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Pokemon Soul Silver Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Soul Silver cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 150 cheats in our list, which includes 17 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 126 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Soul Silver on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

HaVing Trouble Getting The Last 2 Unowns?

by Kirbstering Jun 07, 2010

It can be a little difficult getting the last 2 Unowns (! and ?) in the game. Well, I will show you some ways to get them.
1. Complete all 4 Slide Puzzles.
2. Unlock all 4 Doors at the back.
3. Catch all 26 Unown (A-Z).
4. If you drop down the holes in the back rooms, you will see some messages.
Bring an Unown to the Main Entrance, and click on the yellow tile at the back.
A scientist will come up to you. You will both go back to the Research Lab, and he will add another entry.
Once you do all that, go to the Main Entrance and Unown ! and ? will appear. Just run around, and they should appear!
Happy UNOWN-ing!
P.S. Rate up, thanks! ^_^

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SaFari Zone Extras

by mysteryofsky101 Apr 26, 2010

To be able to get this advancement you must meet Balboa in the National Park (or somewhere along the line) and he will give you his phone #. Once he gives you his number, after a while he will call you and say that the Safari Zone is open, so now you can go there . He will then give you a 'test' so that means you must catch the pokemon he wants you to catch in the Safari Zone. Once you bring this to him, he will think of a new test but he won't call you, again, for a while . Once he does call you he will tell you that you can now do the Area Customizer, which allows you to place an area in one of the 6 places. Switch one of the areas to the desert so that you can catch the pokemon he wants (Sandshrew). Catch a Sandshrew and show him it and he will then allow you to place items in the Safari Zone. These items will allow you to catch different pokemon than in tall grass but you actually catch the pokemon in tall grass. To place items in tall grass press A in any area and you can place an item of your choice . Enjoy this new advancement!!

~Girafarig- 3 grass blocks
~Stantler- 3 grass blocks, 3 forest blocks
~Manectric- 15 grass blocks
~Shinx- 10 grass blocks
~Smeargle- 3 forest blocks
~Zigzagoon- 15 forest blocks
~Ponyta- 5 rocky blocks
~Houndoom- 10 rocky blocks
~Zangoose- 15 rocky blocks
~Lotad- 12 water blocks
~Surskit- 28 water blocks

~Raticate- 5 grass blocks
~Chansey- 12 grass blocks
~Skiploom- 8 forest blocks
~Nuzleaf- 28 forest blocks
~Geodude- 3 rocky blocks
~Clefairy- 3 rocky blocks
~Wooper- 3 water blocks
~Seedot- 18 grass blocks
~Nuzleaf- 18 forest blocks
~Nosepass- 18 rocky blocks
~Riolu- 10 grass blocks, 10 rocky blocks

~Skiploom- 3 water blocks
~Masquerain- 10 water blocks

~Tauros- 5 grass blocks ~Torkoal- 18 rocky blocks
~Zigzagoon- 10 grass blocks ~Rhydon- 10 rocky blocks
~Luxio- 24 grass blocks ~Azurill- 5 water blocks
~Houndour- 4 forest blocks ~Cacturne- 18 forest blocks
~Shroomish- 6 grass blocks, 18 forest blocks ~Rhyhorn- 5 rocky blocks
~Linoone- 3 grass blocks
~Zangoose- 12 grass blocks
~Paras- 3 forest blocks
~Fearow- 5 forest blocks
~Magmar- 10 rocky blocks
~Wobbuffet- 10 rocky blocks
~Lairon- 24 rocky blocks
~Slowbro- 5 water blocks
~Bronzor- 7 rforest blocks, 18 rocky blocks
~Speal- 18 water blocks
~Vigoroth- 10 grass blocks, 19 forest blocks

Rocky Beach:
~Dodrio- 4 grass blocks
~Electrike- 10 grass blocks
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ThE Plates

by Lucario_master1 Apr 09, 2010

Do you remember the plates we found in Sinnoh I found out a way to get them to both soul silver and heart gold. After you beat the Champion you will beable to use the SS Aqua. After the first time you use it, you will be able to use again on these days: Wednesdays and Sundays from Vermilion
and Mondays and Friidays form Olivine

On these days if you talk to the Captain he ll tell you that he found something in Sinnoh region the other day and he ll give you a plate.

