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Pokemon Soul Silver Review :

One of the Best Games I've EVER Played

by skyp Oct 05, 2010

Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Heart Gold are based on the same story line. You can use the POKEWALKER to transfer Pokemon into it and take your favorite Pokemon with you every where. I, personally, like it when your at the Whirl Islands and I like it how Lugia comes out of the waterfall. Another thing I like is how the 1st Pokemon in your party follows you around. The thing that is difficult, is that you have to get all 493 Pokemon to complete the Pokedex. Without events you have to find people that have them, get a Pokemon that they like and trade 'em. :(


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10Story line
Catch new Pokemon throughout the Johto and Kanto Region. Beat all 16 Gym Leaders: 8 from Johto and 8 from Kanto. Battle and Trade with people World-Wide using NINTENDO WI-FI CONNECTION. At the end you get to battle the strongest trainer out of all the Pokemon games ever invented: Red
Graphics are pretty good. When your Pokemon follows you around, it looks alot like it does in battle. XD
I Like it how you can use the GB SOUNDS to make it sound like it does in a previos game. I like it how it sounds at the start of a Legendary battle.
Go to Elm's laband pick 1 of 3 Pokemon as your 1st Pokemon. You travel to many different cities and towns, catch new Pokemon, and beat Gym Leaders. After beating 8Gyms, tou catch Lugia. Then you progress your way to the Pokemon League.If you beat them, you go to 8more Gyms and at the end, battle Red
10Lasting Appeal
This is the 2nd Best game I have ever played. If I could play one video game at schoo, it would be Pokemon Soul Silver. XD
(Out of 10)


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