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Pokemon Soul Silver Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Soul Silver cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 102 cheats in our list, which includes 46 cheats codes, 3 passwords, 53 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Soul Silver on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

BeLdum (Pokemon)

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2010

Trade a Forretress for Beldum with Steven. This takes several steps. Step 1: Defeat Red. He will be at Mt. Silver (obviously) Step 2: Obtain a Mudkip, Treeko, or Torchic from Steven at the Silph Co. Step 3: Meet him again at the Pewter Museum. Step 3: He will be at Silph Co. again in Saffron City, offering a Beldum for your Forretress. To obtain a Forretress, you can trade it or train a Pineco. You can find Pinecone by Headbutting trees. The easiest way to train it is to give it an Exp. Share and use a Pokemon that is at least level 50 and train at Mt. Silver. Pineco will evolve at lever 31. Note: Make sure to remove the Exp. Share from the Forretress!

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RuIns of Alph hidden items and uses

by nickhaia Jun 08, 2010

Uses #1. the shards you can trade for berries
Use #2. revivaling fossils for pokemon
Use #3. healing pokemon from battle that fainted
Use #4 healing pokemon's power points(pp)

Blue Sharduse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
Dome Fossiluse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
Green Sharduse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
Helix Fossiluse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
Max Etheruse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
Max Reviveuse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
Old Amberuse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
Red Sharduse rock smash on the rocks and you can find items in the rubble
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GB Sounds

by Bramblefang Mar 29, 2010

The GB Sounds allows you to listen to certain music in the game in a whole different game. It lets you listen to what I believe what the music in the area would be like in Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

"A music player that allows you to listen to nostalgic songs. It's operated with a single switch."

The following tells you how to obtain the GB Sounds.
[Note that you must have 16 Badges in order to get this.]

GB SoundsGo inside the Celadon Condominiums in Celadon City. Take the elevator on the first floor and pick the option to go to 3F. Talk to the man in front of the globe and he will give you the GB Sounds.
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hoW to get groudon,kyorge,rayquaza

by Unregistered Nov 24, 2010

this cheat does work like this first: you need to get all badges for kanto and johto and beat red but red is really ash so be prepared next go to Mr. Pokemon house then he will give you a blue orb/red orb if you want the blue orb you need heart gold if you want the red orb you need soul sliver then go this tower by safari zone go inside i forgot to tell you something the blue orb gives you kyorge and the red orb gives you groudon then battle them you need a good team to catch them and if you want rayquaza trade with that opposite like i have kyorge and you have groudon then we trade then show it to professor. ok then he will give you the jade orb then go back to the tower then rayquaza will be there so be prepared again thanks for reading this

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HOW to get hoann and kanto strters

by Unregistered Mar 30, 2011

to get a hoenn or kanto starter you first got to defeat red after the battle go to Prof. oaks lab for a kanto starter, if you want a hoenn starter, go to saffron city thin head to self. co ,Steven champion of the hoenn region talk to him he will ask you to pick a stone (look down at the 'how to unlock ' thing to see the what different colored rock provides what Pokemon).

mudkippick the BLUE stone
treeckopick the GREEN stone
torchicpick the RED stone
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ReBattle Red!

by skyp Nov 30, 2010

You may have noticed, after you defeat Red at Mt. Silver, he disappears. I found a way to make him reappear! All you have to do is beat the Elite4 over again! He will reappear at the top of Mt. Silver with the same team he had before. If you beat the Elite4, then Red, then Elite4 over and over again, your Pokemon's EXP. will skyrocket!

Rebattle RedBeat Elite 4 again. Can be done multiple times.
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by PiplupGuy May 31, 2010

Lapras is found every Friday in the union cave. Even if u caught or defeated one it will still be there the next friday.

Laprasgo to the union cave basement on a friday and you will see Lapras Lv 25 (need tm surf)
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HeDbutt PKMN!!!YA!!!!

by skyp May 24, 2010

FOr most of them u hav 2 use a HM.:)

Tailow requires: national Poke`dex, rockclimb & surf__go to Cherrygrove city and use surf left of the town.u will c lamd where u use rockclimb.use it.use headbutt up on the lowwer left tree.

