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Pokemon Soul Silver Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Soul Silver cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 252 cheats in our list, which includes 46 cheats codes, 3 passwords, 53 unlockables, 17 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 126 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Soul Silver on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - How to get a trecko,torchic,and mudkip.

by Unregistered Jun 11, 2012

frirst you defeat the elete four then the 2nd time and then go to sil.co. there steven will ask you "lets say you had three stones one was red(for torchic) then the blu one would be swampert, save the best for last the the green one would be trecko.

ps if you chose treecko sreptile is ugly so prevent grovole from evoling

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Secret - How to get past the ruins of alph

by Unregistered Jun 08, 2012

go from violet city down to the ruins then go to the one to the right go in go right, up, left, and up go to the lady talk to her then, go to the block in the middle of the room click it then solve the puzzle fall then use escape rope go and use the first directions but this time go to the wall then go to bag and click on a water stone then fall in, grab the items then go to the door in front of u then use escape rope,now go south and bring surf go south on the left side of the water use surf go down go in there go to the block solve the puzzle fall in use escape rope go back to water surf on left go back in go to wall i think this time use flash then fall in grab items go to door in front of u use escape rope then go to union cave go north to find the stairs go down go to water surf north until land go out door go through building then battle this guy then go through solve puzzle use escape rope go back to building go to wall solve that puzzle grab items go to door use escape rope and i cant remember the rest srry folks

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Secret - I know your problem i know what you need

by BaileyD Apr 12, 2012

you need to get near it and use the black flute so tat it will awaken and attack you dude ive done these same steps before and got past that pokemon

so look for the black flute!!!

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Easter Egg - Krut in water

by soulfly Mar 21, 2012

if you have the walk Thu walls cheat on be for stop team rocket in slowpoke well go to the entrance to the basement you should see krut in the water.

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Code - Rival in trees

by charizard5568 Jun 28, 2011

all you need is the walk anywhere cheat

94000130 FCFD0200

1205DAA2 00000200

D2000000 00000000

94000130 FCFD0100

1205DAA2 00001C20

D2000000 00000000

94000130 FCFDO100

1205DAA2 00001C20

D2000000 00000000

R+B to activate L+B to deactivate

now go to the bilding thing next to ilex forest andazela town but instead of going in the building go up into the trees and a little 2 the left and you will see your rival and also skipped the ilex forest

oh yah hes only there if you stay inazela town as soon as you leave to route 34 he vanishes

plz dont put comments about how dumb it is or how you allready know that because its really anoying

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Code - Contest

by PokemaniacRiley Jun 20, 2011

Me and skyp are having an avatar contest. We are both making a pokemon sprite (two or more Pokemon fused together) out of Zekrom and Samurott.I want you guys to leave a comment on who you think did better on the avatar/Pokemon sprite. We are already done just look at both avatars and leave a comment on who did better.


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Secret - Jigglypuff

by skyp May 16, 2011

In the game, there are 4 places you can catch them. One place would be the SafariZone. Jigglypuffs are in the Meadow and Swamp area. For some reason there in the Meadow area at night, but not in the Swamp area. Jigglypuffs are also found on Route 3 and Route 4.

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Code - Tips for more steps on pokewalker

by Style_boutique Mar 30, 2011

Ok I'm really lazy and cba to walk. (Or type properly). Usually I just shake it around but if thats to much work I would suggest getting point with plasma. Buy a plasma globe (Really cheap mine was about £5) Leave it about a CM away leave it and watch the steps build up :33 Hope it works it did for me.


If this is not use correctly it can delete your WATTS.

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Secret - How to Beat WonderGuard Spiritomb

by skyp Nov 15, 2010

Anyone thinking that a wonder-guarded spiritomb or sableye is invulnerable to attacking moves? Well guess again. There are 3 ways to do damage with attacking moves OTHER than the fire fang glitch. Here they are:
1: Should be simple...attack with the ability mold breaker on. I moded for mold breaker to test this, and i killed a shedinja with poison jab.
2: Gastro acid nullifies wonder guard.
3: If it is a wonder-guarded ghost-dark type, use foresight. Hit it with fighting type moves after. Or use the ability Scrappy in place of foresight.
Thank you for your time. Hopefully WonderGuard isn't much trouble anymore!

