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Pokemon Soul Silver Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Soul Silver cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 102 cheats in our list, which includes 46 cheats codes, 3 passwords, 53 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Soul Silver on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

ShIny Leaf Routes

by mysteryofsky101 Apr 07, 2010

Hey guys!! I decided to tell you guys all the routes of the pokemon that you want a shiny leaf on . . . here's how to get it:

~make sure your pokemon loves you to death, you can check this by a building East of the Department store
~you can only find the shiny leaf in the tall grass

Okay, enough of that, here are the routes:

This is all on seribii.net so that's basically where I got most of this . . .

But yeah, once a pokemon has 5 Shiny Leaves, take it to Daisy Oak (in Pallet Town) and show her the pokemon she will give you a STAR for your TRAINER CARD!!


HastyRoutes 11, 18, 26, 39, 44
RashRoute 11, 18, 26, 39, 44
LonleyRoutes 10, 16, 25, 27, 38, 43
AdamantRoutes 9, 15, 22, 24, 37, 42, 46
RelaxedRoutes 2, 4, 6, 28, 32, 35, 48
LaxRoutes 2, 4, 6, 28, 32, 35, 48
NaiveRoutes 1, 3, 5, 12, 18 31, 34, 47
ImpishRoutes 1, 3, 5, 12, 18 31, 34, 47
NaughtyRoutes 1, 3, 5, 12, 18 31, 34, 47
SeriousRoutes 7, 8, 13, 14 33, 36, 45
ModestRoutes 7, 8, 13, 14 33, 36, 45
DocileRoutes 7, 8, 13, 14 33, 36, 45
BoldRoutes 9, 15, 22, 24, 37, 42, 46
HardyRoutes 9, 15, 22, 24, 37, 42, 46
TimidRoutes 10, 16, 25, 27, 38, 43
BashfulRoutes 10, 16, 25, 27, 38, 43
CalmRoutes 2, 4, 6, 28, 32, 35, 48
BraveRoutes 9, 15, 22, 24, 37, 42, 46
JollyRoutes 1, 3, 5, 12, 18 31, 34, 47
MildRoute 11, 18, 26, 39, 44
QuietRoutes 7, 8, 13, 14 33, 36, 45
GentleRoutes 2, 4, 6, 28, 32, 35, 48
SassyRoutes 1, 3, 5, 12, 18 31, 34, 47
CarefulRoutes 7, 8, 13, 14 33, 36, 45
QuirkyRoute 11, 18, 26, 39, 44
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HiDden Rooms in Ruins of Alph

by Zoroark2000 Mar 26, 2010

In the ruins of alph, there are tablets on the walls behind the ancient puzzles.

They read





These tablets have secrets to them that unlock four items usually includng two beeries and two items. These are the ways of opening these secret rooms:

WATER door opens to 4 items and UNOWN scripturesUse a water stone in front of it
ESCAPE door opens to 4 items and UNOWN scripturesUse an escape rope in front of it
LIGHT door opens to 4 items and UNOWN scripturesUse FLASH in front of it
HO-OH door opens to 4 items and UNOWN scripturesHave HO-OH as the first pokemon in your party
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KuRt's Pokeballs

by Bramblefang Mar 22, 2010

After kicking Team Rocket out of the Slowpoke Well, Kurt will make different Pokeballs for you. You must give him an Apricorn in exchange for him making one. Apricorns are found on small trees around Johto.

Kurt gives you a Fast Ball for kicking out Team Rocket. This FastBall is one of the examples of the several Pokeballs he can make.

Heavy BallGive Kurt Blk Apricorn(s)
Lure BallGive Kurt Blu Apricorn(s)
Friend BallGive Kurt Grn Apricorn(s)
Level BallGive Kurt Red Apricorn(s)
Moon BallGive Kurt Ylw Apricorn(s)
Love BallGive Kurt Pnk Apricorn(s)
Fast BallGive Kurt Wht Apricorn
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JoHto Gym Leader Rematches

by cab1214 Sep 16, 2009

These are all 16 Gym Leaders rematch rosters. On the left, in this order, are the Leader, where to find them, and when to call them for a rematch. One the left will be their party.

