Pokemon Soul Silver Requests

 [ NDS ]

jul 06, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Submitted

i need to find poke flute in 2nd part ofsoulsilver and how do i get to cinnabar?


Secret - Oh dat but to get the pokeflute an go to cinnabar you have to do all the things i tell you to do:

Go to cerulean city an battle the team rocket grunt on the golden bridge when you beat him talk to the two other characters on the bridge the girl should say sumthing like "what was wrong with that guy talking bout" an she'll tell you where the grunt hid the generator part for the power plant,go to the cerulean gym an defeat the gym leader if you already haven't,once you beat her press A in front of all the floates or lifesavers or wateva you call them on the left side of the gym(inside) do that til you find the generator go to the powerplant which is right of cerulean city but you need to surf to get there.once dare talk to the manager of the powerplant and he'll fix the go to lavender town and go to the radio tower an talk to the old guy he'll give your pokegear an upgrade once you get it go to vermillion city or town an go to the cave where that pokemon is sleepin (snorlax) and go to the radio in your pokegear use the nintendo stick or stylus an touch the points in the circle til the radio says "pokeflute" when it does jus get off the pokegear, now save wen done saving get ready to capture snorlax becuz it took 30 ultraballs for me an him to be paralyzed to catch him(you mite need him to catch raikou an entei if you havent yet because he has the move Block)an if you kil him jus turn off an try agan now go through diglet cave to pewter city an jus travel down an pass virdinan city an pallet town, at pallet town surf to cinnabar city WHOOOOOOOO!!!from Sgamer