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Pokemon Soul Silver Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Soul Silver cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 252 cheats in our list, which includes 46 cheats codes, 3 passwords, 53 unlockables, 17 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 126 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Soul Silver on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Events

by nickhaia May 28, 2010

As Pokmon Gold & Silver introduced the concept of time into the Pokmon games, and as such, the remakes; HeatGold & SoulSilver also make use of events such as these. The events are as follows:

Daily Events


Every day, if you listed to Professor Oak's Pokmon Talk radio show, you will learn of a new swarm within the regions of Johto & Kanto. These Pokmon are usually incredibly rare or non existant within the locales so this is a perfect way to obtain the Pokmon. Go to the route specified to find the Pokmon The Pokmon options are enhanced after you obtain the National Dex

Click here for further details on Swarms

Lottery - Goldenrod City

In the Goldenrod Radio Tower, you will discover aty the reception that a Lottery is going on daily. This lottery provides 5 numbers and you need to have any of your Pokmon's IDs match up to the numbers in order to win. The more numbers matched, the better the prize. The top prize is a Master Ball

Seals - Olivine City

After you have received the Seal Case for healing the Miltank in the MooMoo Farm on Route 38, you can go to a house in Olivine where this girl will give you three different Seals every day

Buena's Password - Goldenrod City

After you have received the Blue Card from Buena's Assistant, at several points through the day (2am, 5am, 8am, 11pm, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm), Buena's Password radio show will give out a question. You then need to go to Goldenrod's Radio Tower and meet Buena and give her the answer. She will give you three choices and if you select the correct one, you will receive points that you can later exchange form prizes

Vocabulary - Route 16

In the lone house in Route 16, you will find an old man. Each day, he will provide a new word for you to add to your vocabulary.

Pokathlon Dome - Prize Counter

In the Pokathlon Dome, there is a special counter that allows you to exchange your Prize Points for a variety of items. However, the items change each day so you should keep checking back for the item you want. The items are as follows:
Red Apricorn; 200P
Blue Apricorn; 200P
Green Apricorn; 200P
MooMoo Milk; 100P
Moonstone; 3000P
Rare Candy; 2000P
Full Restore; 500P
King's Rock; 3000P
Sun Stone; 3000P
Water Stone; 2500P
Shiny Stone; 3000P
Dusk Stone; 3000P
Yellow Apricorn; 200P
Pink Apricorn; 200P
White Apricorn; 200P
MooMoo Milk; 100P
Fire Stone; 3000P
PP Up; 1000P
Full Restore; 500P
Metal Coat; 2500P
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Unlockable - More Evolution Including Items

by Aquapal99 Apr 26, 2010

These are items that Pokemon may need to evolve.

More from me soon!

King's rockJohto: Slowpoke Well,PokeAthlon Dome
Leaf stoneJohto: Natinoal Park (1st place in bug catching contest),Route 34 (PokeGear Phone call),PokeAthlon Dome
MagmarizerKanto: Cinnabar Island
Metal coatJohto: SS Aqua
Moon StoneMt.moon (monday nights only)
Oval stoneNatinoal Park (come 1st in Bug catching contest)
ProtectorJohto: Mt.Mortar
Razor ClawShop: Battle frontier
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Unlockable - Smergal suprise

by pokelover6 Apr 26, 2010

First catch a smergal then make sure it has a little damage on it then go looking for a ditto when it apers heal smergal then after ditto uses transform use sketch and you will have a transforming smergal!

transforming smergaldo what it says up there
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Unlockable - Shedinja and how to get it!!!!!!

by jacko19863 Sep 05, 2011

to get shedinja u have to first have a nincada (you can find nincada at national park with national dex and i think you can find at safari park with certain items) secondly u need to have an empty space on your team and thirdly u need a standard poke ball (it will not work with any other ball that is where i stuffed up) anyway level up nincada to lv20 or above (lv20 is when it evolves) when it evolves u will have a shedinja with same moves same lvl but it only has 1 hp lucky it has wonder guard that prevents attacks that are not super effective

hope this helped!!!

