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nov 13, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Submitted

how do u get a masterball?[ive used the one pro oak gave me]no codes plz


Secret - 2nd masterball!!!:

If you have another game, this trick might be useful ( oh yeah, you have to have 1 master ball in the other game)- give the master ball to one of your Pokemon in the other game, then, trade a different Pokemon which you don't want from your game to the 2nd game, and there you go, you have another master ball! HOPE THIS HELPED!!!!



Secret - Masterball-:

I think there are only three ways to get a Masterball (without cheats).

1. Receive one from the Professor.

2. Trade one from another Pokemon Game (have a pokemon hold a Masterball during trade).

3. Go to the Goldenrod City Radio Tower and play the Pokemon Lottery Corner everyday. If the ID number of your Pokemon matches the Lotto number then you get a free Masterball. It's rare to get the numbers to match though. The more Pokemon you catch the more likely you'll get a matching number.

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Secret - Msterballs:

There are 2 ways you can get Masterballs. Of course your get on after getting all gym badges. Another way you can do it is very, very hard. It is completely luck. In the Goldenrod RadioTower, there is a LotteryCounter. If you [somehow] get a Pokemon with all the numbers the same, you will receive a Masterball. AS I SAID BEFORE, IT IS COMPLETELY LUCK. So dont kill yourself if you dont. If you want a better chance, do alot of trading on Wi-Fi to get all kinds of ID numbers.