Falkner-Celadon Dpt. Store 4th Floor- Monday Daytime-Saturday MorningStaraptor 50, Noctowl 52, Swellow 52, Honchkrow 54, Pelliper 48, Pidgeot 56
Bugsy-South Entrance of Veridian ForestThursday Daytime-Thursday AfternoonShedinja 48, Vespiqueen 52, Pinsir 55, Heracross 54, Yanmega 52, Scizor 56
Whitney-Goldenrod Dpt. Store 6th Floor-Saturday Daytime-Saturday AfternoonBibarel 54, Lickilicky 50, Clefable 52, Gerafarig 52, Delcatty 54, Miltank 58
Morty-Outside Tin Tower-Monday Daytime-Tuesday NightDriftblim 52, Dusknoir 52, Sableye 52, Mismagius 54, Gengar 57, Gengar 57
Chuck-Wife's outside his gym-Never-Wednesday NightMedicham 54, Hitmonchan 52, Hitmonlee 55, Breloom 54, Primeape 56, Poliwrath 60
Jasmine-Olivine Dining Room-Most Afternoons-Wednesday AfternoonsBronzong 50, Skarmory 52, Empoleon 52, Metagross 52, Magnezone 56, Steelix 62
Pryce-Lake of Rage-Saturday Morning-Monday MorningAbomasnow 56, Glalie 52, Frosslass 52, Dewgong 58, Walrein 54, Mamoswine 60
Clair-Dragon's Den by the Water-Most Mornings-Friday NightDragonair 52, Gyarados 56, Aerodactyl 52, Charizard 52, Kingdra 56, Dragonite 60
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PoKewalker couses continued....

by hero44 Jul 16, 2010

Okay here are some more pokewalker courses you can unlock with watts

please thumb this up too(sorry if im being demanding)

theres more ill put later

suburban area-(magnemite,elekid,magnemite,murkrow,rattata,hoothoot)PK (pokewalker) needs 500 watts
dim cave-gastly,smoochum,gastly,onix,zubat,machopPK needs 1000 watts
Blue lake-(poliwag,dratini,shellder,krabby,tentacool,goldeenPK needs 2000 watts
town outskirts-(abra,voltorb,grimer,koffing,rattata,furret)PK needs 3000 watts
hoenn field-(linoone,skitty,volbeat,illmise,zigzagoon,wurmple)PK needs 5000 watts
warm beach-(azurill,wailmer,horsea,carvahna,goldeen,magikarpPK needs 7500 watts
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by Bramblefang Mar 16, 2010

The following lists all of the HMs that are obtainable in Soul Silver.

I don't take credit for this. All credit goes to Seribii.net.

HM01 CutIlex Forest
HM02 FlyCianwood City after defeating Chuck
HM03 SurfAssist Kimono Girl in Eruteak City
HM04 StrengthHiker on Route 42
HM05 WhirlpoolLance in Mahogany Town Team Rocket Hideout
HM06 Rock SmashHiker on Route 36
HM07 WaterfallIce Path
HM08 Rock ClimbProfessor Oak in Pallet Town after getting all 16 Badges
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HoW to Raise Friendship with your Pokemon

by mysteryofsky101 May 05, 2010

These are the ways on how to raise friendship with your Pokemon. Some evolve when the friendship is high enough, but most don't. A couple examples of the Pokemon that evolve with maxed out friendship are: Pichu to Pikachu, Riolu to Lucario (in the daytime), and Eevee into Umbreon (at night). Anyway, here are the ways:

All credit to Pokemon Johto Strategy Guide


Go for a walkPutting a Pokemon at the head of your party and walking around will strengthen
Give it a Soothe BellA Pokemon who holds a Soothe Bell can be befriended more quickly than usual.
Give it stat raising itemsIf you give a Pokemon items that boost its base stats, such as Zinc and Protein, your friendship will go up a bit
Take it for a makeover at the Pokemon SalonGive your Pokemon a makeover in Goldenrod Tunnel to increase both its beauty AND friendship
Catch it in a special PokeBallBoth the Luxury Ball and Friend Ball will help you in befriending the Pokemon you catch
Take it for a stroll in the PokewalkerYou can raise your friendship with a Pokemon by taking it out for a Stroll in the Pokewalker
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KaNto Gym Leader Phone Number Exchanges

by Bramblefang May 17, 2010

After defeating after defeating all of the Gym Leaders, you can talk to them to receive their phone numbers and battle them again in the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City. You can only re-battle them on certain days, though and they will tell you when. There are certain times and certain days you can meet them so here they are.

