after you have defeated the Elite Four.

Room with the Omanyte Puzzle: The word is "Water". You must have a Water Stone in your bag. The items you receive are Leppa Berry, Mystic Water, Stardust, and Star Piece. You can get a Water Stone by winning it at the Pokeathlon on Wednesday

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by platinummaster8 Apr 06, 2010

Below is the info on Lugia:

In Pokemon Soul silver

OT:Your name
ID No.:Your ID Number
Level(at encounter):45
Rain dance
Hydro pump
Item held(at encounter):None

In Pokemon Heart Gold:
Ot:Your name
ID No.:Your ID number
Level(at encounter):70
Ancient power
Held (at encounter):None

Below is the info on Ho-oh:

In Pokeon Heart Gold:
OT:Your name
ID No.:Your ID number
Level (at encounter):45
Sunny day
Fire blast
Scared fire
Held item(At encounter):Scared ash

In Pokemon Soul silver:
OT:Your name
ID No.:Your ID number
Level(at encounter):70
Scared fire
Ancient power
Held item(at encounter):Scared ash

Hope this info was handy!
I give credit to http://www.serebii.net/heartgoldsoulsilver/legends.shtml for the info!


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by Bramblefang Mar 25, 2010

Maylene is a Gym Leader from Sinnoh and specializes in Fighting Type Pokemon.

She can be found in a restaurant in Celadon City competing in an eatathon contest. She really just tells you about how she was on a strict diet and is now eating like a Hipowdon.

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YoU look rocking

by ReignOrient Apr 23, 2010

Talk to the dude with glasses before you battle brock and he will say that "you look rocking"

okay its not really a cheat but its just hilarious

- Reign x

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by Carmealio May 25, 2010

Go to Cerulean City to Bill's cottage. Go south, to the point where you can run left and there will be some puddles. Run through the puddles and you will hear a familiar theme.

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FaMilliar little rhythm

by brownline100 Mar 29, 2010

North of cerulean city (gym leader misty)is bill's house which is being house sat by his grandpa. well if you take the southern little route back to cerulean (under the 6 trainers to beat), while running, you can hear a familliar rhythm played in one of the games soundtrack MADE BY THE SPLASHING SOUND OF THE PUDDLES. make sure your volume is turned up for full effect

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