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Pokemon Soul Silver Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Soul Silver cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 252 cheats in our list, which includes 46 cheats codes, 3 passwords, 53 unlockables, 17 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 126 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Soul Silver on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - The Clefairy Dance

by Bramblefang Apr 05, 2010

In between the routes that connect Pewter City and Ceruleun City is a place called Mt.Moon If you go to the top of it [you just have to climb up a ladder] past 8 PM on Monday, you'll find 6 Clefaries dancing in the moonlight. 4 of them will be walking in a square around a body of water again and again until one spots you. The other Clefaries will see you after and they will flee to a different area. One will accidentally drop an item while trying to run away. It's a Moonstone for you to keep.

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Secret - Best Ball To Use On Ho-oh

by Gardenia101 Aug 02, 2010

The best ball to use on any pokemon would be a Masterball, but if you don't have yours available but alot of Ultra Balls. Get Ho-oh's HP practically 1 and maybe paralyze him or lull him to sleep. Then, keep throwing Ultra balls until he's caught. I know it works, because I tried it!

PS: Also save before battling him

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Secret - Pokemon egg moves and breeding

by dyllansadler May 10, 2010

Okay im going to teach u about egg moves.
first of you need to know how to breed a pokemon,simple put the same species of pokemon of the different gender in the daycare and you will get an egg.
but theres more than that!
for example:if i woul to put a female lavitar with 21 iv's in att holding a power bracer in the daycare with a male todadile knowing dragon dance i would get a lavitar with 21 Iv's knowing dragon dance from in egg!
Notice:the male pokemon gives the baby the egg moves and the female determins the species of the pokemon!
also if u want the same Iv's of a certin stat of the parent just make the female hold a powerbracer,powerband,poweranklet,ect.

now if u want a certin nature of a pokemon just have a ditto hold a everstone and ull have a 50% of having the nature!

if u want a shiny pokemon from breeding you can simply use a process called RNG

to see what pokemon can breed with others just check seribii.com

for questions privite message me or go to http://www.seribii.net

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Secret - A very Balanced Team

by Uzamaki66 Apr 23, 2010

Just remember you guys some teams are exceptionally great i've came up with some examples
(Also if u didnt pick totodile for your starter, try the Gyarados from the lake because it have an AMAZING attack stat even without EV training)

It depends on the starter you picked I'll start with my personal favorite

If you picked Cyndaquil, your team, before the Elite four,would look like this

Gyarados (i perfer this 90%, you cant find a good water type in this game. OR you can try the Lapras you can obtain every Friday in B2 Floor in Union Cave)
Any Flying type Pokemon (Pigeot or Fearow are good choices)
Any Electric Pokemon (Magneton, Jolteon(The Eevee Bill gives you into from a Thunder Stone) and my favorite, Ampharaos)
A Dragon Type pokemon (Who else but Dragonite)
ANYONE OF YOUR CHOISE (Rock, Psychic, Grass, or even an Ice type the pick is yours)

If you Picked Totodile:

A Fire Type (Growlithe, woops, hes exclusive in HG, well you can evolve the Eevee into Flareon from a Fire Stone or a great one, Houndoom)
Grass Type ( Oddish>> Vileplume or Roselia, Cmon men you can deal with a girly Pkmn)
Flying Type (Mentioned above, Flying is important)
Fighting Type (Machamp, Hitmonchan/lee/top, pretty decent type)
ANYONE (I'm Always giving you a choice of your own)

If You chose Chickorita, which is rare b/c the first two are very loveable

Steel Type (Great type, love it. Steelix is probably the only one you can obtain so far)
Fire Type (This is a great type, again Houndoom, Growlithe or Flareon, oops i forgot, Magmar is great too.)
Rock Type (Has a pretty well type Pros and cons. Try Donphan, Rhyhorn, Golem, Onyx, etc
ANYONE ( a third time, your pick)

If this doesnt help, please comment below, and im sorry if i make a mistake.

