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Pokemon White Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon White cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 54 cheats in our list, which includes 32 cheats codes, 22 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon White on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

CaPture Any Pokemon With One Pokeball!

by GamingProdigy Mar 16, 2011

This is how you can catch just about any Pokemon with just one Poke Ball! (This is not tested with legendaries!)

1. Throw the Poke Ball at the wild Pokemon you want to capture.

2. After the Poke Ball opens up, it will close and shine. Exactly when the Poke Ball shines, press the A button.

3. Then, every time the Poke Ball moves, press the A button exactly when it moves!

Please note: If you press A too early or too late it will not work.

This may take some time to master, but after a little practice, you will get the hang of it.

This worked for me and I hope it works for you as well!

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ExTreme Day Care Leveling

by logan Mar 17, 2011

You gain experience at the Day Care based on the amount of steps you take, one step for each point of experience. (It averages about 2 EXP per second, 120 EXP per minute, 7200 EXP per hour etc.). Bring a lot of cash when you pick up your Pokemon! Note: The moves that a Pokemon learns whilst in the Day-Care Centre will be taught to them, replacing random moves as the Day-Care Lady sees fit.

1.Drop two of your Pokemon off at the Day Care on Route 3.

2.Go to the Battle Subway in Nimbasa City.

3.Position your character in the middle of the path.

4.Find something heavy to set on the DOWN and A buttons on your DS. Rig your DS so these buttons are held down and you can leave and come back later.

5.Leave your DS On for a long time (Leave your DS Charger plugged in) while your character technically takes many steps.

6.Return to the Day-Care Lady for your Pokemon.

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EaSy way for Shiny Pokes.

by WhiteNinja239 Apr 26, 2011

As a lot of people know that the odds of finding that shiny pokemon are against you. Your odds are 1 in 8195. Well, a new secret is to get a pokemon that is from a game that from a different nationality. Make a egg from that poke and your chances of getting a shiny has dropped drasticly from your 1 in 8195 to 1 in 1365.5

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Team--- Unova Power!!!

by EJ1275 Mar 21, 2011

Ok so to get this team you will need black and white or two of each and two ds

So Here Is The Team:

Leader-- Braviary- Naughty Nature-Sheer Force

Sky Drop Superpower Fly Crush Claw

Annoying As Hell-- Eleketross- any nature without negative to Satk or Attk- Levitate =D

Thunderbolt Crunch Brick Break Flamethrower

Sweeper-- Emboar- Same as Eleketross But Attk Positive- Blaze

Flamethrower Flare Blitz Earthquake Brick Break

Satk Sweeper-- Samurott- Quiet Nature - Torrent

Surf Ice Beam Focus Blast Dive

Wall-- Serperior- Sassy Nature- Overgrow

Leaf Blade Giga Drain Leech Seed Energy Ball

Sweeper-- Haxorus- Adamant Nature- Mold Breaker

Outrage Dragon Dance Dragon Claw Brick Break

Hope I Helped =D

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EvEnt Victini Action Replay Code and id code

by haydenmaskel Mar 15, 2011

This code gives you the event victini

It is on level 15

It's moves are

1. Confusion

2. Devastate

3. Quick attack

4. Endure

IRAJ 4f2fdec2Pokemon white id code
94000130 FCFF0000 B2000024 00000000 E0000CBC 00000088 58FFC130 D3C80000 FC35D5CC 81B45757 096D9DD4 AC1AE4DB 2F182644 637BFBBD 2D0CCAD8 6608AA6A 498EE3F4 3758742F 9C6BDAD6 A76D061D BE7248C4 22756279 4021D0DD D4105E9B 1427A659 0D4BE820 E38A46ED 6479B74E 8B6B0DCC C52A2E9B 4C6C1F4D 8BD80133 8FDA11AE D5A8BA37 6536064C 8141F844 9E16873B 328A8D9A 77C47EF4 4162819A D2000000 00000000This is the code that gives you the event Victini
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moNey for trash

by stan1234 Apr 01, 2011

Go to Undella town and keep going left until you reach the Riches villa. Inside, you turn left again till you see a karate man in a kind of museum place. You would of needed to have dive to search the Abyss ruins in the you should find: Relic copper, silver, gold, statue and vase. you other things like plates used to boost the Pokemon's type of moves, but there not important. once you've done that and gone back to the villa, talk to the man give him the relic stuff you found. i should guaranty you being alot richer than you started. you'll get the most money out of the statue and vase.