Slackoth requires:national Poke`dex__go 2 route 25.go left.u will come 2 4 trees.use headbutt on the 2nd 2 the left tree.

Starly requires:national Poke`dex__the tree Starly is located in is in Pewter city.however, it is not axcesable within the city itself.in order 2 get it,u hav 2 get to the small fenced area on the left side of the city entrace.

Burmy requires:national Poke`dex & rockclimb__u no Moo-Moo Farm?go down from there til u find a place where u use rockclimb.use rockclimb.follow the path.1nce u get 2 the end,face down and use headbutt.

Cherubi requires:national Poke`dex & rockclimb__go 2 National Park.find a place where u use rickclimb.use rocklimb.u will b on a ledge.useheadbutt on the top tree.

tailowleft of Cherrygrove
slackothroute 25
starlyPeter city
burmyroute 38
cherubiNational Park
hope i helpedskyp
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SwArm Pokemon

by mysteryofsky101 Apr 26, 2010

In case you don't know what Swarm Pokemon ARE, they are pokemon that appear on certain routes from listening to the radio on Mary and Oak. It is the channel to the upper right in which you can listen to in the Johto AND Kanto Regions. To find these, just walk in tall grass on the the route assigned to what you have heard. You hear a different pokemon each day so be sure to check back often!!

All credit goes to seribii.net

ChanseyRoute 13
DittoRoute 47
MarrilMount Mortar
YanmaRoute 35
DunsparceDark Cave
SnubbullRoute 38
QwilfishRoute 32
RemoraidRoute 44
PoochyenaRoute 1
WingullVermillion City
RaltsRoute 34
Sableye (Heart Gold only)Route 9
Gulpin (Soul Silver only)Route 3
Mawile (Soul Silver only)Route 9
SwabluRoute 45
WhiscashViolet City
Baltoy (Heart Gold only)Route 3
ClamperlRoute 19
RelicanthRoute 12
LuvdiscRoute 27
KricketotVeridian Forest
BunearyRoute 25
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PoKemon Soulsilver Unlockables

by Supersoulsilver Apr 23, 2010

This is where I post all my cheats for soulsilver so everyone can get the most out of their games!

National PokedexBeat the Elite Four and then get the S.S. Ticket from Prof. Elm. Then, in Cianwood City, Oak will give you the National Dex. (You do NOT need to see all the Pokemon in the Johto Dex.)
Pokemon SoulSilver Version (Japanese Version) Unlockable: National PokdexEncounter all 256 regional pokémon to complete the Johto Pokédex. After this, talk to Professor Elm to unlock the National Pokédex.
Gameboy MusicGo to Celadon City and go into the Celadon Condominiums (the building next to the Pokemon center). Go into the elevator and go to the 3rd floor. As soon as you walk out, your friend will tell you about the GB Sounds. After that, talk to the man next to the globe -- if you have Collected all of Kanto's badges, he'll give you the GB Sounds device.
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by WeaselDM Apr 22, 2010

All of these you need all 16 badges.
Master balls are VERY helpfull here.
Very smart to have all of the HMs with you
definently save berore trying to capture. It took me many times.
sorry about how general I am here, but I'm
not going to try and find exactly where they are again, so if you want a exact record, do it yourself and post it.

ZAPTOSIt's simple to get zaptos. get the national dex, then go to the powerplant in kanto. Zaptos will be waiting there. Have a lot of poke balls ready, It's really hard to get it for some reason. level 50. (ouch)
ARTICUNOUnder the sea foam islands. quite a pain to get to. level 50.
MOLTRESREALLY deep in Silver cave. huge pain to get to.level 50
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UnLockable things

by skyp May 24, 2010

Tyrogue_make ur way thru mt. mortar.some where in there wil be the Fighting King. he will chalange u 2 a battle.if u beat him he'll giv u his Tyrogue

Lapras__Lapras will be found in Union Cave B2 every friday

Hoenn Starter PKMN_Steven Stove will be in the Silph Co. office building after u beat Red. he'll offer u one-of-three Hoenn starters at lv.5