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Secret - Tips For Catching A Legendary

by Bramblefang Apr 26, 2010

[Stationary Legendary Pokemon Tips]

-As any other Pokemon, lower the Legendary's HP until it turns red. The lower the HP, the better chance you're going to catch the legendary.

~TM 54, False Swipe, will always leave 1 HP for the opponent [If the move would KO the opponent, it will always leave 1 HP instead.] You can buy the TM at the Goldenrod Department Store.

-Use Pokeballs to your advantage. If it is night time when you are battling the legendary, use Dusk Balls. If there has been many turns in the battle already, use a Time Ball to try to capture the Pokemon. A good Pokeball that can be used wherever is the Ultra Ball. [Most of the time it is]

-Inflict status problems upon the legendary. Poison Power, Hypnosis, Thunder Wave, and Toxic are a few of these. Poisoning or burning a Pokemon should help you catch it, but it isn't always a good idea since they damage the Pokemon every turn. You may KO it.

-Try to bring strong Pokemon to give you time to try to catch the legendary. Also, bring Pokemon that is about the same level as the legendary. This will help you bring down the legendary's HP if you somehow can't afford to use False Swipe on it.

-Bring a lot of Potions, Revives, and Pokeballs. You don't know how long it will take to catch the legendary.

-Save before you battle the legendary.

[Running Legendary Pokemon Tips]

-Certain Pokemon have abilities that prevent the Pokemon from running away. Crobat can learn Mean Look while Wobbufet has the ability Shadow Tag that prevents a Pokemon from running away.

After you do that, you should follow the rest of the tips to catch the Running "Legendary"

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Unlockable - Kanto Gym Leader Phone Number Exchanges

by Bramblefang May 17, 2010

After defeating after defeating all of the Gym Leaders, you can talk to them to receive their phone numbers and battle them again in the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City. You can only re-battle them on certain days, though and they will tell you when. There are certain times and certain days you can meet them so here they are.

- Seribii.net

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Lt. Surge's Phone NumberDefeat Zapdos on Route 10 in front of the Power Plant then leave and go back there from 9 AM to 12 AM on any day to find Lt. Surge. He will ask you to show him a Pikachu [They can be caught in Viridian Forest]. After you show him one, you get his phone number.
Sabrina's Phone NumberGo to Olivine City's Harbor [Path to S.S. Anne] on Friday at anytime to find Sabrina near the boat. Talk to her to exchange phone numbers.
Erika's Phone NumberGo to Celadon City on Saturday or Sunday from 3 PM - 5 PM to find Erika standing in front of a Water Fountain. She is talking to Jasmine about other female Gym Leaders. Once she sees that you are there, you can exchange phone numbers with her.
Misty's Phone NumberFirst, defeat Suicune on Route 25. [Refer to other cheats on how to do that] Then, visit Route 25 on any day from 4 PM - 6 PM to find Misty looking out at ... nature. Talk to her to exchange phone numbers.
Janine's Phone NumberGo to the gate that separates a route from Victory Road on any day from 4 PM - 6 PM to find Janine doing some errands for her dad. Talk to her to exchange phone numbers.
Brock's Phone NumberGo to to one of the entrances of Diglett's Cave on any day from 12 PM - 3 PM to find Brock. Talk to him to exchange phone numbers.
Blaine's Phone NumberGo to Cinnabar Island at any time on Tuesday to find Blaine, looking at the remains of the island. Talk to him to exchange phone numbers.
Blue's Phone Number[Pallet Town] Get Blue's Sister, Daisy to massage one of your Pokemon 5 times. After she does that, she'll give you her brother's phone number [3PM - 4 PM]. She massages one Pokemon from 3 PM - 4 PM on any day.
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Secret - Ultimate Punching bag

by Salamencer Sep 20, 2010

Wobbuffet is a really strong pokemon if you let it hold a Focus Slash to make it stronger give it hp up,iron,and i forgot but it raises sp.defs but anyway the movesets best for Wobbuffet is:mirror coat,counter,destiny bond,and safeguard(to protect from status)Now ev-train wobbuffets defense and sp.def till it cant ev train anymore and it will be the ultimate pokemon that can kill anything except status problems.If your wobbuffet is under leveled on wifi just choose lv.100 single or double. Now go out there and show them what Wobbuffet can do.

