Pokemon Soul Silver Review

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Pokemon Soul Silver Review :

One of the best game remakes in history.

by cab1214 Aug 05, 2010

This game was clearly carefully organized into a great revival of one of Nintendo's best Generations of Pokemon. Generation II, in my opinion, was a well thought out game, and it ties in perfectly with Generation I. Team Rocket returned to take over the Johto Region, and eventually fled to the Kanto Region. Nintendo/GameFreak really got into the specifics in the game, remaking about 99.9%-100% of everything in the original Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The addition of Generation IV Pokemon made this game even better. I was able to use a well balanced Ambipom to take down the Pokemon League (this made me quite happy). Also, the Wi-Fi compatibility made this game worth while. The ability to battle your friends from far away made the game an even greater experience. The Pokewalker was a life-changing invention (in a gamers point-of-view). Being able to carry your own Pokemon with you, train it, get items, and even catch Pokemon with out a console was a wonderful idea.

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10Story line
Well thought out, and the exact remakes of things from the old Generation II games were genius. It wasn't too long, it wasn't too short.
Clearly, there was a great deal of time put into the graphics of this game. Not only is the clarity superb, but the animations are spectacular as well. In addition, the text is also very easy to read.
Generated well. The quality is crystal clear, and you are actually able to differentiate a Pokemon by its cry.
The ability to allow one Pokemon to follow you around outside of its Pokeball is quite revolutionary. Also, the turn-based combat has once again yet to fail us again.
10Lasting Appeal
One of the best remakes of a Pokemon game in history. This game definitely made an impact on not only my life, but on many other gamers lives as well. The additions of Wi-Fi, Generation IV Pokemon, and the Pokewalker all helped to make this Generation II remake a succes.
(Out of 10)


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