- Seribii.net

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Lt. Surge's Phone NumberDefeat Zapdos on Route 10 in front of the Power Plant then leave and go back there from 9 AM to 12 AM on any day to find Lt. Surge. He will ask you to show him a Pikachu [They can be caught in Viridian Forest]. After you show him one, you get his phone number.
Sabrina's Phone NumberGo to Olivine City's Harbor [Path to S.S. Anne] on Friday at anytime to find Sabrina near the boat. Talk to her to exchange phone numbers.
Erika's Phone NumberGo to Celadon City on Saturday or Sunday from 3 PM - 5 PM to find Erika standing in front of a Water Fountain. She is talking to Jasmine about other female Gym Leaders. Once she sees that you are there, you can exchange phone numbers with her.
Misty's Phone NumberFirst, defeat Suicune on Route 25. [Refer to other cheats on how to do that] Then, visit Route 25 on any day from 4 PM - 6 PM to find Misty looking out at ... nature. Talk to her to exchange phone numbers.
Janine's Phone NumberGo to the gate that separates a route from Victory Road on any day from 4 PM - 6 PM to find Janine doing some errands for her dad. Talk to her to exchange phone numbers.
Brock's Phone NumberGo to to one of the entrances of Diglett's Cave on any day from 12 PM - 3 PM to find Brock. Talk to him to exchange phone numbers.
Blaine's Phone NumberGo to Cinnabar Island at any time on Tuesday to find Blaine, looking at the remains of the island. Talk to him to exchange phone numbers.
Blue's Phone Number[Pallet Town] Get Blue's Sister, Daisy to massage one of your Pokemon 5 times. After she does that, she'll give you her brother's phone number [3PM - 4 PM]. She massages one Pokemon from 3 PM - 4 PM on any day.
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LeNdendary Pokemon, Where to find them.

by Unregistered Jun 11, 2010

Zapdos can be found outside of the power plant in Kanto after you recover a stolen part from the power plant which was hidden in the Cerulian gym on the life preservers next to the water. After you bring it back to the power plant and return it fly to a different place then go back to the power plant and Zapdoz is is waiting on the side, ( is level 50 ).

Moltres is somewhere towards the top of mt Silver which you can get to by beating all Kanto gyms and entering through the left path that has a guard by it.

Articuno is on seafoam islands.

After chasing Suicune around for a while and you get to the route with the wind mills you will get to battle and try to catch Suicune on the Cerulian cope after you find Misty with a guy up there.

Latios apears after you take to some guy in Kanto that says a rare blue pokemon from Hoenn has been appearing. On your map you will see a Latios icon that you chase to catch.

Same with Raikou and Entei, you can start chasing them around after you find them in the burned tower.

Lugia is in the upper right island of the Whirl Islandsbut you should save every so often so you dont mess up but it will only appear if you have the items: Silver Wing (get from radio manager after defeating team rocket and rescuing him)and Tidal Bell (kommono girls give it to you), and have beaten all five Komono girls and they ask you to meet them there. Opposite with Heart Gold version you need a Rainbow Wing insted of a Silver Wing but the same other necessites, besides the fact Ho-oh is at the top of the Bell Tower.

Whats really cool is that you can catch both in both games. Theres a man in Pewter city on a raised piece of ground that gives the other one (Silver or Rainbow) and you just go to the other one.

Latias I don't know.......

Finally Lapras is in the Union cave off route 33 (only on Fridays)once you enter it if you go up and to the right water is on both sides of you go to the water below you and follow the stairs to the next room with two Poke'matics and go down those stairs. Now you should be in a big room, follow the water down, tothe left, down again, untill you hit land. Now you follow until at bottom of the screen, battle the one trainer, then surf to the middle of the pond to the right, talk to Lapras (level 20)and catch it. Tip: save before talking to it so you can turn your game off and back on and sometimes the gender changes.