stuff that can't be sold at pokeshoplots of money
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EaSy way to train Pokémon at Pokémon League

by Kirbstering Mar 14, 2011

Pokémon League digging you in? Having a hard time?

Well, there are a few options you can do to get a TON of levels up…

1. Rare Candies (well, duh)

2. Face one of the Pokémon League challenges. There's a chance the trainer you're trying to beat is weak to one of your Pokémon.

3. Try against the Dark-type leader. He... or she... is the easiest of them all, since its Pokémon really aren't that tough.

4. Give a Pokémon a Lucky Egg. And maybe another Pokémon the Exp. Share for extra experience. Trust me, the Lucky Egg can get you up to around almost 2500 EXP each.

5. Or you could train in Victory Road.

Hope I helped.


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poKemon cheats

by ninjagavin Mar 25, 2011

cheats for different pokemon items and stuff like that shiny pokemon max cash and if you want more codes then go to code junkies.com

521c607c d10e2800 021c607c fbc0f1e8 023ae800 d0002800 023ae804 4903bd70 023ae808 428e6809 023ae80c 2400d200 023ae810 46c04770 023ae814 0226995c d2000000 00000000infinite health
921d5638 0000d301 121d5638 0000e003 d2000000 00000000infinite pp
521cbcf4 7820d203 121cbcf4 000046c0 d2000000 00000000100% catch rate
521cbacc 2f06d134 121cbacc 0000e001 121cbb06 00002001 121cbaec 00002000 d2000000 00000000catch trainers pokemon(single battles only)
521a96f8 1f492104 02002200 4c08b57e 02002204 88248865 02002208 08ed4065 0200220c f1a7b40f 02002210 1c06fd9f 02002214 40410401 02002218 428d0cc9 0200221c d1f5bc0f 02002220 bd7e1c30 02002224 0224f95c 021a96f4 fd84f658 d2000000 00000000wild pokemon shiny
521cb44c 59a8437e 023ae840 59a8437e 023ae844 51a80040 023ae848 00004770 021cb44c f9f8f1e3 d2000000 00000000exp x2
521cb44c 59a8437e 023ae840 59a8437e 023ae844 51a80080 023ae848 00004770 021cb44c f9f8f1e3 d2000000 00000000exp x4
521cb44c 59a8437e 023ae840 59a8437e 023ae844 51a800c0 023ae848 00004770 021cb44c f9f8f1e3 d2000000 00000000exp x8
521cb44c 59a8437e 023ae840 59a8437e 023ae844 51a80100 023ae848 00004770 021cb44c f9f8f1e3 d2000000 00000000exp x16
521cb44c 59a8437e 023ae840 59a8437e 023ae844 51a80140 023ae848 00004770 021cb44c f9f8f1e3 d2000000 00000000exp x32
521cb44c 59a8437e 023ae840 59a8437e 023ae844 51a80180 023ae848 00004770 021cb44c f9f8f1e3 d2000000 00000000exp x64
521cb44c 59a8437e 023ae840 59a8437e 023ae844 51a801c0 023ae848 00004770 021cb44c f9f8f1e3 d2000000 00000000exp x128
521cb44c 59a8437e 023ae840 59a8437e 023ae844 51a80200 023ae848 00004770 021cb44c f9f8f1e3 d2000000 00000000exp x256
521cb44c 59a8437e 023ae840 59a8437e 023ae844 51a80240 023ae848 00004770 021cb44c f9f8f1e3 d2000000 00000000exp x512
521cb44c 59a8437e 023ae840 59a8437e 023ae844 51a80280 023ae848 00004770 021cb44c f9f8f1e3 d2000000 00000000exp x 1024
94000130 fcff0000 02233fcc 03840001 d2000000 00000000900 masterballs (L+R) will peplace first item in item slot 1
94000130 fffb0000 d5000000 03840011 c0000000 00000025 d6000000 022347a4 d4000000 00000001 d2000000 00000000all consumables x900(press select)
94000130 fffb0000 022340c8 03840074 022340cc 03840075 022340d0 03840076 022340d4 03840077 02234364 0384023c 02234368 0384023d 0223436c 0384023e 02234370 0384023f 02234374 03840240 02234378 03840241 d2000000 00000000 94000130 fffb0000 d5000000 03840001... 