Hope this helped!

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ItEms in Rocks

by Bramblefang Mar 24, 2010

If you have played Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, you may remember the Explorer Kit that allows you to dig for treasure and do other things underground. In Soul Silver, it's not possible but you can still get those items you found Underground.

Of course the first way to do it is to find the item somewhere in Johto or Kanto looking like a Pokeball on the ground or by finding the items hidden...somewhere.

The main way you want to do this includes destroying rocks by using the HM move Rock Smash.

When destroying a rock by using Rock Smash, there is a possibility of finding an item in the rubble or encountering a Pokemon.

Some Pokemon you may encounter would be Crabby, Geodude, Graveler, and Shuckle.

Some items you may find are usually Fossils, Shards, Revives, and items that could be sold for a lot of money...like the Rare Bone.

Some places where you will find these rocks would be the Ruins of Alph, Cliff Cave, and Victory Road.

Finally, if you didn't find anything when destroying the rocks walk out of the room and the rocks will reappear so you can try to find some items or Pokemon again.

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ThE Pokeflute, Snorlax, & The Missing Machine Part

by Bramblefang Mar 26, 2010

If you already got the EXPN Upgrade for your Pokegear, you already have the Pokeflute. You get it by going to Ceruleun City. Then, you must find and defeat the Rocket Grunt and he'll tell you where the missing part from the machine in the Power Plant is. Search and get it at the Celuleun Gym using the Dowsing Machine which you get from a person in Eruteak City.

After you got the Missing Machine Part, go to the Power Plant and return the part to the owner or whoever he is. He gives you a TM which teaches your Pokemon Charge Beam.

Now, go to the Radio Tower in Lavender Town. Inside is a man who looks like a Gentlemen. Talk to him and he gives you an upgrade for your Pokegear so you can listen to the radio in Kanto.

Next, go to Route 11. (The place where the Snorlax is)

Go to the Radio Section (while you are on Route 11) in the Pokegear and move the cursor to the very top of the circle....then the Pokeflute music plays. Exit out of the Pokegear with the Pokeflute music still playing. Save, then go up to the Snorlax and the battle begins.

The Snorlax as at Lv.50, has moves like Roll Out & Block, and has a chance of holding a Leftovers item...a very good item indeed. Use whatever Pokeballs you like, though the Heavy Balls are recommended. Heavy Balls are made from Blk Apricorns...and you must give them to Kurt so he can make the Heavy Ball.

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DaIly things to do (GO SEREBII!)

by MATA Apr 23, 2010

Daily Events


Every day, if you listed to Professor Oak's Pokmon Talk radio show, you will learn of a new swarm within the regions of Johto & Kanto. These Pokmon are usually incredibly rare or non existant within the locales so this is a perfect way to obtain the Pokmon. Go to the route specified to find the Pokmon The Pokmon options are enhanced after you obtain the National Dex

Lottery - Goldenrod City

In the Goldenrod Radio Tower, you will discover aty the reception that a Lottery is going on daily. This lottery provides 5 numbers and you need to have any of your Pokmon's IDs match up to the numbers in order to win. The more numbers matched, the better the prize. The top prize is a Master Ball

Seals - Olivine City

After you have received the Seal Case for healing the Miltank in the MooMoo Farm on Route 38, you can go to a house in Olivine where this girl will give you three different Seals every day

Buena's Password - Goldenrod City

After you have received the Blue Card from Buena's Assistant, at several points through the day (2am, 5am, 8am, 11pm, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm), Buena's Password radio show will give out a question. You then need to go to Goldenrod's Radio Tower and meet Buena and give her the answer. She will give you three choices and if you select the correct one, you will receive points that you can later exchange form prizes

Vocabulary - Route 16

In the lone house in Route 16, you will find an old man. Each day, he will provide a new word for you to add to your vocabulary.

