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Pokemon Soul Silver Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Soul Silver cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 252 cheats in our list, which includes 46 cheats codes, 3 passwords, 53 unlockables, 17 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 126 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Soul Silver on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Ruins of Alph hidden items and uses

by nickhaia Jun 08, 2010

Uses #1. the shards you can trade for berries
Use #2. revivaling fossils for pokemon
Use #3. healing pokemon from battle that fainted
Use #4 healing pokemon's power points(pp)

Blue Sharduse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
Dome Fossiluse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
Green Sharduse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
Helix Fossiluse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
Max Etheruse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
Max Reviveuse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
Old Amberuse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
Red Sharduse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
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Code - All Pokewalker Routes!!!

by Tsutajapan494 Jul 01, 2010

Press SELECT to activate (AR code)

94000130 FFFB0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
0000E71C 07FFFFFF
D2000000 00000000


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Unlockable - GB Sounds

by Bramblefang Mar 29, 2010

The GB Sounds allows you to listen to certain music in the game in a whole different game. It lets you listen to what I believe what the music in the area would be like in Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

"A music player that allows you to listen to nostalgic songs. It's operated with a single switch."

The following tells you how to obtain the GB Sounds.
[Note that you must have 16 Badges in order to get this.]

GB SoundsGo inside the Celadon Condominiums in Celadon City. Take the elevator on the first floor and pick the option to go to 3F. Talk to the man in front of the globe and he will give you the GB Sounds.
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Secret - Tough Pokemon

by DarkCharizard May 31, 2010

Okay here is a tough pokemon SCIZOR is a tough pokemon if oyu like SCIZOR just give me thumbs up for me and this pokemon can take out alot of pokemon with these moves X-SICCOR,WING ATTACK,FLASH CANNON, and you give it your own move

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Secret - Action replay code: arceus

by jeremy5521 Jun 07, 2012

here's the code:

52247D8C 582000C0

12247D8A 00004801

02247D8C E0021C39

02247D90 000001ED

D2000000 00000000

p.s this code is for action replay dsi. TO ACTIVATE: press L+R and walk in tall grass or in a cave

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Code - MAX $!!!

by smallwayne Nov 14, 2011
9400130 fcff0000thes
62111880 00000000give
b2111880 00000000u
00000088 000f423flots of
d2000000 00000000$$$$$
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Secret - Stop Evolution

by skyp Aug 03, 2011

Every one should know this. If a Pokemon is evolving and you dont want it to, just hit the "B" button in the middle of its evolution. Or, just give in an Everstone. That way, it cant evolve, no matter what happens.

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Secret - Poke Olympics Hints

by clankerzz Aug 03, 2011

The mini games in pokemon called the Pokethon or something is divided into five categories: Speed, Skill, Power, Stamina and Jump. A good way tp win speed is by having a fast pokemon with high speed and stamina. Power having a good power and Stamina. Jump having a pokemon with a good jump and speed. and Skill is good to have a well rounded pokemon. It is good to have a high stamina, power and speed for the stamina contest. If you oblige with the things i have said then you will succed. Practise makes perfect and try different combinations of pokemon cause you never know which one might be the key to winning.

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Glitch - Floating Pokémon!

by Unregistered Jul 11, 2011

When a Pokémon is following you, you can make it (temporarily) float. Here's how:

1. Go into a battle and allow your Pokémon to get poisoned

2. Run around near a ledge and get your Pokémon's health decreased to a low number

3. When your Pokémon's health is 1, jump off the ledge just as it gets cured. After that, it will still be walking, but... in midair.

Hope you enjoyed this glitch!

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Secret - How to beat lance(1st and second time)

by bluebat190 Jun 30, 2011

1st time level:above 60 recomended types ice dragon electric well i will show how to battle lance the 1st time he will start the battle with gyrados use your powefulist eletric type moves (such as tunder and volt tackle)dont use grass! he knows ice fang! after you defeat him will send out any pokemon mostly to counter what your useing i will say them in order charzard use eletric or water agents this dragon watch out hes abilty is blaze so he will use fire fang next is aridartil you your powerfulist moves agents him now all he has left is his dragonite he has two lv 49 dragonite yeah it whrid that there under leveled one has blizzard and the other has tunder now is last dragonite it will be good if you still have a level 60 thats still alive hes level 60 and knows outrage but a normal dragonite learn outrage at level 64 or was lances dragonite was 64 hm... after you defeat all is pokemon you earn lots of cash and get put in the hall of fame the cradits roll then your pokemon are healed and your at home how to beat lance the second time i think he will still use a gyrados this time lv:higer then 75 types dragon ice electric well he will use a salamence 75 at the begining heres all his pokemon with tips on how to beat them dragonite 2 this time or 1 he has a lv75 dragonite if he has 2 one is in the 60s salemance use your powerfulist ice type move to finish him charzard look at how to beat lance 1st time altaria wait till he use perish song he coudent swich because he uses this last and i dont remember the rest i beat him 3 times one the 1st time and 2 the second i beat him the second time with the fallowing team i beat him 2 times with this same team thyplosion lv 92 moves blast burn flamethrower double edge eruption celibly 71 leaf storm magicical leaf cut giga drain susecene waterfall blizzard waterfall i for got the fourth move dragonite 65 draco metor surf outrage i forgot the forth move also ho-oh76 fly flash sacred fire rock smash lapras 66 ice beam hydro pump blizzard surf bye!

