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Pokemon White Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon White cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 119 cheats in our list, which includes 32 cheats codes, 22 unlockables, 8 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 50 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon White on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Cabalion Terrakion & Virizion

by Love95Legendz Mar 14, 2011

Location: Mistralton Cave
After you have obtained the tm Surf, you'll gain access to new places. Go to Mistralton Cave in Route 6. In this cave, you will find a man talking about the three fighting legendary Pokémon and he'll tell you about them and then inform you that there is one at the end of the cave. Go there and you'll find Cobalion.

Level 42
Hold Item:
??? Nature.
Date of Receiving
Mistralton Cave. Caught at Lv. 42
Helping Hand
Iron Head
Sacred Sword

Location: Victory Road
Following on from that, near the top of Victory Road, you will find anew cave has opened up. Within this cave is the next one of these Legendary Pokémon, Terrakion. You need strength to reach it.

Level 42
Hold Item:
??? Nature.
Date of Receiving
Victory Road. Caught at Lv. 42
Helping Hand
Rock Slide
Sacred Sword

Location: Pinwheel Forest
After obtaining Cobalion, you'll now have access to a new area in Pinwheel Forest. This area is on the eastern side of the forest and will allow you to find and capture the Grass/Fighting Legend, Virizion.

Level 42
Hold Item:
??? Nature.
Date of Receiving
Pinwheel Forest. Caught at Lv. 42
Helping Hand
Giga Drain
Sacred Sword

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Glitch - A Very Useless Glitch That I Found

by Spottedfire12 Apr 01, 2011

Eh... Hey guys. I was exploring Opelucid City a while ago and i found a COMPLETELY useless glitch. Okay, what you do...

Step 1: Go to Opelucid City.

Step 2: Go upstairs in Drayden's House.

Step 3: Look around in the void.

Do you see any gray pixels that aren't supposed to be there?

Actually, I was experimenting, and it turns out that ANY building you find in Opelucid will have that small gray pixel. So I just had to update this. Ratings appreciated! ^_^

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Secret - Pokeball Capture Rate

by no-life Mar 07, 2011

There's a similar information I posted for Pokemon Sapphire but this time, I'm posting this for Pokemon Black & White. With extra information about new Pokeballs introduced in later Generations. (This does not include Heart-Gold & Soul-Silver Pokeballs because they're exclusive to those games.) And in Generation V, they introduced Critical Capture which acts like landing Critical Hits. (Explained later...)

Capture Rate - Wild Pokemon's HP

  • Full (Green) health [1.0] (Harder to catch)
  • Half (Yellow) health [1.5] (Somewhat easier to catch)
  • Critical (Red) health [2.0] (A lot easier to catch)

Capture Rate - Status Conditions

  • None (Normal Condition) [1.0]
  • Poisoned [1.5]
  • Burned [1.5]
  • Paralyzed [1.5]
  • Sleep [2.0]
  • Frozen [2.0]

Capture Rate - Pokeballs

  • Pokeball - A standard Pokeball that captures Pokemon [*1.0]
  • Great Ball - A Pokeball with a higher catch rate [*1.5]
  • Ultra Ball - A Pokeball with more higher catch rate [*2.0]
  • Master Ball - A Pokeball with a 100% guaranteed capture on any Pokemon [100% Capture]
  • Premier Ball - A special Pokeball that goes along with 10 purchased Pokeballs [*1.0]
  • Timer Ball - A special Pokeball that has a better catch rate as the battle continues (*1/10 Turns) [*1.0 - *4.0]
  • Repeat Ball - A special Pokeball that has a better catch rate if caught the same Pokemon [*4.0] If not, then [*1.0]
  • Luxury Ball - A special Pokeball that makes a Pokemon friendly (Base happiness will be 200 instead of 70) [*1.0]
  • Dive Ball - A special Pokeball that has a better catch rate if battled in water [*3.5] If not in water, then [*1.0]
  • Net Ball - A special Pokeball that is effective on Bug and Water Pokemon [*3.0] If they're not Bug or Water, then [*1.0]
  • Nest Ball - A special Pokeball that works effectively if the user's Pokemon level is higher [*1.0 to 3.0]
  • Dusk Ball - A special Pokeball that grows effective in capturing Pokemon at night or in caves [*3.5] if not, then [*1.0]
  • Heal Ball - A special Pokeball that heals all the status conditions and restores HP when caught [*1.0]
  • Quick Ball - A special Pokeball that has a better catch rate if used in first turn [*4.0] if later, then [*1.0]
  • Cherish Ball - A special Pokeball that is used to signify Special Pokemon (Normally not obtainable) [*1.0]
  • Park Ball - A special Pokeball, only in Sinnoh, that has a guaranteed capture [100%]
  • Dream Ball - A special Pokeball that appears in your inventory while you're in High Link, has a guaranteed capture [100%]