Pokathlon Dome - Prize Counter

In the Pokathlon Dome, there is a special counter that allows you to exchange your Prize Points for a variety of items. However, the items change each day so you should keep checking back for the item you want. The items are as follows:

Red Apricorn; 200P
Blue Apricorn; 200P
Green Apricorn; 200P
MooMoo Milk; 100P
Moonstone; 3000P
Rare Candy; 2000P
Full Restore; 500P
King's Rock; 3000P
Sun Stone; 3000P
Water Stone; 2500P
Shiny Stone; 3000P
Dusk Stone; 3000P
Yellow Apricorn; 200P
Pink Apricorn; 200P
White Apricorn; 200P
MooMoo Milk; 100P
Fire Stone; 3000P
PP Up; 1000P
Full Restore; 500P
Metal Coat; 2500P
WaterStone; 2500P
Water Stone; 2500P
Dusk Stone; 3000P
Dawn Stone; 3000P
Blue Apricorn; 200P
Pink Apricorn; 200P
Black Apricorn; 200P
MooMoo Milk; 100P
Water Stone; 2500P
Heart Scale; 1000P
Full Restore; 500P
Dragon Scale;... 

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FrEe/Gift Pokemon

by Bramblefang May 10, 2010

Yes. FREE POKEMON! Make sure you have room in your party to pick up these Pokemon.



This isn't technically a gift Pokemon but you could still keep it for yourself. If you go to the gate north of Goldenrod City, a man in red clothes will ask you to bring his Spearow with mail attached to it to a friend on Route 31. His friend is one of the trainers you probably battled already. If you bring the Pokemon to the friend, you will give the Pokemon to the friend and get a TM in return.


When you went to Ecruteak City, you bumped into a guy named Bill [No, not Bill Gates] in the Pokemon Center. Bill was apparently the one who came up with the Pokemon Storage system with his friends. He went back home after he met you. To get a Pokemon from him, go to Goldenrod City. Search for him in one of the houses [To the West] and talk to him. He'll offer you an Eevee. Accept and it is all yours.


In one of the South-West houses of Cianwood City, a guy named Kirk is worried about his Pokemon. He is afraid that somebody will steal his Shuckle. Although you are a complete stranger, he'll offer you to look after it. It holds a Berry Juice.


In Mt.Mortar, the Karate King is training with his Pokemon. When you talk to him, he will battle with you. He has Fighting Pokemon [I believe Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, & Hitmonchop] and after you beat him, he will give you a Tyrogue.


After you have answered the questions at the Dragon's Den, you should go back near the entrance, but Clair is in the way. She will give you a TM and run off. Go back to the Elders and talk to the one who asked the questions. Depending on how "good" you answered his questions, he will give you a Dratini with a special move, Extreme Speed. If you didn't, then you get a basic Dratini.




After getting all 16 badges and defeating Red at Mt.Silver, head down to Pallet Town. Go inside Professor Oak's Lab. He will compliment for your success and will let you pick one of the 3 Kanto Starters for yours to keep.

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QuIck In-game Reset

by Godfrey97 Mar 30, 2010

Maybe you've just saved the game and want to get back to the Main Menu but you want to do it quicker and not restart your whole DS, then you can just press L, R, START and SELECT all at the same time and you will see the amazing Lugia's face as you're at the main menu! Need any help on Pokemon send me a message as I have quite a lot of experience in the 4th Gen games and a bit in the 3rd. Happy gaming! ~Godfrey97

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EgG groups

by FCSNAKE Jul 21, 2010

Egg groups are which species of Pokemon will breed. As long as two Pokemon
are in the same egg group, they will produce an egg of the female's species.
There are 2 exceptions
1. Ditto can breed with any Pokemon that is not in the 'Unbreedable' egg
group, producing an egg of the other Pokemon's species.(show u next time)
2. Genderless Pokemon can only breed with Ditto. These Pokemon are note under the 'Ditto' egg group.

Abomasnow, Aggron, Ampharos, Aron
Bastiodon, Bayleef, Blastoise, Bulbasaur
Charizard, Charmander, Charmeleon, Chikorita, Cranidos, Croconaw, Cubone
Feraligatr, Flaaffy
Gabite, Garchomp, Gible, Grotle, Grovyle
Lairon, Lapras, Larvitar, Lickilicky, Lickitung, Loudred
Mareep, Marowak, Marshtomp, Meganium, Mudkip
Nidoking, Nidoran (F), Nidoran (M), Nidorino
Rampardos, Rhydon, Rhyhorn, Rhyperior
Sceptile, Shieldon, Slowbro, Slowking, Slowpoke, Snorlax, Snover, Squirtle,
Torterra, Totodile, Treecko, Tropius, Turtwig, Tyranitar
Wartortle, Whismur