this is my first post!

plus can you please go on cheatandhints.weebly.com or gamingisawsm.weebly.com

Unlockable:How to unlock:
shedinjaexplained in description
ninjaskevolve nincada
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Secret - How to get Riolu , Gible , Bagon and Trapinch.

by Goldgary123 May 26, 2011

Riolu can be found in the Meadow area of the safari zone. But first you must place 10 Forest Objects and 14 Peak Objects in the area. After 70 Days (Ugh I Know) You will be able to find them at level 45 in the area.

Gible can be found in the Rocky Beach area of the Safari Zone. But first you must place 13 Plains Objects and 17 Peak Objects in the area. After 100 Days (Seriously?) Gible will be able to catch at Level 44.

Bagon can be found in the Swamp area of the Safari Zone. But first you must place 9 Forest Objects and 19 Peak Objects in the area. After 110 Days (It just gets worst and worst...) You will be able to find them at level 45.

Trapinch can be found in the Desert area of the Safari Zone. But first you must place 25 Peak objects in the area. After only 30 Days (Thank You!) You will be able to find them at Level 46 or 47.

---Some more rare basic pokemon---

Larvitar can be found in the Mountain area during the day. No objects needed. At level 17

Dratini can be found at the Swamp area in two Ways. Using a good rod. But must require 10 Water Objects at Level 29. or Using a Super Rod , No Objects. At level 36 or 37

Ditto Can Be Found at Level 17 in the Wetland area. Either Morning or Day.

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Unlockable - How to level up Your Pokemon Fast

by Pokemonaddict101 Apr 06, 2011

This is how you level up pokemon fast (Contains Patience)WARNING: Can Sometimes lower some pokemons happiness

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Free Rare candyYou need a Shuckle for this first you must give it an oran berry then run around it will turn into berry juice then run a little more then it will turn hard then into rare candy
Level up pokemon from level 1 to 30+First you need the two or one pokemon you want to level up then get the four if two 5 if 1 get the 5 or 1 pokemon you used in winning the elite four then beat up every trainer in the elite for then you must be level 20 or 30+
Daycare CheatIf you want to level your pokemon fast in daycare every step you make makes 1 exp so if I were you id use bike and travel from the safari zone to cerulean city cape
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Secret - Move Tutor

by XxNeoShadowxX Aug 10, 2010

At the Frontier Access, there should be a should be a house on the left side. In there, should be 3 people who can teach your Pokemon moves that you cant get anywhere else. Each one of those people teach your pokemon different moves depending on your pokemon, and what type. Although, they don't teach you the moves for free, you have to pay BP (Battle Points) and a lot of them.its around 30-60 Battle Points depending on how strong the move is.To get the Battle Points, you have to win battles at the Battle Frontier. I recommend doing the Battle Frontier with another person and forming a tag team because you get more points then usual with two people.

That it all.Good Luck!

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Secret - Pokemon Reactions

by mysteryofsky101 May 05, 2010

You can talk to your pokemon companion at any time. Its response to you will depend on a wide variety of factors, including its nature, gender, friendship level, current HP, and even its surroundings!!

~What are the major factors affecting a Pokemon's reaction
-current HP
-status problem
-Held item
-Current location
-Nearby Objects like rocks and trees


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Secret - Raquaza

by skyp May 16, 2011

Raquaza is a difficult Pokemon to get. You could migrate it or you could catch it.

You need both HeartGold and SoulSilver to get him. You must have Kyogre from HeartGold and Groudon from SoulSilver. Once you have them, go talk to Mr. Pokemon. He will give you the Jade Orb. The go to the Embedded Tower, the tower where you found Kyogre/Groudon. Rayquaza will be there.