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AcTion Replay Codes

by ghosty567 Jan 04, 2011

Note: These will only work with an action replay

Link to post: http://www.dsactioncodes.com/?p=177

Effect is the name of the code.


94000130 FFFB0000 0223CC2C 0098967F D2000000 00000000Max Money (Select)
2224F7CC 00000001 94000130 FFFD0000 2224F7CC 00000000 D2000000 00000000Auto Run (B to walk)
521A94D4 D1032800 121AA4D0 0000E001 D0000000 00000000 521A94D4 D1032800 94000130 FEFF0000 121AA4D0 000046C0 D2000000 00000000No Wild Pokémon (Hold R for Instant Encounter)
521B8A90 1C28D108 121B9A8C 000046C0 D0000000 00000000Learn Any TM/HM
521AD30C 62606220 94000130 FDFF0000 121AE30E 0000E009 D0000000 00000000 94000130 FDFF0200 121AE30E 0000D109 D2000000 00000000No Forced Trainer Battles (Hold L)
521CAB14 E12FFF1C 121CBB14 000046C0 D0000000 00000000100% Capture Ratio
1223CC30 0000FFFFAll Badges
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ZoRoark and Celebi code

by pika2523 Dec 16, 2011

This is a code for the Zoroark and the Celebi you need for Zorua

94000130 FCFF0000
B2111880 00000000
E00000A8 000000EC
20815757 8B820000
098E12FC 9692D660
1661C267 6EAD74ED
E9F1609D 3FEF6526
3610152A 8C7E30BB
D94DCC68 2D6BB798
C3861BBB 28E207B3
7C0B9E8C 7AD5186A
F03BA049 EFD0ED33
BA0C6924 3FD7DF60
85F0487A 68A2BAEF
72C2C2CA C8E0E2B5
BD529D24 BA8A4E82
6AA726E2 649C8A93
B6349287 866F1F68
4162BD62 DFBDB17D
4023E3F9 72066FB0
396178F8 02C603D0
98899AA4 A23C0C0A
F9524104 68BB87F1
2FA3B39F 844558F8
6D81BCD9 42020144
7727E2B9 B53E7BFA
2B567355 87CBA64C
B890D03E B8FCB64F
E78A86C4 C52CBC66
96F95011 CD5CC25D
5972ABC7 E4B31427
99C1B0F5 00000000
E0000194 000000EC
7D5BB510 2E1A0000
E51350CF 45F1F38D
FEFCF448 607C2639
510B8A4D 52A10601
32389C46 68E44493
3DFF958E ECB6748E
28644B66 A51583E3
457D3778 8786A0D2
46901FFF B781066C
5320C18F 6E8BDB5F
74B0412C 606224C5
AB636A81 8FB1735B
18FD5489 D6FA61F0
E908BDAA 5602575A
49B5D4AB A4B43D2A
1C88B8AC C299D6CC
33276B97 218EB611
C512C76C B2700AAB
6F4B7B20 8D7649E7
32E1B1A3 D2DD1320
69D62CBD 9D774919
D0489CFB 70FC17CA
39A79BA3 66F51CDF
30349168 120579AE
BAFCB1B1 00000000
E0000280 000000EC
36D46750 93630000
5786C9CA 33C87A33
B16EC08B 9B3D24F0
9137FA18 9880FC71
713A49E3 F7062A4A
DF2B3CB7 2C0C0D61
DA475FD7 99F18D80
B28A3105 65C13E72
2E36772D EC5E7468
8F0319B9 402285D0
786A9638 CB41F9D6
BE8447EE 671008B4
9AED2052 7D733A77
45A956D5 930DD9BB
2D6247CA 008E8493
1F7CC55F 5F0572C8
41BBCB79 31BCD396
666AA435 EBB3AA16
0E5B8946 7ED354AC
18A6DF26 D32412BF
F3AF8A2B 0383CD65
A3FFB261 56A3F781
005079F2 C673D454
BBC27844 78BDCD2B
2703B26C 00000000
E000036C 000000EC
42FCBC7E 0F420000
9EA2934D 0B55D5F5
6AC242C4 FD22FD41
3E07C18C 67CB0FF5
D06C056F 3F525120
9CA18D71 85D7AFE7
4C35B844 22071502
0A8DC07C F10F51E5
A1CBD030 B23EFB10
EEC1C260 4FE3E003
C2B817AA E66B99F6
874D530C F0767B3B
8B200268 102D7C26
0C71338D C6C3B5B2
22412C6E 417FC554
E584D670 FA17C972
87AB3505 27330D16
30474E7F 9485530B
D527A760 FD979720
4E9C6035 AF5DA412
3891BAAB A59E68A5
48A363ED 719C0719
028A6D06 217413AD
89AA4784 E5E2C743
EC0E67F2 005D1CEE
D044C498 85E874E0
7284DF59 8D94650C
FD0C8451 00000000
D2000000 00000000