Catch rate -... 

continue →

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Code - Capture Any Pokemon With One Pokeball!

by GamingProdigy Mar 16, 2011

This is how you can catch just about any Pokemon with just one Poke Ball! (This is not tested with legendaries!)

1. Throw the Poke Ball at the wild Pokemon you want to capture.

2. After the Poke Ball opens up, it will close and shine. Exactly when the Poke Ball shines, press the A button.

3. Then, every time the Poke Ball moves, press the A button exactly when it moves!

Please note: If you press A too early or too late it will not work.

This may take some time to master, but after a little practice, you will get the hang of it.

This worked for me and I hope it works for you as well!

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Unlockable - Where to find Zekrom; Reshiram

by no-life Feb 18, 2011

If you are playing Pokemon White, you will capture Zekrom, the Black Yang Pokemon. And vise versa; in Pokemon Black, you will capture Reshiram, the White Ying Pokemon. Either one, depending on the version you play, can be found at N's Castle when confronting him.

"Make me your ally and we will fight together!"

In this case, you will have a easy chance to capture it. All you need to do is use Hypnosis or Sleep Powder and throw a Dusk Ball at it. Congratulations. You caught it in only two turns. Keep in mind that making Pokemon sleep (asides Rest) makes it very effective to capture.

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Unlockable - Get Awesome Items For Trading (Like the Masterball)

by Bramblefang Mar 29, 2011

In Castelia City, you'll find a man in black in the Pokemon Center. He asks you how many Pokemon trades you have made with other people. Depending on the number of trades you have made, he will give you a gift. Here are the following gifts that he will give you.

Wide LensTrade 5 Pokemon
EverstoneTrade 10 Pokemon
Zoom LensTrade 20 Pokemon
Choice ScarfTrade 30 Pokemon
PP MaxTrade 40 Pokemon
MasterballTrade 50 Pokemon
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Unlockable - Transfer Promotional Pokemon From Other Games (Relocator)

by jack meade Mar 17, 2011

To unlock the relocator on the Main Menu, head to the second floor of the building with the scientist requesting a password in Castelia City. Talking to him lets you say a phrase. Input Everyone Happy and then Simple Connection and you will be allowed to use the Relocator at the main menu after you save your game. Use this to transfer the Legendary Trio (Raikou, Suicune and Entei) and Celebi to Black or White.

Note from Jose: The Relocator is compeltely different from the Pokemon Transfer which you obtain after the first encounter with the Elite Four. The Relocator only works with the Pokemon given out during the special (Gamestop) promotion.

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Unlockable - Unlock More Pokemon Boxes

by Bramblefang Mar 17, 2011

When you begin a Pokemon Black or White game and you get to use the PC for the first time, you'll notice that you only get 8 boxes to store Pokemon in. Not a lot, right? Fortunately, you can unlock 16 more boxes for the use of storing Pokemon. To do this, read the following text below.