Air Slash

Ancient Power



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Code - Easy way to Encounter the 2 Legendary Dogs

by skyp Nov 30, 2010

If you have not already caught Entei and Raikou, this may help. You will also need Repels and pleanty of Ultra Balls;

1. Get a Dugtrio Lv. 39-Lv.43 that has Arena Trap

1.1 Get Dugtrio to the front of your party

2. Go to a random City and go back and forth from the city to a neighboring route

2.1 One will eventually come on the route

3. When you are on the same route, use a repel

4. While the repel is activated, run around in the grass or water

5. Soon you will run into Entei or Raikou

6. With Dugtrio's Arena Trap ability, the dog can not escape from battle. This is you time to attack! Get its HP down in the Red-Zone and keep on using Ultra balls. Soon you will catch it.

I think this may work with Latios/Latias. Hope I helped!

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Code - Need a Pikachu ,Ill tell u the best place to get one!!!

by Unregistered Nov 10, 2010

Go to Viridian forest. When you reach it keep traveling left until you reach a small tree. Cut it down using the Tm CUT. Then follow the path, which is going up until your face to face with a pach of grass and to sets of steps. Go up the left set and then your there!

Sorry if u did not understand this Im only 11.

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Easter Egg - Moves good with other moves

by imaspazfull Aug 20, 2010

Theese moves go good together
1.Endure 2.Reversal with speedy pokemon

1.Protect or Detect other pokemon 1.any move that hits your teamate and the foes

groudon with eruption and kyogre with water spout not spourt

1.any move that hits your teamate and the foes for speedier out of the 2
2.healing move with slower pokemon

switching between any move that needs recharging

swager one pokemon and the other hold persim berry

when foe in air use twister or gust

earthquake for underground foe

surf for underwater foe

switch between baton passing and returning(move)

brick break gets through moves like light screen and reflect
hoped i helped -SPAZ-
ill put new matches on comments

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Secret - ALL Daily Events!!

by mysteryofsky101 May 10, 2010

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to up the Daily Events to the Kanto Region as well cuz there ARE some Daily Events there. This took me a while to type so I hope ya like it ^-^

All credit to the Pokemon Kanto Strategy Guide


Day where/time


~Kurt can make you a Poke ball if you give him an Apricorn, Kurt's house in Azalea, anytime
~Pokemon Lotto Corner, Goldenrod Radio Station 1st floor, anytime
~Buena's Password, Goldenrod Radio Station 2nd floor, anytime (need radio station)
~Accessory Drawing, Goldenrod Tunnel, anytime (costs 100$)
~Bargain Shop, Goldenrod tunnel, 4 A.M.- 10 A.M.
~Daily Drawing Corner, Goldenrod Department Store 6th floor, anytime
~Get Seals (after obtaining the seals case), Olivine City, anytime
~Day-of-the-Week Sibling Monica, route 40, anytime
~Board the S.S. Aqua, Olivine City, anytime
~Rival Battle, Indigo Plateau, anytime
~See the Clefairy Dance, Mt. Moon area, 8 P.M.- 4 A.M.
~Trainer House, Veridian City, anytime
~Grooming, Blue's house in Pallet Town, 3 P.M.- 4 P.M.


~Kurt can make you a Poke ball if you give him an Apricorn, Kurt's house in Azalea, anytime
~Pokemon Lotto Corner, Goldenrod Radio Station 1st floor, anytime
~Buena's Password, Goldenrod Radio Station 2nd floor, anytime (need radio station)
~Accessory Drawing, Goldenrod Tunnel, anytime (costs 100$)
~Pokemon Salon (senior stylist), Goldenrod Tunnel, anytime
~Daily drawing corner, Goldenrod Department store 6th floor, anytime
~Get Seals (after obtaining the seals case), Olivine City, anytime
~Bug Catching Contest, National Park, anytime
~talk to your Rival, Dragon's Den
~Trainer House, Viridian City, anytime
~Grooming, Blue's House Pallet Town, 3 P.M.-4 P.M.