Absol, Aipom, Ambipom, Ampharos, Arbok, Arcanine
Bibarel, Bidoof, Blaziken, Buizel, Buneary
Camerupt, Chimchar, Combusken, Cyndaquil
Delcatty, Delibird, Dewgong, Diglett, Donphan, Dugtrio, Dunsparce
Eevee, Ekans, Electrike, Empoleon, Espeon, Exploud
Farfetch'd, Flaaffy, Flareon, Floatzel, Furret
Girafarig, Glaceon, Glameow, Golduck, Granbull, Growlithe, Grumpig
Hippopotas, Hippowdon, Houndoom, Houndour
Leafeon, Linoone, Lopunny, Loudred, Lucario, Luxio, Luxray
Mamoswine, Manectric, Mankey, Mareep, Mawile, Meowth, Mightyena, Miltank,
Nidoking, Nidoran (F), Nidoran (M), Nidorino, Ninetales, Numel, Nuzleaf
Pachirisu, Persian, Phanpy, Pikachu, Piloswine, Piplup, Ponyta, Poochyena,
Primeape, Prinplup, Psyduck, Purugly
Quagsire, Quilava
Raichu, Rapidash, Raticate, Rattata, Rhydon, Rhyhorn, Rhyperior
Sandshrew, Sandslash, Sealeo, Seedot, Seel, Sentret, Seviper, Shiftry, Shinx,
Skitty, Skuntank, Slaking, Slakoth, Smeargle, Sneasel, Snubbull, Spheal,
Spinda, Spoink, Stantler, Stunky, Swinub
Tauros, Teddiursa, Torchic, Torkoal, Typhlosion
Umbreon, Ursaring
Vaporeon, Vigoroth, Vulpix
Wailmer, Wailord, Walrein, Weavile, Whismur, Wooper
Zangoose, Zigzagoon

Beautifly, Beedrill, Burmy, Butterfree
Cascoon, Caterpie, Combee
Drapion, Dustox
Flygon, Forretress
Gligar, Gliscor
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In Game Trades

by Bramblefang May 03, 2010

If you go inside the house near the Pokemon Center in Violet City, you can talk to a "School Kid". He will offer you an Onix holding a Persim Berry in exchange for a Bellsprout.
If you go to the 4th floor of the Golden Rod Department Store, you will find a chubby guy who is looking for a Drowzee. He will give you a Machop holding a Macho Bracelet in exchange.
When you go to Olivine City, search for two houses that are behind of the lighthouse. Go inside the left house. You will see a Fisherman who is looking for a Krabby. He will give you a Voltorb holding a Cheri Berry in exchange.
If you go inside the house that is on the far eastern part of Blackthorn City, you will find a lady looking for a Female Dragonair. She will give you a Dodrio holding a Smoke Ball in exchange.
If you go to the Pokemon Center in Pewter City, you will find a man who is looking for a Haunter. He will give you a Xatu holding a Wacan Berrry in exchange.
One of the scientists in the Power Plant in Kanto is looking for a Dugtrio. He will give you a Magneton holding a Metal Coat in return.
After getting Lt.Surge's phone number [Refer to other cheats], you can find him in the Magnet Train station in Saffron City. He is looking for none other than the Pikachu you showed him earlier. He will give you a Pikachu...a French Pikachu holding a Yellow Shard in exchange.
After getting the Hoenn Starter from Steven Stone [Again, refer to other cheats] and speaking to him in the Pewter City Museum, you can see him standing in a different location in the Silph. Co in Saffron City. He is looking for a Forretress and is offering a Beldum holding a Dawn Stone in exchange.
After you defeat Brock on Saturdays in the evening, you will find him in the entrance Diglett Cave. He will talk about Sudowoodo then Bonsly. He asks if you have one and he... 

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WhAt are EVs anyways?

by FCSNAKE Aug 02, 2010

EVs, or "Effort Values", are external values important to the overall training
of a Pokemon. They are gained, along with Experience Points (EXP), from any
Pokemon you battle, may it be in the wild or from other trainers (though, as a
side-note, Pokemon from the Battle Frontier do not give EVs, as they do not
give EXP as well).

