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apr 08, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Submitted

How do you wake up the Snorlax in front a cave?

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Secret - How to get Snorelax away from Diglett's Cave;:

First go to the Power Plant and talk to the guy yhat runs the place and go out of the building. A police officer will get a call and tell you to go to Cerrulian Gym. Go there. Go in the building and a Team Rocket Grunt will talk to you and escape from the place. Go out of the Gym and go up on the Nugget Bridge. You will see the Team Rocket Guy and he will tell you that he hid the Machine Piece in the Gym. Go back to the Gym and use the Drowsing Machine. In one of the Inner tubes will be the Piece. Go back to the Power Plant and give the Piece to the guy. The power will be back on. Go to Lavender town. Go in the RadioTower and talk to some one. They will give you the Kanto RadioCard. Go back to the Diglett's Cave entrance (Vermillion Side). Go on your Pokegear and go to the Radio thingy. Move the dot around and at the top there will be a Radio thingy called the Pokeflute. Turn onthe Pokeflute and hit "A" on Snorelax. It will wake up and challenge you!


Lv. 50

Item; Leftovers

Moves;Block, Rollout, Crunch Giga Impact