Spikey-Eared-Pichu_u must obtain the spacial Pikachu-colored Pichu from an event. wall next to the Shrine in Elex Forest with the special Pichu as the first PKMN in ur party. eventualy, the Spikey-Eared-Pichu will run out of the trees and join ur team

Dratini_once u have beaten Clair and gotten the TM as her apolligy, go back 2 that elder guy and talk 2 'em. he'll giv u a dratini lv.15. it knows extreem speed!SWEET!

battle Giovani_take a spacial Celibi to the Shrine in Elex Forest. ur friend will come and tell u that people have been disappearing.Celibi will time travel three years back. u will c ur rival rguing with Giovani. Celibi will time travil again. u will b in a cave with Giovani and u will battle 'em. then u'll time travel back 2 the Shrine in Elex Forest.

Clair phone #_after u hav beaten ur rival in mt. moon go 2 Dragons Den. it will b u & ur rival VS Clair & Lance. once u beat them she'll be in dragons den every day from 6am to 10am.

Bugsy phone #_in Viderin Forrest every Thursday

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TrAiner Card

by mysteryofsky101 Apr 26, 2010

This is in the menu (bottom screen). In this you can change your signature, see how many badges you have, and see how many stars you have. Now you don't have to do these in order, as long as you get these done. For every your trainer card changes color.

All credit to seribii.net


(Blue)Defeat the Elite 4
(Green)Have 5 Shiny Leaves on 1 single pokemon and show it to Lyra/Ethan
(Pink)Set records on all 10 Pokeathlon Events
(Silver)Get a 100 battle-streak in the Battle Tower
(Black)# Complete the National Pokédex. You need to capture all Pokémon other than Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin & Arceus, giving you a total of 484 in your Pokédex.
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PoKe Flute Help

by PkmnTrainerNathan Aug 09, 2010

Seem many People Have Trouble With The Poke-flute, Hope this Helps.
When You've returned The machine part to the power plant manager go to The Lavandar town radio tower and talk to the manager(he looks like a "gentleman") and he will bestow you with the EXPN.CARD,( There is no Pok-flute item) You Can listen to it by Placing The Radio sensor to the top of the Circle and The Pok-Flute Can Play. It awakens the 2 snorlaxs(one on Route 11[Blocking Digglet's cave and one on Route 12) The Snorlaxs are around Lv50 and use a Heavy Ball to catch it.
Poke-Flute also Repel's Pokemon,and only play's in Kanto.

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DaIly Events

by mysteryofsky101 Apr 26, 2010

Exactly that, these are the Daily Stuff you can do, for most of these you can turn the date on your DS to a different date and you could re-do this but I'm not absolutely sure.

All credit goes to seribii.net


Swarms (Radio Station)Listen to the radio station, Mary and Oak and they will say a pokemon. I made a cheat on this so you guys can look at that if you want
Lottery (Goldenrod City)In the Radio Tower talk to the lady in the middle. I'll make a cheat on this as well . . .
Seals (Olivine City)After you recieve the Seal Case form the farm on Route 38, talk to the little girl in one of the houses (I don't remember which one >_
Buena's Password (Radio Station)At certain hours of the day, this radio station is playing. When it IS, she will tell you a password so go to the Radio Station, Floor 2 and she will give you 3 choices of the password. Give her the right password and you'll get points
"Catchy Words" (Route 16)You'll see a lone house, go inside and talk to the old dude and he will give you a new word that you can tell in chat or if they ask you a question or something . . .
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by Unregistered May 31, 2011

To do this you have to have acsess to mt. silver and the TM HEADBUTT .To the left of the pokemon center there are somestairs go down and stop when you are at the bottom.Then use Headbutt but for it to work you have to open up the menu and select the pokemon and then select Headbutt.Yourepokemon will sink into the stairs halfway but if you move it will come out so no worries

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RaRe candys

by redman321 May 24, 2010

This is some places where to get rare candys note only works one time first cheat

rare candycinabar island use dowsing macine
rare candyvermilion city pokemon fan club talk to chairman
rare candyuse dowsing macine at lake of rage not on lake
rare candyuse dowsing machine out side of the elite4
rare candyvictory road
rare candyoutside of mt. silver before u come in ues dowsing machine
rare candyseafoam islads use dowsing machine or in a pokeball
rare candymt. mortar use dowsing or in a pokeball
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SpEcial Items

by mysteryofsky101 Mar 30, 2010

Here are some items that are somewhat hard to GET if not, hard so I hope that you use these, although most of you know this. For all of these you have to AT LEAST beat 7 gyms (master ball).