Each Pokemon has a unique set of EVs they give out, 1-3 EVs for one, or
sometimes two, stats. For every four EVs a Pokemon obtains, that's one point
added to the stat with four EVs. For example, if you fight four Sentret (which
give 1 Attack EV each), you gain 4 Attack EVs, which means +1 in the Attack

Sounds neat, right? But, of course, there are limits. A Pokemon can only gain a
total of 510 EVs, and 255 EVs per stat. That means the maximum stat bonus EVs
can give per stat is 63, should you give 252 EVs to one stat. 252 is the
accepted bonus, as it is the highest number less than 255 divisible by 4. With
that said, 252/252/6 is pretty much the most basic EV spread for a Pokemon,
adding 63 points to two stats and 1 point to one stat.

So yeah, it's very important. An un-EV trained Pokemon almost always falls to a
properly-EV trained Pokemon of the same level. Add in IVs and Natures, and
you've used your Pokemon to its fullest battling potential.

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A Secret Lapras

by Bramblefang May 03, 2010


- Take the stairs with "F" over it.
- Take the stairs with "G" over it.
- Go down to the big body of water and "talk" to Lapras.


Lapras will appear every Friday in the area of that map shows it in.
It is Lv.20 and knows Body Slam, Ice Shard, Water Pulse, and Confuse Ray.



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EaSy way to catch roaming pokemon

by DeadlyDragonite Jun 14, 2010

What you'll need:
A small amount of patience
A high-level pokemon that knows false-swipe
a fast pokemon that knows a paralysis move
about 4 quick balls per roaming pokemon
about 10 ultra balls per roaming pokemon
a pokemon that's ability is arena trap

ok, first, go to ecruteak city, and go to the route below it, with your paralysis pokemon in front.just keep walking up into ecruteak and back dowwn into the route below until a roamer in in your area. then, battle it and use the paralysis move. itll run away, but itl be paralysed. so then, assuming itts the same pokemon you want to catch, again just keep walking between ecruteak and the route until it appears and use false swipe, so it only has 1hp left....
finaaly, the third time you battle it, have your arena trap pokemon out, and use a quick ball first. then, if that doeassnt catch it, use some ultra balls. you'll have caught it in no time.

um..ok, thats it.


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ThE Clefairy Dance

by Bramblefang Apr 05, 2010

In between the routes that connect Pewter City and Ceruleun City is a place called Mt.Moon If you go to the top of it [you just have to climb up a ladder] past 8 PM on Monday, you'll find 6 Clefaries dancing in the moonlight. 4 of them will be walking in a square around a body of water again and again until one spots you. The other Clefaries will see you after and they will flee to a different area. One will accidentally drop an item while trying to run away. It's a Moonstone for you to keep.

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BeSt Ball To Use On Ho-oh

by Gardenia101 Aug 02, 2010

The best ball to use on any pokemon would be a Masterball, but if you don't have yours available but alot of Ultra Balls. Get Ho-oh's HP practically 1 and maybe paralyze him or lull him to sleep. Then, keep throwing Ultra balls until he's caught. I know it works, because I tried it!

PS: Also save before battling him

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PoKemon egg moves and breeding

by dyllansadler May 10, 2010

Okay im going to teach u about egg moves.
first of you need to know how to breed a pokemon,simple put the same species of pokemon of the different gender in the daycare and you will get an egg.
but theres more than that!
for example:if i woul to put a female lavitar with 21 iv's in att holding a power bracer in the daycare with a male todadile knowing dragon dance i would get a lavitar with 21 Iv's knowing dragon dance from in egg!
Notice:the male pokemon gives the baby the egg moves and the female determins the species of the pokemon!
also if u want the same Iv's of a certin stat of the parent just make the female hold a powerbracer,powerband,poweranklet,ect.

now if u want a certin nature of a pokemon just have a ditto hold a everstone and ull have a 50% of having the nature!

if u want a shiny pokemon from breeding you can simply use a process called RNG

to see what pokemon can breed with others just check seribii.com

for questions privite message me or go to http://www.seribii.net

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A Very Balanced Team

by Uzamaki66 Apr 23, 2010

Just remember you guys some teams are exceptionally great i've came up with some examples
(Also if u didnt pick totodile for your starter, try the Gyarados from the lake because it have an AMAZING attack stat even without EV training)