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ReMatch Trainers

by Jeator Apr 26, 2013
5215B3BC 1C301C04 94000130 FDFF0000 0215B3C0 E0002000 D0000000 00000000 5215B3BC 1C301C04 94000130 FDFF0200 0215B3C0 F7FF1C39 D2000000 00000000Hold L when you speak to them to engage in a rematch. This code does not work on gym leaders.
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ChAnge Season

by Jeator Apr 26, 2013
94000130 FFBB0000 2224F9DC 00000000 D2000000 00000000Change Season to Spring: Press Select+Up to activate. Save the game and reset after activation to apply the change.
94000130 FFEB0000 2224F9DC 00000001 D2000000 00000000Change Season to Summer: Press Select+Right to activate. Save the game and reset after activation to apply the change. Effect is temporary and resets the season if you enter and exit a building.
94000130 FF7B0000 2224F9DC 00000002 D2000000 00000000Change Season to Autumn: Press Select+Down to activate. Save your game and reset to apply the change.
94000130 FFDB0000 2224F9DC 00000003 D2000000 00000000Change Season to Winter: Press Select+Left to activate. Save your game and reset to apply the change.
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StRiaton City (Cress,Chili,and Cilan)

by icedusknoir Jan 28, 2012

ok what you do is go to the dreamyard and beat the 2 trainers. keep goin right and you find a girl. she will give you a panpour, pansear, or a pansage, depending on your partner. Then fight Cheren at the School and use your "Pan" on his starter. same goes for the gym leader. Dont worry about the lvls just use the move that has the advantage.and just use your starter on the lillipup. ill also make one for lenora and so on.

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GoOd team for elite four (second time)

by mole338 Jan 23, 2012

if you ever want to face the elite four the second time you have to have at least level 70-80 Pokemon i would choose emboar with the moves flare blitz,brick break,flamethrower and head smash. houndoom with the moves inferno,dark pulse,flamethrower and sludge bomb. alakazam with the moves shadow ball,shock wave,psychic and giga impact. kyurem with the moves fly,dragon pulse,blizzard and stone edge. last but not least volcarona with the moves fly,quiver dance, heat wave and bug buzz. u find volcarona at the bottom of desert resort. u find houndoom in black in a swarm. u find abra in white forest then evolve it. u find kyurem at the giant chasm. u find emboar as a starter duh. my emboar is level 81. my volcarona is level 76. my alakazam is level 100 (u don't have to have it level 100) my kyurem is level 83. my houndoom is level 91 well thats it bye81D

