Pokemon Soul Silver Requests

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may 18, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Submitted

i need to know how to get masterballs, and some hints on how to beat red and obtain arceus.

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Secret - Beating Red (also Masterball location):

Here are a few tips for kicking Red to the curb.

1. Get a Shuckle. Having this guy out can be very handy. The insane defense and SP. defense make Shuckle a good Pokemon to have on the field when you are healing your team.

2. Have a Toxic user. Sure Red has several Full Restores, but Toxic can still help out a lot.

3. Have high levels. Red's levels are in the high 80s, so make sure your Pokemon are level 60 or higher.

Hope this helps!

(Also, Elm gives you the Masterball after you get the 8 Jhoto badges.)