It depends on the starter you picked I'll start with my personal favorite

If you picked Cyndaquil, your team, before the Elite four,would look like this

Gyarados (i perfer this 90%, you cant find a good water type in this game. OR you can try the Lapras you can obtain every Friday in B2 Floor in Union Cave)
Any Flying type Pokemon (Pigeot or Fearow are good choices)
Any Electric Pokemon (Magneton, Jolteon(The Eevee Bill gives you into from a Thunder Stone) and my favorite, Ampharaos)
A Dragon Type pokemon (Who else but Dragonite)
ANYONE OF YOUR CHOISE (Rock, Psychic, Grass, or even an Ice type the pick is yours)

If you Picked Totodile:

A Fire Type (Growlithe, woops, hes exclusive in HG, well you can evolve the Eevee into Flareon from a Fire Stone or a great one, Houndoom)
Grass Type ( Oddish>> Vileplume or Roselia, Cmon men you can deal with a girly Pkmn)
Flying Type (Mentioned above, Flying is important)
Fighting Type (Machamp, Hitmonchan/lee/top, pretty decent type)
ANYONE (I'm Always giving you a choice of your own)

If You chose Chickorita, which is rare b/c the first two are very loveable

Steel Type (Great type, love it. Steelix is probably the only one you can obtain so far)
Fire Type (This is a great type, again Houndoom, Growlithe or Flareon, oops i forgot, Magmar is great too.)
Rock Type (Has a pretty well type Pros and cons. Try Donphan, Rhyhorn, Golem, Onyx, etc
ANYONE ( a third time, your pick)

If this doesnt help, please comment below, and im sorry if i make a mistake.

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TiPs For Catching A Legendary

by Bramblefang Apr 26, 2010

[Stationary Legendary Pokemon Tips]

-As any other Pokemon, lower the Legendary's HP until it turns red. The lower the HP, the better chance you're going to catch the legendary.

~TM 54, False Swipe, will always leave 1 HP for the opponent [If the move would KO the opponent, it will always leave 1 HP instead.] You can buy the TM at the Goldenrod Department Store.

-Use Pokeballs to your advantage. If it is night time when you are battling the legendary, use Dusk Balls. If there has been many turns in the battle already, use a Time Ball to try to capture the Pokemon. A good Pokeball that can be used wherever is the Ultra Ball. [Most of the time it is]

-Inflict status problems upon the legendary. Poison Power, Hypnosis, Thunder Wave, and Toxic are a few of these. Poisoning or burning a Pokemon should help you catch it, but it isn't always a good idea since they damage the Pokemon every turn. You may KO it.

-Try to bring strong Pokemon to give you time to try to catch the legendary. Also, bring Pokemon that is about the same level as the legendary. This will help you bring down the legendary's HP if you somehow can't afford to use False Swipe on it.

-Bring a lot of Potions, Revives, and Pokeballs. You don't know how long it will take to catch the legendary.

-Save before you battle the legendary.

[Running Legendary Pokemon Tips]

-Certain Pokemon have abilities that prevent the Pokemon from running away. Crobat can learn Mean Look while Wobbufet has the ability Shadow Tag that prevents a Pokemon from running away.

After you do that, you should follow the rest of the tips to catch the Running "Legendary"

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UlTimate Punching bag

by Salamencer Sep 20, 2010

Wobbuffet is a really strong pokemon if you let it hold a Focus Slash to make it stronger give it hp up,iron,and i forgot but it raises sp.defs but anyway the movesets best for Wobbuffet is:mirror coat,counter,destiny bond,and safeguard(to protect from status)Now ev-train wobbuffets defense and sp.def till it cant ev train anymore and it will be the ultimate pokemon that can kill anything except status problems.If your wobbuffet is under leveled on wifi just choose lv.100 single or double. Now go out there and show them what Wobbuffet can do.

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DaIsy Oak's Massages

by mysteryofsky101 Apr 26, 2010

In Gold & Silver, Blue's sister, Daisy Oak, would offer the ability for your Pokmon to be massaged. This feature has made its return in HeartGold & SoulSilver. From 3pm to 4pm on any day, you can visit Daisy Oak in Pallet Town and she will offer to give your Pokmon a massage.