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Secret - Daisy Oak's Massages

by mysteryofsky101 Apr 26, 2010

In Gold & Silver, Blue's sister, Daisy Oak, would offer the ability for your Pokmon to be massaged. This feature has made its return in HeartGold & SoulSilver. From 3pm to 4pm on any day, you can visit Daisy Oak in Pallet Town and she will offer to give your Pokmon a massage.

The massage that Daisy Oak gives your Pokmon increases their happiness. However, it does have an extra, brand new effect. This effect is completely invisible within HeartGold & SoulSilver and is really only noticeiable when you trade your Pokmon to Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. This effect is, Super Contest Conditions.

All credit to seribii.net


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Secret - Changing Pokemon Forms

by mysteryofsky101 Apr 26, 2010

Yeah, the title basically give it away but here's the way to change these pokemon's form:

Deoxys: It's really the same thing as in D/P/Pt with the meteors and all . . . the meteors are East of Pewter City, you can't miss them

Rotom: Take Rotom to the Silph Co. Building (Saffron City) and have it first in your party. Go up the elevator (yes, Rotom will power up the elevator to get it working again) and you will see 5 electronic appliances. Talk to one and Rotom will change into that form

Garatina: The only way to change this is by getting Garatina from the Arceus Event cuz it will be holding the Griseous Orb so it will already be in Orgin Forme.

Shaymin: Show the 'Little Girl' in the Goldenrod Flower Store the special Shaymin available in 2009-ish and she will give you the Gracidea Flower, which is in the Key Items in your bag. Select use and use it on Shaymin and it will turn into Sky Form!! It won't be in sky form at night or when it is frozen though . . .

All credit goes to seribii.net


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Easter Egg - Apricorns, Aprishakes & Pokethon

by Illumise27 Nov 04, 2009

A new feature added to HG&SS is making Aprishakes from Apricorns... Similar to Poffins and Pokeblock in previous games, but instead of enhancing contest stat appeal, it enhances Pokethon stats. (Lower)

Different Colored Apricorns increase different stats. (They also have different flavors, so be careful...)

Blue Apricorn Increases Technique; Dry Flavor
Green Apricorn Increases Jump; Bitter Flavor
Pink Apricorn Increases Speed; Sweet Flavor
Red Apricorn Increases Power; Spicy Flavor
Yellow Apricorn Increases Stamina; Sour Flavor
Black Apricorn Increases All Stats slightly; No Flavor
White Apricorn Increases All Stats slightly; No Flavor

Pokethon is another feature added on in the 4th gen. remake. It's like a mini Olympics for your Pokemon: they can participate in various games with NPCs or your friends via WiFi. They can in the following events;

Dash Hurdles

Stats Used: Speed, Jump

Bounce Field

Stats Used: Technique, Jump

Ring Match

Stats Used: Power, Stamina

Snowball Fight

Stats Used: Power, Technique

Relay Race

Stats Used: Speed, Stamina

Brick Break

Stats Used: Power, Stamina

Push Circle

Stats Used: Power, Speed

Capture the Flag

Stats Used: Technique, Speed

Frizbee Toss

Stats Used: Jump, Power


Stats Used: Technique, Power

Rewards are handed out daily for the top 3 places... and they vary day by day. They usually consist of another Apricorn, A stat enhancing item (HP Up, Carbos, ext.) and/or Evolution-related items.

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Unlockable - Lendendary Pokemon, Where to find them.

by Unregistered Jun 11, 2010

Zapdos can be found outside of the power plant in Kanto after you recover a stolen part from the power plant which was hidden in the Cerulian gym on the life preservers next to the water. After you bring it back to the power plant and return it fly to a different place then go back to the power plant and Zapdoz is is waiting on the side, ( is level 50 ).

Moltres is somewhere towards the top of mt Silver which you can get to by beating all Kanto gyms and entering through the left path that has a guard by it.

Articuno is on seafoam islands.