Up to 16 BoxesStore at least one Pokemon in each of the 8 boxes you start off with. Log off the computer, and then log back in to see that 8 more boxes have been added to store Pokemon.
Up to 24 BoxesStore at least one Pokemon in each of the 16 boxes. Log off the computer, and then log back in to see that 8 more boxes have been added to store Pokemon.
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Code - Extreme Day Care Leveling

by logan Mar 17, 2011

You gain experience at the Day Care based on the amount of steps you take, one step for each point of experience. (It averages about 2 EXP per second, 120 EXP per minute, 7200 EXP per hour etc.). Bring a lot of cash when you pick up your Pokemon! Note: The moves that a Pokemon learns whilst in the Day-Care Centre will be taught to them, replacing random moves as the Day-Care Lady sees fit.

1.Drop two of your Pokemon off at the Day Care on Route 3.

2.Go to the Battle Subway in Nimbasa City.

3.Position your character in the middle of the path.

4.Find something heavy to set on the DOWN and A buttons on your DS. Rig your DS so these buttons are held down and you can leave and come back later.

5.Leave your DS On for a long time (Leave your DS Charger plugged in) while your character technically takes many steps.

6.Return to the Day-Care Lady for your Pokemon.

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Unlockable - How To Catch Every Legendary Pokemon!

by GamingProdigy Mar 16, 2011

Please do not ask me what an Action Replay DS or an Action Replay DSi is! All it is, is a cheating device for the Nintendo DS Systems where you can get several codes for just about every single Nintendo DS video game made. If you're a hacker like me, I would highly recommend buying this for your Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi. You're all very welcome for this advice!

VictiniIf you have the Liberty Pass that you will earn via Wi-fi, you can go to Castelia City and enter one of the boats. The boat will then take you to Liberty Island where you have to fight and defeat numerous Team Plasma members and in one room you will find Victini
CobalionAfter you have obtained HM Surf, go to Mistralton Cave located on Route 6. Very deep within the cave, you will find a man that informs you about the three fighting legendaries. Finally, you go to the very end of the cave and you will find Coballion
TarrakionAfter you get HM Strenght, you can go to Victory Road, located right before the Pokemon Leauge, and if you keep searching the cave, you will soon find a room with a big boulder blocking the pathway into the room with Tarrakion in it. Use HM Strenght on the giant boulder to move it out of your way and go in the little room. You will find Tarrakion in that little room
VirizionAfter obtaining Coballion, you can go to Pinwheel Forest and a new area of Pinwheel Forest is now reachable, which is located to the forest's eastern side. You will see a path. Enter the path and you will enter this little area with trees surrounding it and you should see Virizion standing in the middle of the area waiting for you to capture it
KyuremNorth of Route 13, you'll find a new area called Giant Chasm. When you first enter the Gaint Chasm, the setting will be all foresty, but you will soon reach a giant lake in the middle of the Giant Chasm and you should hear a screech and the entire area will flash freeze. Next, go north utill you reach another little cave and after you enter the new little cave, you should finally encounter the legendary Pokemon Kyurem
ThunderdusOnce you have obtained all eight gym badges, you can go to Route 10. You should be informed of a really weird weather patter while your on Route 7. Head there untill you reach the second house. After you've been invited into a house, leave and you'll be encountered by the legendary Pokemon Thunderdus. If you don't capture him, don't worry! It'll just fly away, but you'll still have a chance to obtain him after... 

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Secret - Kyurem

by Love95Legendz Mar 14, 2011

Location: Giant Chasm

North of Route 13, you'll find a new area called the Giant Chasm. When you enter, this area is filled with forestry, but when you come near the lake in the middle, you'll hear a screech and the whole area flash freezes. Go to the north and you'll find the Dragon/Ice Pokémon Kyurem in a cave.

Level 75
Hold Item:
??? Nature.
Date of Receiving
Giant Chasm. Caught at Lv. 75
Dragon Pulse
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Unlockable - How to get Rotom

by FlamerBoy Mar 28, 2011

To get a rotom you're gonna need a ditto to trade. First you have to fly to white forest with a ditto in your party and head towards route 15 and past the poke transfer lab and enter the RV to the east of the lab. There will be a girl scientist wanting to trade her rotom for your ditto and there you go.I traded my lv. 65 Ditto and got rotom at lv. 60 nicknamed Eeks. Rotms moves included substitute, Electro ball, Hex, and Charge. His OT should be Lillian, plus he has a max elixir as a hold item, an added Bonus! His stats were...

