Pokemon Soul Silver Review

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Pokemon Soul Silver Review :

Awesome Game

by aryadrottningu Oct 29, 2010

My Opinion

One of the best games i've ever played! Basically the same as the older versions, but much more to explore and do. You can do sooooo much more than the old versions, and I think the pokewalker is very handy for gaining exp. Also, you can battle more gym leaders, battle 2 champions, all due to having to regions to explore. There are also many trainers to battle for exp. Big variety of pokemon, and I like alot of the features that I'm not sure if the older versions have, I think they do.... Anyhow, this beats almost any game any day. So, I would say if you are creative, you should try this game. I think the company who made this is great!

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9Story line
Well, the basic storyline would be the same as the older ones. You pick a starter, and train and battle your way up to the pokemon league and collect all the gym badges. I personally think although some pokemon are easier to catch in the older versions, these versions are lots more fun!!!
Awesome graphics. Lots of detail, and I like how the pokemon aren't just standing there, they're posing, sorta. Well, I can't say I've seen better pics! So.... the graphics are amazing, and I just can;t think of anything else to say...
Love the music! Very clear, not blurry, and it doesn't strain your ears trying to hear the music. Also, the music is very creative!
Addictive, fun, and irresistible! Can't believe anyone could make such a good game. It's very creative, and I don't think I'd ever get tired of it. It is kind of educational in a fun way, too! You have to consider what to spend your money on and if you should teach a move to a pokemon. Very fun!
10Lasting Appeal
I've only had it for 2 months, but I'd say i'd keep it for a long, long, long time. (Ok, I know you get the point.) It's just addictive and so fun you don't want to stop! I would recommend this to anyone who is very creative....
(Out of 10)


pokeman544    wrote on oct 30, 2010 6:30 pm

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