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EvOlution Including items

by Aquapal99 Apr 22, 2010

These are some items that can make Pokemon evolve,and via trade.
More from me soon! ~#Aquapal99#~

Dawn StoneJohto: National Park (come 1st in bug catching contest) , Mt.silver , PokeAthlon prize
DeepSeaScaleKanto: Route 20 (with dowsing MCHN)
DeepSeaToothKanto: Route 20 (with Dowsing MCHN)
Dragon ScaleJohto: Mt.Mortar, PokeAthlon Prize
Dubious DiscJohto: Route 42 (Requires Rock climb)
Dusk stoneJohto: National Park (come 1st in bug catching contest. Kanto: Cerulean Cave,Route 17 (Pokegear Phone call)
ElectrizerKanto: Cerulean Cave
Fire StoneJohto: National Park (come first in bug catching contest) , Route 36 (Pokegear phone call)
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PoKeathlon Apriljuice Recipes

by mysteryofsky101 May 17, 2010

Hey everyone!! I know that we all suck at making Aprijuice, no offense, (unless you're magical 0.o) and this took me a LONG time to figure out. I have a different recipe for each category of the Pokeathlon. If this doesn't work for you that's absolutely fine, just tell me your Pokemon's nature, what Pokemon you're using, and what category you're participating in. Overall, this SHOULD work.

In order to make the best Aprijuice, you need to know what makes good Aprijuice. You always want a good flavor (shown below) AND mildness; Milder Aprijuice had fewer impurities and better quality. In order to get a better mildness you must run longer. I would suggest having an egg in your party. Why Because if you hatch eggs the old fashioned way (running just about everywhere, except to the Kanto Region) WHILE having Aprijuice in your Apriblender, you will hatch an egg and have a milder Aplijuice. You don't have to use this method EVERY time but I would suggest at least trying it because it does work. Once your egg hatches, look in the Apriblender and (if you want) you can taste it yourself to see how awesome it is.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them. I made these up myself but the Pokemon Johto Strategy Guide along with Pokemon.com helped me. If you have any questions, post them below. If this method doesn't work for you just tell me your Pokemon's nature, what Pokemon you're using, and what category you're participating in.


Power Aprijuice (Spicy)2 or 3 Red Aprilcorns, 1 Black Apricorn, 1 or 2 Yellow Apricorns
Stamina Aprijuice (Sour)2 or 3 Yellow Apricorns, 1 Black Apricorn, 1 or 2 Blue Apricorns
Skill Aprijuice (Dry)2 or 3 Blue Apricorns, 1 Black Apricorn, 1 or 2 Green Apricorns
Jump Aprijuice (Bitter)2 or 3 Green Apricorns, 1 Black Apricorn, 1 or 2 Pink Apricorns
Speed Aprijuice (Sweet)2 or 3 Pink Apricorns, 1 Black Apricorns, 1 or 2 Red Apricorns
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PoKewalker courses

by hero44 Jul 15, 2010

Okay to do this first of all you'll have to have a pokewalker with the game pokemon ss and a ds/dsi.
then connect the pokewalker with the ds/dsi with the game in and youll see some courses.
you can get more couses which unlock couses with rare pokemon

here are some some courses and how to unlock them

please thumb me up:) btw by walking with the pokewalker you gain watts which unlock the courses

p.s. i got this info from serebii

Refreshing field-(doduo,kangaskhan,nidoran the girl one,nidoran the boy one,pidgey ,sentretautomaticly unlocks
Noisy forest-(bellsprout,wobbeffet,paras,venonat,spearow,oddish)automaticly unlocks
rugged road-(onix,magby,machop,ponyta,geodude,hoothootPK (pokewalker needs) need 50 watts
beautiful beach-(psyduck,staryu,poliwag,slowpoke,sunkern,wooper)PK needs 200 watts
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ApRicorn Routes.

by PkmnTrainerNathan Aug 10, 2010

Here is a list of Routes where you can find apricorns. You Can Give them to Kurt to Make Special Pok Balls once you Boot Team Rocket out of Slowpoke Well.

Blk Apricorn-Used to make Heavy Ball(s)Routes:1,31,33,37,and 43.
Blu Apricorn-Used to make lure ball(s)Routes:26,36,37,and Pewter City.
Grn Apricorn-Used to make Friend Ball(s)Routes:11,29,30,33,and 42.
Pnk Apricorn-Used to make Love Ball(s)Routes:2,30,33,and 42
Red Apricorn-Used To make Level Ball(s)Routes:37,44,and Fuchsia City.
Wht Apricorn-Used to make Fast ball(s)Routes-38,Azalea town,and Pewter City.
Ylw Apricorn-used to make Moon Ball(s).Routes:8,42,46,and Violet City.
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HoW to listen to The old Music.

by PkmnTrainerNathan Jul 12, 2010

You Can Listen to The old Gb Color music From Pkmn Crystal if you Have The Key Item Gb Sounds.
You can get Gb sounds by Obtaining all sixteen badges and then Go to the 3rd floor of the Game freak building By the in celadon city Department store to the right & To the left of the poke-center, The man on the far right In front of the globe will give you The Key item. It Changes the backround music. It works Just about Everywhere.