H.M. Rock ClimbOnce you beat Blue (the 16th gym leader) then Professer Oak will call you and tell you that he has something special, fly to Pallet Town and enter his Lab and he will give it to you
PokefluteThis isn't actually an ITEM it's a "radio station" so once you have obtained the card from the Kanto Radio Tower, move your curser on your radio and for up as you can (mid upward) and it will play the pokeflute
Master BallOnce you beat all of the 8 gyms (Johto) then Elm will call you and say he has something for you, go there and obtain the master ball
Silver WingOnce you have explored Mahagony Twon's Team Rocket HQ and beat the gym leader, go to Goldenrod and go through the Radio Tower, rescue the director, then battle one of the Commanders (sorry, I'm used to P/D/Pt) and the director will come and give you the Silver Wing
Tidal Bell (Soul Silver ONLY)Once you have beaten the 8th gym leader (or 7th I can't remember) go to Ectruteak and go into the Kimono Girl's building and you will battle all of them. They only have one pokemon so don't be sacred and once you beat them they will give you the Tidal Bell
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HoW to Get Any Legendary Pokemon

by 5-Year-Old Mar 15, 2010


To get Lugia in Soul Silver you need to obtain both the silver feather and the Tidal bell and then go through whirl islands. For Heart Gold you need to obtain the silver feather only and then go to whirl islands. SS-LV 45 HG-LV70


To get Ho-Ho in Heart Gold you need to obtain the rainbow wing and the Clear bell and then go to tin tower. For Soul Silver you need to obtain the rainbow wing only and go to tin tower. HG-LV 45 SS-LV70


After you encounter Suicune in the burnt tower you will encounter it in 4 different places before you can battle and catch it. In order they are: North part of Cianwood city, outside of Mt. Mortar on route 42, next is Vermillion city, and last is route 14. Once you have encountered it in those four places it will be in route 25 right of bills old house. HG SS- LV40


After you have earned all of the kanto badges, go to seafoam island and go to the bottom and you will find Articuno. HG SS-LV50


Like Articuno you wil need all 16 badges, then go to the power plant and all the way to the left you will find Zapdos outside. HG SS-LV50


Like the other birds, 16 badges. Go to Mt. Silver And after a while of looking around you should find Moltres. HG SS-LV50


I'm pretty sure you need 16 badges for Mewtwo. You will find it in its usual spot at Cerulean cave. Bring a REALLY strong pokemon or a master ball. HG SS-LV70


Kyogre is found only in Heart Gold after you have beaten Red. Once you have go to Pr. Oak and you will choose a Kanto starter. After that go to Mr. Pokemon and he will give you the Blue orb. Then go to the hidden tower in Route 47. In it you will find Kyogre. HG-LV50


Groudon is found only in Soul Silver but the same exact way in Heart Gold for Kyogre. Just follow the instructions for Kyogre except you will get a Red orb and will face Groudon. SS-LV50


To get Rayquaza, You need both the Groudon and Kyogre FROM HEART GOLD AND SOUL SILVER. It won't work if you trade one from Diamond Pearl or Platinum. It HAS to be from Heart Gold and Soul Silver. If you have done that then go to Pr. Oak with the Pokemon in your party, and you will get the Jade orb. Then go to Route 47 and the Hidden Tower. HG SS-LV50

Latias/Latios (stationary):

There will be a WI-FI event that gives you the Enigma stone. With that, go to the fossil place north of the first Kanto gym and Steven Stone will... 

continue →

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RaRe Spikey-Eared Pichu

by 5-Year-Old Mar 15, 2010

To get this rare Pichu, you need to get the Pikachu-Colored Pichu. Then, take it at the front of your party, with at least one space open in your party. Then, go to the shrine in Illex Forest. Once you get there, you should meet a special Pichu that will join your party. It is the Spikey-Eared Pichu. It cannot be evolved or traded, due to it being a special pichu, but it is explained in the game that it can't do those things because it has time traveled to much.