The massage that Daisy Oak gives your Pokmon increases their happiness. However, it does have an extra, brand new effect. This effect is completely invisible within HeartGold & SoulSilver and is really only noticeiable when you trade your Pokmon to Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. This effect is, Super Contest Conditions.

All credit to seribii.net


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ChAnging Pokemon Forms

by mysteryofsky101 Apr 26, 2010

Yeah, the title basically give it away but here's the way to change these pokemon's form:

Deoxys: It's really the same thing as in D/P/Pt with the meteors and all . . . the meteors are East of Pewter City, you can't miss them

Rotom: Take Rotom to the Silph Co. Building (Saffron City) and have it first in your party. Go up the elevator (yes, Rotom will power up the elevator to get it working again) and you will see 5 electronic appliances. Talk to one and Rotom will change into that form

Garatina: The only way to change this is by getting Garatina from the Arceus Event cuz it will be holding the Griseous Orb so it will already be in Orgin Forme.

Shaymin: Show the 'Little Girl' in the Goldenrod Flower Store the special Shaymin available in 2009-ish and she will give you the Gracidea Flower, which is in the Key Items in your bag. Select use and use it on Shaymin and it will turn into Sky Form!! It won't be in sky form at night or when it is frozen though . . .

All credit goes to seribii.net


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MoRe Starters!

by Bramblefang Apr 05, 2010

Yes, more starters. But this will only give you the starter you chose from Steven Stone, Professor Elm, and|or Professor Oak.

First, you need the starter you got from either of those people. (Blastoise, Typhlosion, Marshtomp, etc.)

Then you need a Ditto.

Ditto can get you eggs when you pair it up with most Pokemon.

Anyway, you can find it on Route 34, Ceruleun Cave, and maybe a few other areas in Kanto or Johto.

Put both the starter and Ditto into the care of the Daycare on Route 34. Run|Walk around until the Daycare Man says that your Pokemon had an egg. Retrieve the egg from him and run around with it until it hatches. The Pokemon that hatches should be the 1st Evolution form of the starter (Squirtle, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, etc.) you put in with the Ditto.

They are good Pokemon to offer on the GTS [Global Trade Station in Goldenrod] or for other people.

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by N03L Dec 14, 2010

I think there are only three ways to get a Masterball (without cheats).

1. Receive one from the Professor.

2. Trade one from another Pokemon Game (have a pokemon hold a Masterball during trade).

3. Go to the Goldenrod City Radio Tower and play the Pokemon Lottery Corner everyday. If the ID number of your Pokemon matches the Lotto number then you get a free Masterball. It's rare to get the numbers to match though. The more Pokemon you catch the more likely you'll get a matching number.

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RoTom and Pokemon starters

by pikapikachu123 Jun 18, 2010

You have to have rotom of course and have already gone to the kanto region.. Go to the silph co. in Saffron City. You will see the elevator will not work NO MATTER WHAT YOU TRY. Except.. If you have rotom walking with you.Go inside and Rotom will power the elevator it says. I think. The room you enter will be just like the room you get into if you got the secret key in Pokemon Platinum. Also.. The fire one will teach you overheat.. And thats the only move you can learn from the plate thingys.

As you can see, some people may have already told you you can get Hoenn and Kanto starters. WELL.. They're right. All you have to do to do this is to beat red and stuff.. Yeah. After you did all that poop, go to professors oaks lab in Pallet Town. There he'll say a bunch of stuff and you get to chose charmander, bulbasaur and squirtle. Now for Hoenn. To get Hoenn starters you have to beat Red yeah. Then go to the counter thing at the silph co. There is this guy there that you saw before (i think) if you got latios. Talk to him.. He says a whole bunch of stuff. Then he says chose a red, green or blue stone. Chose blue for mudkip. Chose red for torchick and green for treecko.

So thats all I have to say :D

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CaThcing Lugia

by dittoman2 Jun 14, 2010

Lugia is the legendary pokemon of Pokemon soul silver. He is LVL. 45 and knows rain dance, Extrasensory, Aeroblast, and Hydro pump making fighting, bug, and fire type vulnerable. Use an elctric type pokemon and after so much health is gone use a rock type to wither away at its health.

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