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HoW to battle cynthia

by Unregistered Jan 23, 2012

when you finish the game go to Undella town (or unlock it) When you are at Undella town goto the house that is close at the pokemon center when you are there make sure you are ready

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A Easier Way to Catch Pokemon

by Unregistered Dec 21, 2011

To make your chances of catching a pokemon higher continue reading.

Pokemon Balls:

When you are throwing a ball at a Pokemon yell "Gotcha!" Into your microphone, that is if you have one.

More Tips:

I suggest the use of Great Balls with the trick above. It seems as though the Ultra Ball isn't as powerful as a Great Ball. The only thing that will surely catch a Pokemon is a Master Ball. If you're unsure about the Great Ball trick you can use the trick I told you about earlier with it.

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5 Star Trainer Card

by Alf103 Aug 22, 2011

Fallow all these steps to get your five star trainer card in Pokemon Black or White

Defeat the Elite FourStage 1:Purple Trainer Card
Complete The National DexStage 2:Red Trainer Card
Collect all Pokemon Musical GoodsStage 3:Silver Trainer Card
Obtain all Entralink PowersStage 4;Gold Trainer Card
Get a 49 Streak in Both Super Single and Super Double Lines in The Battle Subway.Stage 5:Black/white trainer Card
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hoW to get some sweet moves

by samowott2000 Apr 18, 2011

all you have to do is go to mistralton city and go the house next to the sine go inside with some heart scales go to the lady in the pink dress and talk to her. if you don`t have any heart scales go to driftveil city and go to the house highest on the screen go in side you will see a old couple talk to the lady she will ask you to show her a pokemon with a sertin move after you show it to her she will give you a heart scale.

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WhEre the remaining Seven Sages are!

by Kittenii Nov 03, 2011

After you finish the main story, you may want to set off to defeat Alder, and enter the Hall of Fame, but you should find the Seven Sages first. Their locations are listed here.

Giallo is at Route 14.Go to Route 14 from Undella Town and use the HM Waterfall to climb the waterfall. He's just past the top. You'll get TM08, Bulk Up.
Rood is at Route 18.Use the HM Surf to go west from Nuvema Town, and you'll find him at the southwesternmost point when you are coming from Route 17 and 18. You'll get TM32, Double Team.
Gorm is at the Dreamyard.Go to the Dreamyard from Striation City. Go downstairs, then climb the next set of stairs. He's hiding behind a wall on the east side when you come out. You'll get TM75, Swords Dance.
Ryoku is at the Relic Castle.Go to the Relic Castle in the Desert Resort, and aim for the deepest chamber of the lowest floor where Volcarona is. He is just before that room. You'll get TM04, Calm Mind.
Zinzolin is at the Cold Storage.Deep within the Cold Storage, you'll find a container with Zinzolin hidden in it. You'll get TM01, Hone Claws.
Bronius is at Chargestone Cave.He's in the southernmost point of Chargestone Cave's B2F. When you talk to him, he will call two former Team Plasma Grunts, and they will battle you. You'll get TM69, Rock Polish.
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GoOd way to train Pokemon for 2nd round with Elite 4

by Unregistered Mar 14, 2011

Okay well,you guys know that the fighting the Elite 4 the second time is pretty hard right?Well I got demolished when I faced them again with my trained Pokemon so I traveled throughout Unova to find the perfect place to train my Pokemon,so I hope this helps

Route 12:A lot of bug and grass pokemon reside in this area so training your flying,fire pokemon will be easy but be warned as they may get to level 55.