~Kurt can make you a Poke ball if you give him an Apricorn, Kurt's house in Azalea, anytime
~Pokemon Lotto Corner, Goldenrod Radio Station 1st floor, anytime
~Buena's Password, Goldenrod Radio Station 2nd floor, anytime (need radio station)
~Accessory Drawing, Goldenrod Tunnel, anytime (costs 100$)
~Pokemon Salon, Goldenrod Tunnel, anytime
~Daily Drawing Corner, Goldenrod Department Store 6th floor, anytime
~Get seals, Olivine City, anytime
~Water level drops at Lake of Rage, Lake of Rage, anytime
~Day-of-the-Week sibling Wesley, Lake of Rage, anytime
~Rival Battle, Indigo Plateau, anytime
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Secret - How to catch running pokemon

by valeria360 Aug 23, 2010

For this Walkthrough you need a Pokemon who knows any move that paralyzes the opponent,a pokemon who knows False Swipe,and 20-40 Ultra balls.

Here's how to catch running Pokemon.
Step 1:First locate the Pokemon on your map.
(I'm going to use Entei for an example.when I say Entei I mean any running Pokemon.)Entei always faces forward if you see him on the map and go up to him from the front,by the time you get there,he'll be somewhere else.
Step 2:Say Entei is just to the right of azalea town.fly to violet city,then go down route 32.Keep checking your map until you're right on top of him,so you can't see him.
Step 3:Make sure you aren't on a bike.then go into the grass and walk around until you bump into something,it should be Entei,if not look in other patches near by.
Step 4:Now you're battling Entei.Use any move that paralyzes Entei.Then he will run away.
Step 5:repeat steps 1-3.
Step 6:Entei is paralyzed so he can't move.Next use the move False swipe on Entei.
Step 7:Keep throwing Ultra balls until you catch it.
do this for all the running Pokemon.
This is my first cheat so be easy on me.

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Secret - Very Easy Level 100s

by Carmealio May 25, 2010

You need to be at the Viridian Gym point of the game, then you put two pokemon in the daycare just south of Goldenrod. Then go to the gym and find an arrow thet leads to the wall, so if you hold the button opposite to the arrow, you will go on a cycle of up, arrow, wall, up, arrow, wall; or something like that. Make it possibly endless. Place your DS on a nightstand or a safe and non-underfoot place, and plug it in to a charger. Now you can do two things, and they both work:

1) DPPt-used: Place a weight on the B button and the button you want to move in. Endless cycle! Woo!

2) HGSS new way: With touchscreen, touch the run-shoes button. Then place a weight on the button you want it on, the direction you want to run at the arrow with.

-Keep volume low so it doesn't disturb anyone.
-Tell parents so they don't turn off unsaved game.

-This will take a few days to a week depending on the level of the said Daycare pokemon.
-Put charger in DS or battery die and unsaved progress dies.
-Put the DS in safe place or it will be disturbed and cycle will die.
-On behalf of no EV training, the Pokemon's stats might be a few points lower.

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Secret - Secrets of HeartGold and SoulSilver

by JaidonSafira Mar 22, 2010

Secret number 1: Spiky Eared Pichu.
During February, Gamestop gave out the special Pikachu colored Pichu to people via wireless connection. Once traded into HeartGold or SoulSilver, if you go to Ilex forest with it in your party and 'check' the shrine a Spiky Eared Pichu will come out to play with your Shiny one. An old man will appear telling you to take the little guy, and don't be alarmed because if you don't have a free space you can go back to Azelea [sp] and return. will be Lv. 30 with the moveset : Volt Tackle, Pain Share, Helping Hand, and Swagger.
Volt Tackle and Pain share is a very good move combo to use.

Number 2: Jirachi
Again, distributed via Gamestop [or some other area], once traded in opens a new PokeWalker route.