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Secret - Exclusive Pok'emon SS

by Toastdude64 Apr 18, 2011

Here are all the Pok'emon that you can only find on SoulSilver versions

  • Weedle
  • Kakuna
  • Beedrill
  • Ledyba
  • Ledian
  • Vulpix
  • Ninetales
  • Meowth
  • Persian
  • Delibird
  • Teddiursa
  • Ursaring
  • Skarmory
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Code - Get Any Pokemon

by Wasabi97 Apr 08, 2011

If you have an R4 you can get any Pokemon you want.-If you know someone who has an R4 and you don't have one you can just trade-. On the Screen of R4 you press cheats and go to Pokemon modifire codes. Choose a Pokemon from the list then go to 100% catch rate, press save and then enter the game and walk in the grass holding L+R then you will encounter the Pokemon you choose. Throw a pokeball at it.

L+RGet any Pokemon
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Code - Pokewalker cloning

by Unregistered Mar 28, 2011

first of all you need

TWO pokewalkers. TWO ds's. TWO pokemon soulsilver or heartgold games. and TWO pokemon

first put the pokemon wishing to be cloned on a pokewalker. then get the other walker and game and put a worthless pokemon on the walker eg:rattata spearow wurmple. second force the GOOD pokemon back to the game. refer to pokemon instruction manual. then trade the good pokemon to the worthless pokemon via pokewalker. and third reset the GOOD pokemons original pokewalker and re synk it to the GOOD pokemons original ds game. then get the worthless pokemons original pokewalker :wich now has the GOOD pokemon on it: and put the GOOD pokemon back on to the ds. you should now have a GOOD pokemon on the two ds's. but note that the worthless pokemon has been erased. but its for a good cause. me and my mate have accumulated 6 raquaza's. GO ME

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Secret - Checking your pokemon's hidden power move type.

by VvBlackNebulavV Feb 07, 2011

In the Kanto region, Celadon city contains a game corner like the one in Goldenrod. In the prize building to the left of the game corner there is a man in the top right corner that can identify the type of your pokemon's hidden power. In that same building; the person on the left can sell you the TM for hidden power for 6,000 coins. Also available for purchase in that same game corner are the following TMs: Endure, Double Team, Psychic, Gyro Ball, and Giga Impact. Mr. Mime, Eevee, and Porygon are available for purchase from the lady on the right. The coin case can be obtained from the man behind the game table in either Goldenrod city or in Celadon city. The single coin case works for both cities and there are also more items/pokemon available for purchase in the other game corner in Goldenrod city, but the people that sell you them are in the game corner building. To my knowledge; playing the game with the man and winning is the only way

to earn coins.

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Code - Hidden power IV combonations

by Pokegeekarfreak12345 Dec 15, 2010

These are the best IV combinations for each hidden power type

HP: hit points

ATK: attack

DEF: defence

SP ATK: special attack

SP DEF: special defence

SPE: speed

31 HP&ATK, 30 DEF, SP. ATK, SP DEF, SPEHidden power type=Fighting
31 HP, ATK, DEF 30 SP ATK SP DEF SPEHidden power type=Flying
31 HP ATK SPE 30 DEF SP ATK SP DEFHidden power type=Poison
31 HP ATK DEF SPE 30 SP ATK SP DEFHidden power type=Ground
31 HP ATK SP ATK 30 DEF SP DEF SPEHidden power type=Rock
31 HP ATK DEF SP ATK 30 SP DEF SPEHidden power type=Bug
31 HP ATK SP ATK SPE 30 DEF SP DEFHidden power type=Ghost
31 HP ATK DEF SP ATK SPE 30 SP DEFHidden power type=Steel
31 HP DEF SP DEF 30 ATK SP ATK SPEHidden power type=Fire
31 HP ATK DEF SP DEF 30 SP ATK SPEHidden power type=Water
31 HP DEF SP DEF SPE 30 ATK SP ATKHidden power type=Grass
31 HP ATK DEF SP DEF SPE 30 SP ATKHidden power type=Electric
31 HP DEF SP ATK SP DEF 30 ATK SPEHidden power type=Psychic
31 HP ATK DEF SP ATK SP DEF 30 SPEHidden power type=Ice
31 HP DEF SP ATK SP DEF SPE 30 ATKHidden power type=Dragon
31 allHidden power type=Dark
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Code - Hey everybody!!!