Attack: 77

Defense: 98

Sp. Atk: 131

Sp. Def: 127

Speed: 126

Also if you change want to change his form go the Mall at route 9 and to the left should be a doorway. In there will be an item, an old man, an a bunch of cardboard boxes. Interact with the boxes and rotms form will change based on which box you selected. You can find a ditto in the Giant Chasm year round. Hope I Helped!!!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Cool RotomFollow the steps above!
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Unlockable - Pokemon Trainer Card Ranks

by Bramblefang Mar 21, 2011

Like in the past games, your Trainer card ranks up if you do certain achievements. Completing each "objective" will change the color of your trainer card. The objectives you have to do are listed below, but you can do them in any order to rank up your trainer card. Credit goes to Serebii.net!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Purple Trainer CardDefeat The Elite 4 & Champion
Red Trainer CardCollect all Pokemon Musical Props
Silver Trainer CardGet a 49 win streak in both the Super Single and Super Double lines in the Battle Subway.
Gold Trainer CardComplete the National Dex
Black/White Trainer Card (Depends on your game version)Obtain all Entralink Powers
Green Trainer CardThe color you start off with.
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Easter Egg - Hidden Team Rocket Music

by Bramblefang Apr 04, 2011

Ever played Pokemon Heart Gold or Pokemon Soul Silver? If you did, you might recognize the music that I'm going to tell you about.

First, go to the Game Freak building in Castelia City. Go up to the 22nd Floor by using the elevator and talk to the blue haired guy as shown in the picture to the left. (Pic from Serebii.net) He will create a drastic change of mood in the room. How? He'll start playing the "Team Rocket Takeover" music from Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver! He even mentions Team Rocket when you talk to him for the second time.

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Secret - Sight Seeing #1 Anville town

by Goldgary123 Mar 29, 2011

Some Trainers (Like me) Have past the cities,bridges or even routes that were meant for us gamers to enjoy. Anville Town is a town that is skiped pass by alot of players.There are pictures and steps provided on how to get here. TIP: Anville Town changes apearances daily. Sometimes you might not find a train or might be a lack of people in this town this is normal .More people appear on the WEEKDAYS so be sure to visit then.

1. FIrst Fly to Nimbasa City.

2. Head right from the pokemon center and enter in this building.

3.Enter in and go down to the fourth train. walk down the stairs.

4. Speak to the conductor and select YES(Unless you don't want to go)

5. You are now at Anville Town.

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Easter Egg - Free Zorua Give Away!

by KingKidWorrior Jan 19, 2012

I will give a Special Zorua Give Away, which means that I will give you a free Zorua, the following is about it.

Level: 1 Nature: Random Gender: Male

If you want a Specific type of Zorua which includes; Female, Specific Level and/or Nature. It will cost.

So basically I will give you a Zorua and if you want a Specific type of Zorua you will have to give a Rare or an EV trained or a Shiny Pokemon in Exchange.

PM if you want a Specific one, if not just leave it here.

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Secret - Daily training routines(after game completion)

by charizard14 Apr 04, 2011

1.Go to Castelia city,go in the Game Freak building. Battle Game Freak Morimoto for experience points.

2. Go to Nimbasa City,go to both sports domes and beat everyone there.

3. Go to the Pokemon League.Go outside of it and go into the cave and battle Cheren.

4. Battle the league.

5. Ride the Royal Unova and battle everyone their.

6. On Saturday nights battle Bianca.

7. In spring months battle Cynthia.

What you need:

1. lucky egg (or exp share)

2.pokemon that are in range of level 72-80 and up

well this always gave me about 5 levels everyday! I hope I helped!

feel free to ask questions in the comments

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Code - Easy way for Shiny Pokes.

by WhiteNinja239 Apr 26, 2011

As a lot of people know that the odds of finding that shiny pokemon are against you. Your odds are 1 in 8195. Well, a new secret is to get a pokemon that is from a game that from a different nationality. Make a egg from that poke and your chances of getting a shiny has dropped drasticly from your 1 in 8195 to 1 in 1365.5

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Secret - Need a Pokemon?

by no-life Mar 16, 2011

Try going on GTS (Global Trade Station). You can search a Pokemon what you want and trade one of your Pokemon in your boxes.