After chasing Suicune around for a while and you get to the route with the wind mills you will get to battle and try to catch Suicune on the Cerulian cope after you find Misty with a guy up there.

Latios apears after you take to some guy in Kanto that says a rare blue pokemon from Hoenn has been appearing. On your map you will see a Latios icon that you chase to catch.

Same with Raikou and Entei, you can start chasing them around after you find them in the burned tower.

Lugia is in the upper right island of the Whirl Islandsbut you should save every so often so you dont mess up but it will only appear if you have the items: Silver Wing (get from radio manager after defeating team rocket and rescuing him)and Tidal Bell (kommono girls give it to you), and have beaten all five Komono girls and they ask you to meet them there. Opposite with Heart Gold version you need a Rainbow Wing insted of a Silver Wing but the same other necessites, besides the fact Ho-oh is at the top of the Bell Tower.

Whats really cool is that you can catch both in both games. Theres a man in Pewter city on a raised piece of ground that gives the other one (Silver or Rainbow) and you just go to the other one.

Latias I don't know.......

Finally Lapras is in the Union cave off route 33 (only on Fridays)once you enter it if you go up and to the right water is on both sides of you go to the water below you and follow the stairs to the next room with two Poke'matics and go down those stairs. Now you should be in a big room, follow the water down, tothe left, down again, untill you hit land. Now you follow until at bottom of the screen, battle the one trainer, then surf to the middle of the pond to the right, talk to Lapras (level 20)and catch it. Tip: save before talking to it so you can turn your game off and back on and sometimes the gender changes.

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Unlockable - Evolution Including items

by Aquapal99 Apr 22, 2010

These are some items that can make Pokemon evolve,and via trade.
More from me soon! ~#Aquapal99#~

Dawn StoneJohto: National Park (come 1st in bug catching contest) , Mt.silver , PokeAthlon prize
DeepSeaScaleKanto: Route 20 (with dowsing MCHN)
DeepSeaToothKanto: Route 20 (with Dowsing MCHN)
Dragon ScaleJohto: Mt.Mortar, PokeAthlon Prize
Dubious DiscJohto: Route 42 (Requires Rock climb)
Dusk stoneJohto: National Park (come 1st in bug catching contest. Kanto: Cerulean Cave,Route 17 (Pokegear Phone call)
ElectrizerKanto: Cerulean Cave
Fire StoneJohto: National Park (come first in bug catching contest) , Route 36 (Pokegear phone call)
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Secret - More Starters!

by Bramblefang Apr 05, 2010

Yes, more starters. But this will only give you the starter you chose from Steven Stone, Professor Elm, and|or Professor Oak.

First, you need the starter you got from either of those people. (Blastoise, Typhlosion, Marshtomp, etc.)

Then you need a Ditto.

Ditto can get you eggs when you pair it up with most Pokemon.

Anyway, you can find it on Route 34, Ceruleun Cave, and maybe a few other areas in Kanto or Johto.

Put both the starter and Ditto into the care of the Daycare on Route 34. Run|Walk around until the Daycare Man says that your Pokemon had an egg. Retrieve the egg from him and run around with it until it hatches. The Pokemon that hatches should be the 1st Evolution form of the starter (Squirtle, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, etc.) you put in with the Ditto.

They are good Pokemon to offer on the GTS [Global Trade Station in Goldenrod] or for other people.

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Code - AR code for a Charizard.

by ex-Jordan-ary Apr 14, 2011

Enter this in your AR and press Select. Then in Box 1 Slot 1 there will be a level 100 Charizard with the moves: Flamethrower, Air Slash, Dragon Claw, and Heat Wave and a master ball. CAUTION, if there is already a Pokemon in this spot it will be deleted by the Charizard.

Also, if you want any pokemon I can make a code for you, because I'm bored with no life. :/

94000130 FFFB0000 B2111880 00000000 E000F710 00000088 3DD65B0C EA640000 9363F462 1D2C734B 0D48FAB5 687B0E7C 43ABCBA3 C8D1E93F 8550456D 943953E8 541A0A76 03