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Secret - Oh dat but to get the pokeflute an go to cinnabar you have to do all the things i tell you to do

by Unregistered Jul 16, 2010

Go to cerulean city an battle the team rocket grunt on the golden bridge when you beat him talk to the two other characters on the bridge the girl should say sumthing like "what was wrong with that guy talking bout" an she'll tell you where the grunt hid the generator part for the power plant,go to the cerulean gym an defeat the gym leader if you already haven't,once you beat her press A in front of all the floates or lifesavers or wateva you call them on the left side of the gym(inside) do that til you find the generator part.now go to the powerplant which is right of cerulean city but you need to surf to get there.once dare talk to the manager of the powerplant and he'll fix the powerplant.now go to lavender town and go to the radio tower an talk to the old guy he'll give your pokegear an upgrade once you get it go to vermillion city or town an go to the cave where that pokemon is sleepin (snorlax) and go to the radio in your pokegear use the nintendo stick or stylus an touch the points in the circle til the radio says "pokeflute" when it does jus get off the pokegear, now save wen done saving get ready to capture snorlax becuz it took 30 ultraballs for me an him to be paralyzed to catch him(you mite need him to catch raikou an entei if you havent yet because he has the move Block)an if you kil him jus turn off an try agan now go through diglet cave to pewter city an jus travel down an pass virdinan city an pallet town, at pallet town surf to cinnabar city WHOOOOOOOO!!!from Sgamer

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Code - Choosing cyndaquil makes game easy

by Unregistered May 08, 2012

when you choose cyndaquil train it like anything until it becomes Lv.69 and it will learn overheat.

i started my game with it and i beat all gyms with it and the whole game including red with it alone.

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Secret - Now wer'e even

by Iceshard17 Feb 06, 2012

go up to the snorelax point the tuner direct NORTH and press A at the snorelax then it wakes up and you battle it

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Code - Pokemon Soul Silver cheats suicune, entei and raikou

by Nardy May 04, 2011

If you want to catch one of those, you must walk.
The cheats is basically that if you walk less you hear them, so they scare off less.
If you hear them running up and go away.
Check your Poke Gear to the folder, you see them.
Do not fly directly to the nearest country, otherwise they see you flying over and then they flee.



Als je één van die wilt kunnen vangen, moet je lopen.

De cheats is eigenlijk dat als je loopt ze je minder horen, dus ze schrikken ook minder af.
Als je rent horen ze je en gaan ze weg.

Kijk op je pokégear naar de map, dan zie je ze.

Vlieg niet meteen naar het dichtsbijzijnde landje, anders zien ze je van boven vliegen en dan vluchten ze.


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Code - Where to find Suiscane in Johto in order.

by POKE12 Apr 07, 2011

1. At the top of cainwood city2. go along route 42 and cut a little tree among bigger trees then walk through

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Secret - Battle Your Friends Each Day

by ckjkj Dec 10, 2010

If you go to Kanto, in Viridian city, there is a house called the Trainer House where you can battle anybody who has connected with your Pokewalker device with. They will have the same Pokemon unless you Link with them again. Then they will have a different party when you battle them the next time.

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Secret - Why Articuno is the Best Battle Hall Pokemon

by rocko23 Nov 09, 2010

Articuno is just about the same as all legenaries, but there's one thing that sets it apart from the rest. One nasty little combination attack. After catching Articuno, go to the move tutor and teach it mind reader. After that, train like crazy. When you get to level 78, Articuno will learn sheer cold, so as long as you can survive for one turn, you will be able to win. It will make it amazing anywhere, but it will really shine in the battle hall. For best results, give it a lot of carbos, iron, and the special defense stuff. Then give it a focus sash, so then as long as you are faster than the opponent, you will always win.

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Easter Egg - Easy way to heal your Pokemon!!

by Unregistered Sep 24, 2010

Has this ever happened to you? Your Pokemon are hurt, and there's no Pokemon Center in sight! Well, lucky for you, I know how to heal your Pokemon WITHOUT items or a Pokemon Center.

Say that your nearby National Park inside the building where you can enter for the Bug-Catching Contest, and your little Pokemon are hurt. This'll come in handy if you don't have the Fly HM or if you don't have a Pokemon that knows Fly in your party. All you've gotta do is pop the Pokemon in the PC, bring it back in, and presto! Your Pokemon are INSTANTLY HEALED!!!!

...I know, I know. Some of you probably already know this, but... Well, I hope it helped anyway.

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Secret - How to train your pokemon to beat red

by callum347 Jun 10, 2010

Hey! Some of you may be wondring how, just after you've beaten blue (who has lvl 50s). To battling a legndary pkmn trainer with lvl 80s in such a small amount of time to train in between. Well here are some tips to getting he best party and best xp to lvl up.

To get your best party, I would recommend migraing from gba games to get pokemon like raquaza and good stuff like that. You could also trade with platinum, pearl and and diamond. The kind of types you'll want would be 'ground' (tyranitar) for his pikachu. Electric s very good for, 'charizard, blastoise and lapras'. So get a strong electric type (like raichu or ampharos)some dragon types may also be useful, for they can learn a wide range of moves (electric incuded). Snorlax (i would say) is his hardest. Get focus blast,or some strong moves. Also 'fire' for venesaur.