Number 3: Dialga, Palkia, or Giratina.
Must trade in a LEGIT Arceus [ie an event one] first, and have it the only Pokemon in your party. After doing so, try to walk into the research lab in the Ruins of Alph and the director will stop you. A dialogue [sp] will continue through and you will be mysteriously warped to the Shinjoh Ruins. There you will meet Cynthia once again and she will talk to you and you will have the chance to meet either a Palkia, Dialga, or Giratina. Mind you they all are holding their orbs, and this is the only way to obtain the Griseous orb in HeartGold or SoulSilver.
No battling is necessary, they simply join your party at Lv. 1 with the move-set Dragonbreath and Scary Face for all three.

Number 4: Celebi
This one I don't actually know about, because I don't have a legit Celebi, but I know if you have it as your lead Pokemon, and go to see the same shrine as with the Pichu, you will be transported back in time to see a short back-story to your rival and the famous Giovanni. You then gain the honor to battle him, and will be brought back you your own time.

Finally Number 5: Shaymin Sky Forme.
Again, this is one where I didn't get the event Pokemon, so I don't know first-hand, but if you trade in your event Shaymin, and show it to a woman in the flower shop in Goldenrod, she will give your the Gracedea Flower

There is also the story event in which you can catch Groudon (SoulSilver) or Kyogre (HeartGold) after beating all Kanto Gyms. If you can get a friend to lend you their opposite Pokemon, you can go back to that place where you got it [unknown to me as I am only on my 8th Badge in Jhoto], you can catch a Rayquaza. But they must be from HeartGold or SoulSilver.


continue →

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Secret - Breed

by ladyflareon12345 Jun 30, 2010

I think you can get it if you breed one that already knows extremespeed if one of your friends has 1 that knows it ask them to let you borrow it and i think you can still get that dratini from the dragons den

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Secret - Ruins of Alph Hidden zones.

by DeadlyDragonite May 12, 2010

In the same rooms where you have to complete a picture puzzle of Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Ho-Oh, or Omanyte, there is a plaque that has a word that is spelled using Unowns. Complete the following steps to get the hidden items:

Room with the Kabuto Puzzle: The word is "Escape". You must use an Escape Rope while facing the plaque. You can easily get an Escape Rope at the Violet City Pokemart. The four items you receive are Energy Powder, Heal Powder, Oran Berry, and Pecha Berry.

Room with the Aerodactyl Puzzle (accessible by Surfing): The word is "Light". Use Flash while facing the plaque. The four items you receive are Energy Root, Heal Powder, Moon Stone, and Sitrus Berry.

Room with the Ho-Oh Puzzle: The word is "Ho-Oh". You must have Ho-Oh first in your roster. The items you receive are Charcoal, Leppa Berry, Life Orb, and Revival Herb. In Pokemon HeartGold, Ho-Oh is obtained in the Bell Tower. In Pokemon SoulSilver, Ho-Oh is obtained after you have defeated the Elite Four.

Room with the Omanyte Puzzle: The word is "Water". You must have a Water Stone in your bag. The items you receive are Leppa Berry, Mystic Water, Stardust, and Star Piece. You can get a Water Stone by winning it at the Pokeathlon on Wednesday.

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Secret - Migrating

by mysteryofsky101 Apr 26, 2010

You can only migrate from the GBA Games (Leaf Green, Fire Red, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald). If you want pokemon from D/P/Pt then you trade them over from DS -> DS. Here's how to migrate pokemon:

~insert GBA game into GBA cartridge in your DS
~get into your MENU (where it has your saved data, mystery gift, ect.)
~go down to "Migrate Pokemon"
~it will then take you to your PC boxes in your GBA game
~chose 6 pokemon that don't know H.M.'s or they can't be migrated
~click "Okay"
~go into your Soul Silver saved data
~fly to Fuchsia City
~go into the Pal Park

Well after that you enter the Pal Park and you will catch the pokemon you've migrated!!


