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jul 10, 2013Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

I was hoping for an action replay cheat where all i have to do i enter the Pokedex number and a level, and have it put in the PC in the game. So i can fill out the poxdex and get the pokemon i want. I tried the other cheats but they ruin the wild pokemon that would normally be encountered. thanks

mar 29, 2012Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

I had used Instant Replay Cheat Codes inside DeSumuME Emulator to gain more experience points but i had found out that i can't disable the cheat codes even after deleting/removing them from the list. So i thought if i could use a code to get experience points, then why not use a code that will cancel it out and either i've me the NORMAL amount of experience points or COMPLETELY DISABLE it. so how about it, anyone think they can help?

jul 12, 2011Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

ar code for shiny eevee with focas blast,brick break,volt takle,&shadow force

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mar 13, 2011Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

I need a cheat that you DON'T need action replay for. If I can get an Arceus, I would like that. I also have a question: How can you get a Pichu? I really want to get the spiky-eared Pichu. If you can get some good cheats that can help me that I don't need action replay for, That would be great. P.S, I DON'T NEED CELEBI!!!! I GOT IT ALREADY AT A GAMESTOP EVENT! Thanks, BloxyGuy524

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feb 18, 2011Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

when i go into battle tower, were you battle with a trainer, i pick riley and he has a metagroos. wy dosent it apear in my pokedex. nothing i see there dose.

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feb 18, 2011Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

i need help on the safari zone. in the swamp area you can get bagon with 9 forest items, and 19 peak items, also leave it for 110 days. is there a way to make the time go faster, i tried to set the date for 110 days later, and set the time back a minit befor the next day, and did that 30 times for metank (28 peak, 30 days). is there afaster way or do have to just wait 30 or 110 days strait. man i hope theres other ways.

jan 01, 2011Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

a map of pokemon soulsilver (not in the game!)

dec 30, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Please could someone get me a Gender Modifier AR code that works on Eggs? It has to be for SoulSilver. Pretty please? I'm desperate!

nov 07, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Is there a cheat for a "wild Pokemon lv. modiffier?"

oct 13, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

plz help me i need to find all the leaginedary pokemon i need step by step dreshions plz help me

sep 09, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

An ar code to change a pokemons abilite

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aug 29, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

can someone make an action replay code that gives me a lvl 100 squrtle non shiny and its moves are skullbash, iron defence, hidro cannan, and hidro blast, and can you make me a bulbasour lvl 100 non shiny that knows razorleaf, vinewhip, grassknot, and wood hammer or what ever its called, a charizard that knows fly, blast burn, flamethrougher, flareblits, and is non shiny, a butterfree lvl 100 non shiny that knows sleep powder, poison powder, tailwind, and bugbuzz, a pigeoto lvl 100 non shiny that knows gust, wing attack, mirror move, and air slash. you can do any thing you want with stats and NO POKERUS. with pokesav and try to make it as short as possible

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aug 23, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

What places can you find Shiny Pokemons?

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aug 17, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

how do u increace chances to breed shinys

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aug 15, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

can u get the sinnoh starters in soulilver like the other starters

aug 08, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

how do i delete a pokeon that im carrying with me

jul 31, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

How do you get celebi?

jul 27, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

How do you get past the snorlax next to Vermilion City?

jul 19, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

i need 2 find ho oh and other legendaries..... CAN ANY1 HELP ME!?!?!?!?!

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jul 18, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Obtain any pokemon from the pewter city museum action replay code

jul 07, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

how can you get shiny pokemon?

jul 05, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

where can you get an arceus in soul silver? plz help me

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jun 24, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

For SoulSilver, How do you un lock the "SightSeeing" Pokewaker Route? You can catch Torchics there and I want one.

jun 19, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

the karate king in mt. mortar i cant find him

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jun 18, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Um, hey guyz first time requester nd i reli need help!! How do u catch shiny pokemons?? I reli dnt get it!!! Plzz help :(

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