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EaRning Stars and Colours for your Trainer's Card

by cGub Sep 22, 2009

The following tasks can be completed in any order, and are not linked to any particular trainer card colour. You gain one star for completing any single task, up to a cumulative total of five stars for completing all of the following tasks: - Beat the Elite Four. - Defeat Red - Win 100 consecutive battles in Battle Tower - Show Hibiki 5 Gold Leaf pokemon - Capture all 493 Pokemon (excluding event-only Pokemon)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Black CardObtain all 5 stars
Blue CardObtain 1 star
Bronze CardObtain 2 stars
Gold CardObtain 4 stars
Red CardYou start with this
Silver CardObtain 3 stars
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HoW to get the pokeflute

by pepynator Apr 22, 2010

First of all you have to solve the power plant problem, then you need to go to lavender town, next go to the radio tower on the right side of town , next talk to the man in the brown suit and he will give you an up-grade for your radio card in your pokegear. go to your poke gear and in your radio card is a shape of a circle. with your stylus move the little circle to the middle of the bigger circle and up. the you will see the pokeflute channel.

o and if you want to catch snorlax you should get some heavy balls from kurt they are the blk apricorns.

pokefluteupgrade your radio card!
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HoW 2 get either: palkia, dialga, or giratina in origin form

by Unregistered Jun 15, 2010

To get one of these three (they will be eggs then hatch to lv.1) you have to go to the "ruins of alph" with arceus as the first pokemon in your party, then go to the house there and a guy will run out and bump into you. he will see arceus and will ask you to come with him into the ruins (you have to do this after you've seen all the unown letters.) then you will be in the ruins and suddenly dissapear and end up in the sinnoh ruins (sinnoh will be spelled wrong because of a glitch so dont worry) then you will be greeted by sinnoh champion cynthia. she will ask you to follow her to a cabin, then she will talk to you for a while, then you will go back to the ruins and step on one of the three tips of the triangle (they will have symbols on them and cynthia will tell you which one each of the pokemon goes to.) then there will be this strange scene with arceus in the middle and then you get the eeg of your choice.

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by rotommaster Jun 17, 2010

You need to awnser all the questions in Dragon dens perfectly and youll recieve a dratini with "Extreme speed"

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KaNto Gym Leaders

by cab1214 Sep 16, 2009

These are the exact order in which you encounter them. On the left are the Leaders in what City and their badges, and on the right are their Pokemon, levels, and what you win.

Lt. Surge-Vermillion City-Thunder BadgeRaichu level 51, 2 Electrodes level 47, Magneton level 47, Electabuzz level 53. Win TM 34 Shock Wave
Sabrina-Saffron City-Marsh BadgeEspeon level 53, Mr. Mime level 53, Alakazam level 55. Win TM48 Skill Swap.
Erika-Celadon City-Rainbow BadgeJumpluff level 51, Tangela level 52, Victreebel level 56, Bellossom level 56. Win TM 19 Giga Drain.
Misty-Cerulean City-Cascade BadgeGolduck level 49, Quagsire level 49, Lapras level 52, Starmie level 54. Win TM 03 Water Pulse.
Janine-Fuchsia City-Soul BadgeCrobat level 47, Weezing level 44, 2 Ariados level 47, Venemoth level 50. Win TM 84 Poison Jab.
Brock-Pewter City-Boulder BadgeGraveler level 51, Ryhorn level 51, Omastar level 53, Onix level 54, Kabutops level 52. Win TM 80 Rock Slide.
Blaine-Seafoam Island-Volcano BadgeMagmar level 54, Magcargo level 54, Rapidash level 59. Win TM 50 Overheat.
Green-Veridian City-Earh BadgeExeggutor level 55, Machamp level 56, Arcanine level 58, Rhydon level 58, Gyarados level 53, Pidgeot level 60. Win TM 92 Trick Room.
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