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Pokemon Soul Silver Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Soul Silver cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 150 cheats in our list, which includes 17 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 126 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Soul Silver on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!


by mysteryofsky101 Apr 26, 2010

Yes!! I finally figured out a way to clone!! Okay here's what you need:

~2 DS's
~1 Pokewalker
~2 Soul Silver/Heart Gold, or 1 Soul Silver/1 Heart Gold

Here's how to clone:

~Transfer a pokemon to the Pokewalker
~When it says "Would you like to save" turn your DS off, you will have the pokemon on the Pokewalker
~You won't be able to put the cloned pokemon on the 1 DS cuz it will say something weird SOO put it on your other SS/HG source and trade it over!!



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GTS Absol Glitch

by Unregistered May 18, 2010

I went to the GTS in Goldenrod. it was my first time and i offered a Vaporeon for an Absol. when i tried to take my vaporeon back i got Vaporeon AND Absol!!!! It's only happened to me once so i dont know if anyone else can do it on purpose.

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FlOating Pokémon!

by Unregistered Jul 11, 2011

When a Pokémon is following you, you can make it (temporarily) float. Here's how:

1. Go into a battle and allow your Pokémon to get poisoned

2. Run around near a ledge and get your Pokémon's health decreased to a low number

3. When your Pokémon's health is 1, jump off the ledge just as it gets cured. After that, it will still be walking, but... in midair.

Hope you enjoyed this glitch!

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SiNking Pokemon

by ckjkj Dec 10, 2010

To do this glitch you must have access to Mt Silver and a Pokemon with Headbutt in your party.
Fly to Mt Silver and head right (->) from the Pokemon Center, down the stairs.
Make sure the Pokemon that knows Headbutt is NOT the first in your party, and have your Pokemon stand on the bottom of the stairs, behind you.
Face the tree, open your menu and have your Headbutt Pokemon use Headbutt on the tree. You can't just press A on the tree, you have to open the menu or it won't work.
If you did it correctly, after the Headbutt animation stops your Pokemon should have sunk into the steps. Don't worry, it's not stuck there, just move and it'll pop out like nothing happened.

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PlAces where you should never use walk through walls cheat

by insane321 May 31, 2010

Ok location number 1: The radio tower in golden rod city, reason: because it can make ur game freeze and you might wind up skipping parts of the main story which you NEED to complete or you wont get certain things like the nat dex, #1 place not to use the ww cheat: the very top.
location number 2: dragons den, reason: same as the last 1 but there r 2 things to know about it, places not to use the ww cheat: when ur leaving the cave after u take the test, and dont try to go to the room behind the main guy who gives the test. Effects: same as the first

and the 3rd and final location i noticed: dont try to walk through the boat house at either vemillion or olive city, it will freeze ur game.

thats all for now if you find any more locations PM me please. also here is my FC: 3226 8403 2830. I am only avaiable every OTHER weekend so pm me when you wanna battle but remember ONLY EVERY OTHER WEEKEND is when im on wi-fi

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WaTer-Type Typhlosion, Fyre Meganium, & Grass Feraligatr

by O987 Aug 26, 2011

Start a mew game on a certain day (I dont know whut day), choose da pokemon u want & itt'll be a diffurant type... I got my water Typhlosion from Lyra...

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WeIrd Fishing Glitch

by Kirbstering May 14, 2010

Now, I was fishing, and this odd thing happened. You know the "!" that pops up when there is a Pokemon on the line Well, when I was fishing, the "!" popped above my Pikachu, not above me. Yay! I found a glitch on my own! :D


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