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apr 13, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Submitted

Can somebody PLEASE leave a walkthrough for migrating Pokemon from Diamond into SoulSliver? I really don't know if you can do it with one DS or not, and really need to know. ASAP!!!!!!

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Secret - Migrating:

You can only migrate from the GBA Games (Leaf Green, Fire Red, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald). If you want pokemon from D/P/Pt then you trade them over from DS -> DS. Here's how to migrate pokemon:

~insert GBA game into GBA cartridge in your DS

~get into your MENU (where it has your saved data, mystery gift, ect.)

~go down to "Migrate Pokemon"

~it will then take you to your PC boxes in your GBA game

~chose 6 pokemon that don't know H.M.'s or they can't be migrated

~click "Okay"

~go into your Soul Silver saved data

~fly to Fuchsia City

~go into the Pal Park

Well after that you enter the Pal Park and you will catch the pokemon you've migrated!!