Village Bridge:On the uppereast side of Village Bridge you'll see some patches of dark grass where you'll find double battles.Give a Pokemon Lucky Egg and another an Exp.Share and watch your levels grow soon.Be warned as there are Braviary(White)The vulture Pokemon *forgot its name* (black),Seviper,Bibarel, Golduck and Zangoose alll around 57-60

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ShIny pokemon

by beau2292000 Nov 07, 2011

You just run around with the item searcher on and a ton a repels in the tall grass. You use a repel "USE ONLY THE Y BUTTON SHORTCUT" and run in the grass . Then a pokemon'll appear. Each step you take grows your chance of a shiny pokemon appearing.

PS works best in white forest and black city

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by fionn May 02, 2011

First get the HM surf then go to your home town walk up route 1 then turn left as soon as you see water travel down the channel the take the third rapids then go up the stairs (make sure u have a space in you box ) where u will find a house go in talk to the treasure hunter a he will give u an egg but dont leave go exploring and pick up all the poke balls u see because one of them is the HM waterfall and there is also a dragon scale there

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AcTion Replay Codes Part 1

by Bramblefang Mar 25, 2011

This is my first part of the action replay codes that I will post onto Cheatsguru. All credit goes to Neoseeker.com and Codejunkies.com. All of these have been tested and work. --- If you can't get one of these to work, you either have the following problems. 1. You typed in the code incorrectly. DOUBLE CHECK the code to make sure it is right. 2. Your AR firmware is not updated. If you are using an AR for the DS, get the updated firmware here. If you are using an AR for the DSi, get the updated firmware here. --- Contact me if you have any questions!

5215B3BC 1C301C04 94000130 FDFF0000 0215B3C0 E0002000 D0000000 00000000 5215B3BC 1C301C04 94000130 FDFF0200 0215B3C0 F7FF1C39 D2000000 00000000Rematch a Trainer (Hold L then talk to the trainer) [Does not work on Gym Leaders]
52197FE4 1C05210C 02197FE8 085F0056 D0000000 00000000Double walking, running, and cycling speed.
521CBCF4 7820D203 121CBCF4 000046C0 D2000000 00000000100% Wild Pokemon Catch Rate
94000130 FFFB0000 C0000000 0000002F 12250032 00006464 DC000000 00000004 D2000000 00000000Level 100 Wild Pokemon (Press Select before engaging into battle)
94000130 FDBF0000 2223D6FD 000000FF D2000000 00000000Use a Max Repel (Press L+Up) [Does not use up an actual Max Repel]
521CB54C 59A8437E 023AE840 59A8437E 023AE844 51A80280 023AE848 00004770 021CB54C F978F1E3 D2000000 00000000x1024 Experience Points
521a96f8 1f492104 02002200 4c08b57e 02002204 88248865 02002208 08ed4065 0200220c f1a7b40f 02002210 1c06fd9f 02002214 40410401 02002218 428d0cc9 0200221c d1f5bc0f 02002220 bd7e1c30 02002224 0224f95c 021a96f4 fd84f658 d2000000 00000000Wild Pokemon become shiny.
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BeSt tag team ever!!!

by Unregistered Jan 30, 2012

Okay, for those who know about it, give it up for others who keep getting their butts kicked. Best tag team I have ever found is Darkrai and Giratina. Darkrai is a Dark-type pokemon and Giratina is a Ghost and Dragon type. Darkrai's ability is Bad Dreams: reduces a sleeping pokemon's hp, and Giratina's is Pressure (or Levitate if using origin form). Give Darkrai the item big root and the moves nightmare, dark void, dream eater, and/or focus punch/focus blast/whatever works for you and then give Giratina something that increases the accuracy of moves and the moves shadow force, thunder, aura shpere, and a powerful Dragon type move(I don't think it really matters what it is, just not draco meteor). When done right, you can't lose!!! I haven't yet. :)

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1024x Experience [North America]

by SeanPatrickMcNiff Mar 28, 2011

521CB54C 59A8437A

023AE840 59A8437E

023AE844 51A80280

123AE848 00004770

021CB54C F978F1E3

D2000000 000000000

1024x Experience [North America]1024x experience after you beat pokemon
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