Now I would very highly recommend getting some 'lucky eggs' from wild chanseys (they smetimes hold them). They boost your normal amount of xp by half. THEY ARE GOOD. Chanseys with lucky eggs are easier to get in platinum than soulsilver. This is because the are really rare and hrd to get. So i got mine from pearl, and trained in mount silver. This is my party now:
Tyranitar lvl 76
HO-OH lvl 72
Lugia lvl 78
Dragonite lvl 81 (he was hard)
Mewtwo lvl 73
Latios lvl 83 (migrated from emerald) Hope this helps!!

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Secret - GameBoy Reference

by Carmealio May 26, 2010

Enter the Celadon Condominiums next to the Pokemon Center in Celadon City. Use the elevator to get to the third floor. When you exit, your friend will tell you about the GB Sounds. Talk to the man next to the globe after collecting all of the Kanto badges to get the GB Sounds Device. It will play Pokemon Silver/Gold Songs when you use it in your Key Items.

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Secret - Increased chance of finding Steel-type Pokemon

by ckjkj Mar 22, 2010

Having a Pokemon with the Magnet Pull ability in the first slot of your party increases the appearance rate of Steel-type Pokemon by 30%. The affects of Magnet Pull will work even if your lead Pokemon is fainted.

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Secret - New Info!

by lil_shiny Jun 15, 2009

Another CoroCoro Scan has revealed the box arts for Heart Gold & Soul Silver. These boxes are a bit bigger since the whole package includes the PokWalker peripheral. The HeartGold box art has Ho-Oh with a map of Johto focusing on the Tin Tower in the background, whereas Soul Silver's has Lugia with a map of Johto focusing on the Whirld Islands in the background. The release date is still unknown

Some further scans have come out and have shown that the Pokmon that follow you are not limited to the starters. There are screenshots of Steelix, Wobbuffet and Kecleon following the games character. You can turn to your Pokmon at any time and get some sort of dialogue with them to see when they're happy or in trouble. You even seem to be able to collect accessories from them similar to in Amity Square. All 493 Pokmon are capable of following you
There is also a screenshot which shows that the Pokdex & Box navigation has received a new touch screen style navigation scheme. The Touch Screen utilisation has been fully implemented into this game. All previous information has since been confirmed, including the Arceus bits from Wednesday.
The map of Johto in the background confirms that the game heads east towards Kanto and shows Route 28 by Mt. Silver. It also shows a new area has appeared just west of the National Park. It is unknown what this place is.
Pre-orders for the games begins on July 4th. If you pre-order, you will get a Ho-Oh figure for Heart Gold, a Lugia for Soul Silver and an Arceus if you pre-order both.

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Secret - Red orb (groudon) blue orb (kyogre) jade orb (raquaza)

by masterofpokemon99 Jul 04, 2011

once you have gotten all 16 badges go to professor Oak and he will give you a red orb. go to embedded tower (cant remember where that is soz) with the red orb with you groudon will be there waiting for you battle and catch him and if you also have heart gold (lucky you) you can do the same but you will get a blue orb and kyogre would appear BUT if you have both of them in the same game and you go talk to Oak again he will give you a jade orb which can be used to then get raquaza. hope this helps!!

recommend poke balls to catch them in

I think you should catch groudon and kyogre with heavy balls cause they weigh a tonne

not dure about raquaza

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Code - Shiny pinsir

by reepschlager Nov 29, 2010

Go to bug catching contest,Go into the long grass at the TOP of the screen,Go left,Wait for 10-20 seconds,Sound Must be turned on walk around once u hear a pokemon call,only walk around in the Top Left patch of grass,Once u hear a secod pokemon call walk in the direction u were facing when u heard it,VERY HIGH CHANCE OF GETTING A SHINY PINCSIR

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by imaspazfull Aug 13, 2010

To get high stats go to the battle frontier get theese 16 bp each all lower speed in battle only raises witn battling no rare cndy
Power Weight(raises HP)
Power Lens(raises sp. attack)
Power Band(raises sp. defense)
Power Bracer(raises attack)
Power Belt(raises defense)
Power Anklet(raises speed)
switch it to the lowest stat one to make your stats equal hoped i helped -SPAZ-

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Secret - Makes game easier if you choose chikorita

by darkrai-grl Jun 28, 2010

At the beginning of the game if you choose chikorita you know the first fre gyms are going to be tough. so i suggest that you use your pokewalker and gather up the 200 required watts to unlock the location beautiful beach and cath a water pokemon (staryu, psyduck, slowpoke, wooper) will make your game play a lot easier.

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