Pokemon Soul Silver Review

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Pokemon Soul Silver Review :

Pokemon Soul Silver another remake

by Xenenes May 25, 2012

The best and hardest battle in the game.

Pokemon SS is a good game but it is just another remake it is herpy derpy in a way it is almost exactly the same as just Pokemon SIlver oh wait it is because it is a remake. There is a guy that makes almost every Pokemon game look good and it is GCPM11 his walkthroughs are amazing.

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6Story line
The story line was the same as the original. It is a respectable game it is just the same storyline catch them all it just repeats with new pokemon.
The graphics were great for a NDS game. They still have grass look like green splotches. The good graphics were the fighting although some attacks are just plain *** and have retarded graphics.
The sound was new it was the same as old sound but altered slightly you could say. The sound was great because once you got far enough you could get the device that made the sound be like the old version of the game.
The game play was good it was okay it had some good secrets and tricks like with the trees in the way. It is a long game if you go collecting all the Pokemon and beat every trainer and collect all the items but that's the fun part.
10Lasting Appeal
Pokemon has a good lasting appeal because you want to get everything beat all the trainers re-beat all the trainers catch em all etc. The game also doesn't actually end you can still train all your Pokemon to lvl 100 and catch more Pokemon this is the best thing about a Pokemon game.
(Out of 10)


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