Pokemon Soul Silver Review

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Pokemon Soul Silver Review :

Good but could it be better?

by xxCharazardxx Sep 06, 2010

The base of the story line is the same as Heart Gold which i don't get because they are different games accept for you catch each legendary [Lugia and Ho-Oh] the other way if you know what I'm saying. At the beginning you pick 1 out of the 3 Pokemon in the incubator or what ever it is you then move on to different towns in the region battle gym leaders and sometimes battle your rival pretty much the same most other Pokemon games and the legendary Pokemon Lugia, Ho-Oh and Suicine are low levels Entei and Riakou on the other hand are available to catch all over the place and at the level around all the Pokemon in the town.

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8Story line
you pick a pokemon at the very start then you find out that one of the other Pokemon was stolen and that is how you get a rival you then move on to the next town where you find the town gym but you have to battle some Thiefs Team Roclet you battle the Gym leader and move to the next town.
The graphics have come more to life over the years and made more of a 3D affect to the games as the Pokemart and Pokemon Centre stand out more
The sound is really you can alter it from high to low and from the radios you can understand what music is playing someyimes if you listen to one radio is plays a lullaby so wild Pokemon are less likely to apear. I dont listen to the music becaus eit winds me up but you might like it.
The gameplay is rather appealing to some people like the Elite Four and the champion Lance is good. The Pokewalker is good because your Pokemons EXP points go up by 1 every step you take my Pokemon raised up 7 levels in 2 days its an added gameplay to a good game.
10Lasting Appeal
The game really appeals to others and me but i think the thing that makes Soulsiver the most is the Pokewalker and the different Pokemon lie Totodile, Chikorite and Cyndaquil. I would to the people reading this the Pokemon to pick at the start is Totodile because ice is good againt Dragon type.
(Out of 10)


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