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by nickhaia May 28, 2010

As Pokmon Gold & Silver introduced the concept of time into the Pokmon games, and as such, the remakes; HeatGold & SoulSilver also make use of events such as these. The events are as follows:

Daily Events


Every day, if you listed to Professor Oak's Pokmon Talk radio show, you will learn of a new swarm within the regions of Johto & Kanto. These Pokmon are usually incredibly rare or non existant within the locales so this is a perfect way to obtain the Pokmon. Go to the route specified to find the Pokmon The Pokmon options are enhanced after you obtain the National Dex

Click here for further details on Swarms

Lottery - Goldenrod City

In the Goldenrod Radio Tower, you will discover aty the reception that a Lottery is going on daily. This lottery provides 5 numbers and you need to have any of your Pokmon's IDs match up to the numbers in order to win. The more numbers matched, the better the prize. The top prize is a Master Ball

Seals - Olivine City

After you have received the Seal Case for healing the Miltank in the MooMoo Farm on Route 38, you can go to a house in Olivine where this girl will give you three different Seals every day

Buena's Password - Goldenrod City

After you have received the Blue Card from Buena's Assistant, at several points through the day (2am, 5am, 8am, 11pm, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm), Buena's Password radio show will give out a question. You then need to go to Goldenrod's Radio Tower and meet Buena and give her the answer. She will give you three choices and if you select the correct one, you will receive points that you can later exchange form prizes

Vocabulary - Route 16

In the lone house in Route 16, you will find an old man. Each day, he will provide a new word for you to add to your vocabulary.

Pokathlon Dome - Prize Counter

In the Pokathlon Dome, there is a special counter that allows you to exchange your Prize Points for a variety of items. However, the items change each day so you should keep checking back for the item you want. The items are as follows:
Red Apricorn; 200P
Blue Apricorn; 200P
Green Apricorn; 200P
MooMoo Milk; 100P
Moonstone; 3000P
Rare Candy; 2000P
Full Restore; 500P
King's Rock; 3000P
Sun Stone; 3000P
Water Stone; 2500P
Shiny Stone; 3000P
Dusk Stone; 3000P
Yellow Apricorn; 200P
Pink Apricorn; 200P
White Apricorn; 200P
MooMoo Milk; 100P
Fire Stone; 3000P
PP Up; 1000P
Full Restore; 500P
Metal Coat; 2500P
continue →

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MoRe Evolution Including Items

by Aquapal99 Apr 26, 2010

These are items that Pokemon may need to evolve.

More from me soon!

King's rockJohto: Slowpoke Well,PokeAthlon Dome
Leaf stoneJohto: Natinoal Park (1st place in bug catching contest),Route 34 (PokeGear Phone call),PokeAthlon Dome
MagmarizerKanto: Cinnabar Island
Metal coatJohto: SS Aqua
Moon StoneMt.moon (monday nights only)
Oval stoneNatinoal Park (come 1st in Bug catching contest)
ProtectorJohto: Mt.Mortar
Razor ClawShop: Battle frontier
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SmErgal suprise

by pokelover6 Apr 26, 2010

First catch a smergal then make sure it has a little damage on it then go looking for a ditto when it apers heal smergal then after ditto uses transform use sketch and you will have a transforming smergal!

transforming smergaldo what it says up there
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shEdinja and how to get it!!!!!!

by jacko19863 Sep 05, 2011

to get shedinja u have to first have a nincada (you can find nincada at national park with national dex and i think you can find at safari park with certain items) secondly u need to have an empty space on your team and thirdly u need a standard poke ball (it will not work with any other ball that is where i stuffed up) anyway level up nincada to lv20 or above (lv20 is when it evolves) when it evolves u will have a shedinja with same moves same lvl but it only has 1 hp lucky it has wonder guard that prevents attacks that are not super effective

hope this helped!!!

