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Pokemon Soul Silver Review :

A Silver Game

by Bramblefang Sep 16, 2010

Pokemon Silver and Gold come back to life in their remakes, Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. This game takes place in the Johto and Kanto Regions meaning there's a lot to explore!

The plot is the same, again. Catch a Pokemon, raise it, and battle the 8 Gym Leaders & Elite 4 of the region. Unlike the other generations, you are allowed to battle a total of 16 Gym Leaders and 2 Champions due to the accessibility to Kanto.

Battles are all about your Pokemon battling another Pokemon. It's a turn based battle system. The results are determined by your stats, type, abilities, and your moves. By using the right moves on the right Pokemon, having a higher lever than your opponent, and using your ability in your strategy to win, you'll probably win the battle.

These games contain the features that were in platinum. You can trade Pokemon with other trainers around the world, register others on your Pal Pad and play random games in the Wi-fi Club, watch Pokemon battles others around the world have posted online, and a few more. The Battle Frontier has been moved to Johto and is exactly the same as it was in Sinnoh. There is also a cool place called the Pokedome for Trainers and Athletes to compete in various sports and mini games.

Johto has been totally remade with better graphics and some sequences in the game have changed. The gyms had a makeover and some even changed the way you must navigate inside them. Many trainers including the gym leaders have changed their teams. Johto has also been changed to a 3D environment so it's a nice touch.

Both games come with a device called a Pokewalker. You may send a Pokemon to it so it can gain experience points each time you take a step. You also gain Watts which you can use to get items, find more Pokemon, or unlock more places to stroll with your Pokemon.

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7Story line
Catch a Pokemon, train it, and raise it. Defeat the 8 Gym Leaders, defeat the Elite 4, and become Champion. Then, you can become a Pokemon master by defeating Kanto's 8 Gym Leaders and defeating a former Champion. You have to face Team rocket as well. It's the same as the rest of the games.
Graphics are way better than the originals of course. They aren't good, nor are they bad. The 3D environment was a nice touch so it's a bit realistic.
Johto and Kanto probably have the best soundtracks in the series. A lot are epic and fast paced. When I heard some of the music, (I loved Silver's) I just stopped playing to listen to the music. There's also an item that you get that plays classic tunes depending on where you are.
Battles are so fun especially when your fighting one of the higher ranked trainers. The Pokedome minigames were pretty fun in my opinion.
7Lasting Appeal
I say it again. It depends on you. If you really into Pokemon battles, minigames, etc., you'll be playing this a lot even after you bet Red. If not, you stop as soon as you beat him.
(Out of 10)


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