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Code - The best pokemon !!!

by pokecolm Nov 01, 2010

Beldum: go to silpd co. after latios/latias is released into kanto and hell want a forretress for a beldum .to get a pineco which evolves into a foretress you go to route 26 and headbutt loads of trees untill he shows up he shud be around level 28-34 so be prepared.

shroomish: go to virdian forest and headbutt around untill you get him

seedot: same as shroomish

tailow:got to cherrygrove city and surf over to the rock climb bit and its your right hand tree thats facing you.

starley: in pewter city go down by digletts cave an go up the line of trees that lead you back into pewter city but and headbutt the second last tree untill he shows up

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Unlockable - Pokeathlon Unlockable Rooms

by Uzamaki66 Apr 26, 2010

These are the four rooms in pokeathlon and how to get them. Some are easy and some are hard due to the CPU high scores being cheap

Solidarity Room: it shows the records of each courseYou get this at the start
Trust Room: It shows the medals of each single pokemonAchieve 1st on all 5 courses (Speed,Skill,Power,Jump, and Stamina courses)
Potential Room: view the records set by you and the CPUHave 1 pokemon place 1st in all 5 courses
Friendship Room: View YOUR recordsSet a new record in all 10 events, beating the CPU's high score
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Code - Any Pokemon, Any Level

by FlamerBoy Dec 06, 2010

I copied this false code off ask.com or something and redid the parts that are false so this code will work I garuntee it will.

94000130 FCFF0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
00000D14 01ED0001
00000D18 00640002
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FDFF0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
DA000000 00000D16
C0000000 00000027
D7000000 00025A68
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FDFF0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
DB000000 00000D1A
C0000000 0000000B
D8000000 00025A5C

D2000000 00000000

Mater balls are equal to Pokemon pokedex number. Discard master balls until master balls equal Pokemon pokedex number.Ultra balls equal to Pokemons Lv. Discard if wanted however many ultra balls. Press L+R and you get 100 ultra balls and 493 mater balls. Hold L while in grass for encounter. Example, if you have 493 master balls and 100 ultra balls and you hold L in tall grass you'll get a Lv. 100 arceus. Like I said I copied this false code and edited it by looking at my own code that does work. I only copied it because it was soooo long and pretty accurate, only had to change about 4-5 things and add the end part. I hope you enjoy it!

Listed aboveCan get any PKM any LV.
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Unlockable - What apricorns make what poke ball

by thegamer3000 Apr 23, 2010

White Apricorn (none) - Used to make a Fast Ball!
Red Apricorn (power) - Used to make a Level Ball!
Blue Apricorn (technique) - Used to make a Lure Ball!
Black Apricorn (none) - Used to make a Heavy Ball!
Pink Apricorn (speed) - Used to make a Love Ball!
Green Apricorn (jump) - Used to make a Friend Ball!
Yellow Apricorn (stamina) - Used to make a Moon Ball!

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Unlockable - French Pikachu

by Unregistered Oct 11, 2010

All you need to do is beet lt.surge 2nd time go to where you got his number at the same time(can't remember when he's there same time when tou get his # though)then go to the kanto train station, don't know if there's a certain time but, and he'll trade you a french pikachu for 1 of yours, no lies. differant color and whatnot sweeet! all thanks yo me, Pyroboy. your welcome o-0

french pikachfollow of what's above
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Code - WonderGuard Spiritomb

by XxStrikerZxX Aug 24, 2010

(press L+R and your wonderguard spiritomb will appear in box 1 spot 1)94000130 FCFF0000 B2111880 00000000 E000F710 00000088 28F428F1 E3E90000 3E68B4B2 9846C336 1855455B 55A62214 482DBDDC 9AE7CE85 464BE186 FC316718 26D1CD5D 675CF986 2ABA71D4 8FAAC029 B3E5C0A3 D28C482D 0340F4C0 A6489323 BA3B04C3 0E45E1BE 8FAAB536 00FE1508 E493E19C 72F628A2 5F7343C4 4FEC5E63 B7AF695B D27062D0 C298ACA2 F2DE4987 D976F868 DEE9B6B1 8D6701DA 7E006E2D D2000000 00000000.

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