this is my first post!

plus can you please go on cheatandhints.weebly.com or gamingisawsm.weebly.com

Unlockable:How to unlock:
shedinjaexplained in description
ninjaskevolve nincada
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HoW to level up Your Pokemon Fast

by Pokemonaddict101 Apr 06, 2011

This is how you level up pokemon fast (Contains Patience)WARNING: Can Sometimes lower some pokemons happiness

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Free Rare candyYou need a Shuckle for this first you must give it an oran berry then run around it will turn into berry juice then run a little more then it will turn hard then into rare candy
Level up pokemon from level 1 to 30+First you need the two or one pokemon you want to level up then get the four if two 5 if 1 get the 5 or 1 pokemon you used in winning the elite four then beat up every trainer in the elite for then you must be level 20 or 30+
Daycare CheatIf you want to level your pokemon fast in daycare every step you make makes 1 exp so if I were you id use bike and travel from the safari zone to cerulean city cape
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PoKeathlon Unlockable Rooms

by Uzamaki66 Apr 26, 2010

These are the four rooms in pokeathlon and how to get them. Some are easy and some are hard due to the CPU high scores being cheap

Solidarity Room: it shows the records of each courseYou get this at the start
Trust Room: It shows the medals of each single pokemonAchieve 1st on all 5 courses (Speed,Skill,Power,Jump, and Stamina courses)
Potential Room: view the records set by you and the CPUHave 1 pokemon place 1st in all 5 courses
Friendship Room: View YOUR recordsSet a new record in all 10 events, beating the CPU's high score
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WhAt apricorns make what poke ball

by thegamer3000 Apr 23, 2010

White Apricorn (none) - Used to make a Fast Ball!
Red Apricorn (power) - Used to make a Level Ball!
Blue Apricorn (technique) - Used to make a Lure Ball!
Black Apricorn (none) - Used to make a Heavy Ball!
Pink Apricorn (speed) - Used to make a Love Ball!
Green Apricorn (jump) - Used to make a Friend Ball!
Yellow Apricorn (stamina) - Used to make a Moon Ball!

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FrEnch Pikachu

by Unregistered Oct 11, 2010

All you need to do is beet lt.surge 2nd time go to where you got his number at the same time(can't remember when he's there same time when tou get his # though)then go to the kanto train station, don't know if there's a certain time but, and he'll trade you a french pikachu for 1 of yours, no lies. differant color and whatnot sweeet! all thanks yo me, Pyroboy. your welcome o-0

french pikachfollow of what's above
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WhEre to get the gameboy

by ckjkj Apr 09, 2010

What is the Gameboy
A hidden device in game called the Gameboy Player allows you to change the game's music to Gold and Silvers music for a more nostalgic feeling.

where do i find the Gameboy
Enter the Celadon Condominiums next to the Pokemon Center in Celadon City. Use the elevator to get to the third floor. When you exit, your friend will tell you about the Gameboy Sounds. Talk to the man next to the globe after collecting all of the Kanto badges to get the Gameboy Sounds Device.

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FrEe Shuckle

by ckjkj Apr 09, 2010

In Cianwood City, if you go to the house on the bottom-left, make sure you have one spot in your party, a guy will tell you about your Rival coming in and stealing his Pokemon. He says all he has left is his Shuckle, who he doesn't want to get stolen, so he gives it to you!

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PiChu Event!

by ILoveVIDEOgames Jan 06, 2011

Have you ever wanted another rare pokemon for you collection? You have to get a shiny pichu (same color as Pikachu) first of all. (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SPACE IN YOUR PARTY) Go to Ilex forest (where the shrine is) with that Pichu and look at the shrine. A few seconds you will see an unusual pichu pop out. (That is the cutest Pichu ever!) It will come to your party. (There is a man there that talks about the Pichu.) Talk to Professor Elm and he will give you details about the Spiky-Notched ear Pichu. However you CANNOT trade this pokemon because it time traveled to much.

P.S. I haven't quite got a shiny Pichu yet, but you can get the Spiky-Notched Pichu on this game.

P.S.S. Will anyone help me on getting a Shiny pichu? Thanks.

Spikey-Notched PichuShiny Pichu (Ilex Forest Shrine
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