by thekman12 Nov 29, 2010

I just thought i would show everybody how 2 make the best aprijuce on HG and SS

note; don't give me all the credit, i got this from mysteryofsky101, who got it from seribi.net

instructions; just put in the apricorns and make the juice. 4 moar info, Google aprijuice and look 4 the cheats guru site

also note; white apricorns have no flavor and do nothing; don't use them.







you may need to try a couple times to get it right, also, different mixtures will effect different Pokemon differently, heh heh

2-3 red, 1 blk, 1-2 ylwpower juice
2-3 ylw, 1 blk, 1-2 blustam. juice
2-3 blu, 1 blk, 1-2 grnskill juice
2-3 grn, 1 blk, 1-2 pnkjump juice
2-3 pnk, 1 blk, 1-2 redspeed juice
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Unlockable - How to get groudon,kyorge,rayquaza

by Unregistered Nov 24, 2010

this cheat does work like this first: you need to get all badges for kanto and johto and beat red but red is really ash so be prepared next go to Mr. Pokemon house then he will give you a blue orb/red orb if you want the blue orb you need heart gold if you want the red orb you need soul sliver then go this tower by safari zone go inside i forgot to tell you something the blue orb gives you kyorge and the red orb gives you groudon then battle them you need a good team to catch them and if you want rayquaza trade with that opposite like i have kyorge and you have groudon then we trade then show it to professor. ok then he will give you the jade orb then go back to the tower then rayquaza will be there so be prepared again thanks for reading this

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Code - How to get mewtwo

by Unregistered Nov 24, 2010
how to get mewtwoall you half to do is get all badges and go in to crealean cave you need flash to do it its a maze in there have lots of balls with you because it is lvl 70 it is hard to catch it and have a good team with you p.s i catch it by ultra ball
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Secret - How to challenge Jasmine, Leader of Olivine Gym

by aryadrottningu Nov 11, 2010

----Ok I will start with some important info--

Just to let you know I will not tell you how to beat Jasmine.

So anyway, you have a little side quest. You'll find Jasmine at the top of the Lighthouse. There are loads of Trainers, so be prepared, and head back to the Pokemon Center if you need to heal up. There are gentlemen, sailors, birdkeepers, and maybe a few more. You cannot use the elevator just yet. The first two trainers you battle will give you their phone number, so u can battle them again. So, keep heading up until u get to the 3rd floor. Then, go out the door that looks like a window to your right. Nice view, huh? Any way, keep going until you get to another door. Go in. There's 2 trainers, a bird keeper and a sailor. Now keep going up. On the next floor after the one with only ladders, there are 2 sailors. Go up the ladder, and now your at the top! You'll see Ampharos with Jasmine. Ampharos is sick, and Jasmine will ask you to go across the sea to Cianwood city to get medicine from the pharmacy. Now, Jasmine will open the door and let you take the elevator. Then go out of Olivine to the West and you'll be on route 40. Surf until you see route 41 and keep going. You'll see land soon. That's Cianwood City! Now, go to the house below the pokecenter and go inside. It's the pharmacy! Talk to the man. He'll give you the secret potion. Now, you have a choice:

|You can either: |- Just to let you know, if you beat Chuck first you will get Fly from his

|Go inside the gym |wife and you can just fly to Olivine. But then again, Chuck might

|and beat Chuck, |be easier if you beat Jasmine first.

|the leader, or you|

|can go straight b-|

|ack to Olivine and|

|head up the Light-|

|house and give the|

|potion to Jasmine!|


When you give the potion to Jasmine, you can then challenge her at the gym. Good Luck and I hope this helped!


do not make rude comments. I do not care for them, and they are mean.

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Secret - Ho-oh in soulsilver

by Unregistered May 12, 2010

If anyone did not know this, after u beat the elite 4, prof. Oak gives u a ticket to go to the kanto region. After u go to kanto, go to pewter city. An old man will give you a rainbow wing. Take the rainbow wing to the tin tower in ecruteak city in johto, and go to the top. Ho-oh will be waiting.(I think) The same applys with heartgold except the grandpa gives u a silver wing instead. U get the first wing in the radio tower in goldenrod city.