Just beware: Most people on GTS are not being very honest, mostly because U.S.A. hacking their Pokemon, making and unfair or impossible deal. Most of us are very tired of seeing kids hacking their game, so look for a Pokemon you seek and check if it's a fair deal to you.

You may also offer your Pokemon and tell people what you want. After that, you got to wait. Patience.

Beware: If you haven't checked GTS for a long time, you may or may not get your Pokemon for your offer. And do not make ridiculous deals otherwise you will NOT get you want. As well for other low-life offerers.

And just a quick note, you have to make your deal in time before someone makes the deal first and it will be too late make a deal now.

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Unlockable - Three Orbs

by no-life Feb 18, 2011

In order to obtain the Adamant Orb, Lustrous Orb and Griseous Orb you will need to defeated the Elite Four for the first time. After you have completed the game you will now go to Wonder Bridge. Keep going until the Dark Trinity appears.

One of each will give you all three of those items. This way, you can boost the power for Dialga, Palkia and Giratina once you have done transferring them to Generation V.

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Unlockable - Facing the Strongest Trainers

by no-life Feb 18, 2011

Alder - Unova's Champion and the strongest trainer. He will become available for battle after you beat the game for the first time. Without N and Team Plasma interfering, now this is your chance to face him. But beware, the Elite Four has also gotten much stronger and they added 2 more Pokemon in their party

Cynthia - Yes, you can face Cynthia, Sinnoh's Champion. What's she doing here? Investigating. She will become available for battle after you beat the game for the first time. She will be at the house at Undella Town. Remember: she still has her all-mighty Garchomp. You can face her anytime once per day at Spring and Summer only. Sometimes, two of the Elite Four, Shuntal and Caitlin will come to the house where Cynthia is at in Summer.

Game Freak Morimoto - He is the designer of the game and he is a real person who made this game (both Black & White). You will take a notice that his sprite is actually a Veteran Trainer. Be prepared: because you are about to face him with a very high leveled Pokemon. He isn't too hard but he can be tricky with his party. He will become available after you beat the game for the first time. He can be found at Castelia City on 22nd floor. You can face him anytime once per day everyday.

Note: The name "Alder" is only part of the name of the user here, Aldermar. Ironic isn't it?

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Secret - Abyssal Ruins

by no-life Oct 05, 2011

In the Abyssal Ruins, which can be located at the eastern side of Undella Town (where you can battle Cynthia during Spring-time). Now, in order to go there, you are being required to have the following:

  • Surf
  • Dive
  • Strength
  • Flash

Next you may have to follow the guide here. Credits goes to Marriland for the useful map.

Now, in Abyssal Ruins, as you first entered it (recommended to start at the lower-left end as you dive), you will notice a faint sound. But you do have a step limit though. The more you traverse long enough, you will be sent back to the surface where you last dived from. What you will find in the Abyssal Ruins are Relic treasures and Arceus' Elemental Plates. Maybe some other items as well.

On 1F, you have to go through the path correctly (as shown on the map) or else you will not able to unlock the first block. You can, however, go pick up some loot for your own satisfaction. On 2F, you are being required to use Flash on any of the two blocks (as shown on the map). If you don't have a Pokemon that knows Flash, then collect the loot as you wish. Now, on 3F, at the last block, you are required to use Strength. Again, if you don't have a Pokemon that knows Strength, just collect the loot. And finally, in the center of 4F, you will find a RELIC CROWN! It can be sold for an extremely high price.

If you have collected so much Relic items, they are to be sold at the villa in Undella Town to the Black Belt. He will give you a heck lot of cash for them. Unfortunately, there's only one Relic Crown.

Enjoy your search in Abyssal Ruins.