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Secret - Pokemon that you can't catch and differences

by shinylugia8888 Apr 26, 2010

Sorry,But if you want to know how to catch Pokemon that you want these are the ones you have to trade from Heart Gold,Diamond and Pearl,Platinum-Bagon,Hippopotas,Gible,Magby,Kecleon,Bonsly,Mime Jr,Happiny,Pichu(breed),Spinarak(trade from Heart Gold),Growlithe(trade from Heart Gold),Caterpie(trade from Heart Gold),Sandshrew(but there is a note),Arcanine,Gabite,Garchomp,Chansey,Blissey,Shelgon,Salamence,Ariados,Kyogre(trade from Heart Gold). But if you want a Ho-Oh,you have to get a National Dex and go to Kanto also go to Pewter City and find an old man and he will give you a Rainbow Wing to awaken Ho-Oh at Bell Tower,It is Level.70,Sandshrew can be caught by using the Area Customizer in Safari Zone Gate after you do all jobs for the warden baoba,in the area customizer,change the area into a desert and you should be able to find a Sandshrew.

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Secret - Get Ho-oh on soul silver

by sonic25523 Aug 15, 2011

first go to puter in the kanto and talk to this old man and he will give you the rainbow feather. then got to the bell tower and make your way up and at the top , Ho-oh is there. this could work on harte gold as well.(but you get the silver feather)

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Code - Lost your Kanto map?

by ex-Jordan-ary May 02, 2011

This happened to me actually, an AR code deleted my Kanto map and I freaked. But I figured out how to fix it, so follow these steps and you'll have it back.

Make sure the AR is not connected to the DS.

Then go to Olivine City, take the ship to Vermillion.

Go into the Poke center, and leave. It should be back.

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Unlockable - HOW to get hoann and kanto strters

by Unregistered Mar 30, 2011

to get a hoenn or kanto starter you first got to defeat red after the battle go to Prof. oaks lab for a kanto starter, if you want a hoenn starter, go to saffron city thin head to self. co ,Steven champion of the hoenn region talk to him he will ask you to pick a stone (look down at the 'how to unlock ' thing to see the what different colored rock provides what Pokemon).

mudkippick the BLUE stone
treeckopick the GREEN stone
torchicpick the RED stone
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Code - How To Catch All Legendaries (note: must use migration)

by rocko23 Jan 06, 2011

Here is a way to catch all legendaries. Don't be mad at me if I accidentally put down the wrong level. Yes, some can only be obtained through special events or cheats/hacking. Sorted by pokemon number. Also, remember, Stephen is your friend when it comes to catching legendaries and rare pokemon

This is the key for games:








Pt=Platinum (that's actually the periodic abbreviation)



EO=Events Only

AM=Alternate Method

Articuno FR LG HG SSAll= catch it in the Seafoam Islands level 50
Zapdos FR LG HG SSAll= Catch it at the Power Plant (note: in firered and leafgreen, it's in the back room) level 50
Moltres FR LG HG SSFR&LG= catch it on top of Mt. Ember HG&SS= Catch it in Mt. Silver (the room over the waterfall) level 50
Mewtwo FR LG HG SSFR&LG= get the ruby and sapphire, then go to Cerulean Cave HG&SS= Beat all 16 gym leaders then go to Cerulean Cave level 70
Mew EOOnly available through special events
Raikou FR LG HG SSFR&LG= Choose Squirtle as your starter. It is running around somewhere HG&SS= It will run around Johnto after you visit the burned tower. level 40
Entei FR LG HG SSFR&LG: Choose Bulbasaur as your starter. It will be running around somewhere HG&SS: Go to Burned Tower level 40
Suicune FR LG HG SSFR&LG: Choose Charmander as your starter. It is running around somewhere HG&SS: Enter Burned Tower and chase it level 40
Lugia(yes it comes before Ho-oh) HG SS AMHG: Get the Tidal Bell from the man in Pewter City and go the the Whirl Islands SS: Get the Tidal Bell and go the the Whirl Islands AM: Using Pokemon XD, Purify Shadow Lugia and transfer it to your GBA game. note: you must have a GBA system and a GBA-Gamecube connecter cord Level: HG 70 SS 50
Ho-oh HG SS AMHG: Get the rainbow wing and go to Bell Tower SS: Get the rainbow wing from the man in Pewter City and got to Bell Tower AM: Obtain it in Pokemon Collesium on Gamecube and transfer it to a GBA game Level: HG 50 SS 70
Celebi EOOnly available through special events.
Latias S E HGS= After beating the pokemon league, it will begin to run around Hoenn E: After beating the pokemon league, there is a tv report. Tell your mom the color red after the report is over. It will begin to run around. HG: Meet Stephen in Vermillion City. He will show you a picture of Latias. It will begin to run around Kanto level 35
Latios R E SSR= It will begin to run around after you defeat the pokemon league E:... 

continue →

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