Edit: Because that the link to the map I was talking about is not there when it was first submitted, please stop being so dramatic and shut up for a moment. The link to the map is here. If it still does not show up, then you will need to go to Marriland's Site for the map.

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Unlockable - Swarm pokemon

by cranidos1up Apr 25, 2011

these are all the swarm Pokemon

Farfetch'dRoute 1 Swarm
WynautRoute 2 Swarm
VolbeatRoute 3 Swarm (Pokemon Black)
IllumiseRoute 3 Swarm (Pokemon White)
HippopotasRoute 4 Swarm
SmeargleRoute 5 Swarm
PlusleRoute 6 Swarm (Pokemon Black)
MinunRoute 6 Swarm (Pokemon White)
SentretRoute 7 Swarm
CroagunkRoute 8 Swarm
HoundourRoute 9 Swarm (Pokemon Black)
PoochyenaRoute 9 Swarm (Pokemon White)
TyrogreRoute 10 Swarm
ShroomishRoute 11 Swarm (Pokemon Black)
ParasRoute 11 Swarm (Pokemon White)
DoduoRoute 12 Swarm
ShuppetRoute 13 Swarm
YanmaRoute 14 Swarm
MankeyRoute 15 Swarm
PinecoRoute 16 Swarm
ExeggcuteRoute 18 Swarm
???????Route 17 Swarm (There is no pokemon swarm at route 17 because it's filled with water
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Code - Team--- Unova Power!!!

by EJ1275 Mar 21, 2011

Ok so to get this team you will need black and white or two of each and two ds

So Here Is The Team:

Leader-- Braviary- Naughty Nature-Sheer Force

Sky Drop Superpower Fly Crush Claw

Annoying As Hell-- Eleketross- any nature without negative to Satk or Attk- Levitate =D

Thunderbolt Crunch Brick Break Flamethrower

Sweeper-- Emboar- Same as Eleketross But Attk Positive- Blaze

Flamethrower Flare Blitz Earthquake Brick Break

Satk Sweeper-- Samurott- Quiet Nature - Torrent

Surf Ice Beam Focus Blast Dive

Wall-- Serperior- Sassy Nature- Overgrow

Leaf Blade Giga Drain Leech Seed Energy Ball

Sweeper-- Haxorus- Adamant Nature- Mold Breaker

Outrage Dragon Dance Dragon Claw Brick Break

Hope I Helped =D

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Secret - Mono-Type & Dual-Type Pokemon

by no-life Mar 28, 2011

Mono-Type Pokemon are Pokemon that has a single Type. For example: Typhlosion is a Mono-Type Pokemon. It's base type is, Fire. So it gives a better boost to Fire-Based moves. Its STAB boost is greater than Dual-Type Pokemon because Mono-Type Pokemon are naturally powerful that way.

Now, a Dual-Type Pokemon, such as Infernape, is Fire/Fighting. It boosts Fire and Fighting moves but a weaker STAB boost than Mono-Type Pokemon. However, they can still deal inflict greater damage if used right.

Now let's move on to why Mono-Type Pokemon are better than Dual-Type Pokemon. You see, certain Pokemon, like Swampert, has only one weakness and that's Grass. But, Pokemon like Scyther has way too many weaknesses. Mono-Type Pokemon usually have 1 or 3 weaknesses and they usually have a better advantage than Dual-Type Pokemon.

So, if I were using Typhlosion now, its Eruption (if it has full HP) deals tremendous damage to my opponent. Escavalier would fall in defeat rather easily due to Typhlosion's Type Advantage and better STAB boost. And... Haxorus, is a wonderful Mono-Type Pokemon to have: it will boost Dragon Moves much better than Dragonite. However, they're both pretty powerful so... Anyways, you can use both Mono-Type and Dual-Type Pokemon to your advantage. It's a necessary thing to do, only if you play your part right.

By the way, STAB stands for "Same Type Attack Bonus." Mono-Type Pokemon gets *2.0 STAB Boost and Dual-Type gets *1.5 STAB Boost.

Remember that now.

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