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Pokemon White Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon White cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 119 cheats in our list, which includes 32 cheats codes, 22 unlockables, 8 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 50 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon White on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Pokemon Strategies

by cranidos1up Jun 21, 2011

I've been on random matchup and my vs. recorder a lot and I found some strategies

The Justified Strategy (this only works in double and triple battles)

First you need a pokemon with the ability Justified (make sure It holds leftovers or a shell bell) and a pokemon that knows Beat up (has to have Incredible speed)

I'm going to use Whimsicott and Terrakion as an example

I enter a triple battle (Whimsicott and Terrakion have to be next to each other) first Whimsicott uses Beat up on Terrakion and It's ability Justified activates but Beat up hits 6 times (4 If in double battle) so that means Justified activates 6 times (4 if in double battle) making it useless for Terrakion to use Swords Dance because It has very high attack

Dry Skin Strategy (Use In double battle only)

Dry Skin is a Ability that alters damage taken to it

The pokemon that are needed are: A pokemon with the ability Dry Skin and a pokemon with the ability Drizzle

I'm going to use Toxicroak and a Dream World Politoed as an example (Politoed needs to know Surf)

I enter a double battle and Politoed's ability Drizzle activates making it so after every pokemon attacked Toxicroak is always healed (the 2nd part of this strategy requires Toxicroak with low HP) When Toxicroak is at low HP use surf so that the opponents pokemon gets attacked and Toxicroak is healed

The Motor Drive Strategy (works in double and triple battles)

Motor Drive is an ability that raises one of it's stats when attacked by a electric type move

The pokemon that are needed are: A pokemon with the ability Motor Drive, a pokemon that knows discharge, and a ground type pokemon (Only in triple battle)

I'll use Electivire, Stunfisk, and Torterra as my examples

I enter a triple battle (stunfisk has to be in the middle to hit every pokemon) Stunfisk uses Discharge So Electivire's ability activates and doesn't effect Torterra repeat the process untill Electivire's speed can't raise

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Secret - Sight Seeing #3 Castelia City

by Goldgary123 Apr 01, 2011

Castelia City, One of the Coolest 3-D Place in Pokemon White. Castelia (Like skyarrow bridge) Is also a place in which you must go. This City holds one or the gym's any ways. This city is the easiest to go to really just one step which is...

Step 1:Fly to Castelia City

Screen shots:

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Secret - MooMoo milk: a great money saver

by KingsBlade Apr 01, 2011

Buy moomoo milk at driftveil market it saves 2 times the money and restores 2 times the health of a super potion!

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Unlockable - Location of all in game legendarys

by alexchan99 Mar 29, 2011
CobalionMistralton cave
Terrakionnear end of victory road
virizionnear end of pinwheel forest(after you battle Cobalion)
Zekrom/ReshiramN's castle
KyuremGiant chasm
Tornaduswanders, check billboard for location (black only)
Thunduruswanders, check billboard for location (white only)
LandorusBring Tornadus and Thundurus to abundant shrine
VictiniWi-Fi event(liberty pass)
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Secret - Easy (Late Game) Experience

by yuofukkyuo56 Mar 17, 2011

After you beat the Elite 4, go to the Giant Chasm with 2 Blisseys in the back of your party. When you encounter Ditto, send in Blissey, let the Ditto transform into Blissey, switch back out, and defeat the 'Blissey' for massive EXP.

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Secret - Double KO problems?

by no-life Mar 07, 2011

If you think your game is glitched by having two of your Pokemon KO'd at the same turn and you can't switch any of your Pokemon in battle, you need to switch your active Pokemon with the Fainted Pokemon. After you have placed the two active Pokemon in the first two slots, the battle goes on. And I repeat this is NOT a glitch.

I hope this helps you if you're having issues with Double or Triple Battles.

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Secret - Sight Seeing #2 Skyarrow Bridge

by Goldgary123 Apr 01, 2011

This time i will be showing something s little more different than Anville town. This time Skyarrow bridge is a bridge everyone is required to pass. But once again it's the beauty of it that was missed. This one's easy to Find just follow two steps!

Step 1:Fly to Castelia City And head East OR Fly to Nacrene City And head West (You will have to pass Pinwheel forest)

Step 2:Enjoy the Bridge!

Screen Shots:

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Unlockable - Obtainable HM's

by Bramblefang Mar 18, 2011

Pokemon Black & White introduced new TMs, but the HMs remained the same for the most part. Here are the six HMs you can find in the game.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
HM01 CutStriaton City From Mokomo - After Defeating Straiton Gym Leaders
HM02 FlyDriftveil City From Bianca - After Defeating Bianca in a Battle
HM03 SurfTwist Mountain From Alder - After Defeating Cheren in a Battle
HM04 StrengthNimbasa City - Talk to a blue haired guy in top left building above the Pokemon Center.
HM05 WaterfallRoute 18 - Western edge of the Route. Route 18 is accessible by Surfing along Route 1.
HM06 DiveUndella Town - Talk to the first girl you encounter when entering the city from the north. She is in front of the house Cynthia is in.
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Code - Rematch Trainers

by Jeator Apr 26, 2013
5215B3BC 1C301C04 94000130 FDFF0000 0215B3C0 E0002000 D0000000 00000000 5215B3BC 1C301C04 94000130 FDFF0200 0215B3C0 F7FF1C39 D2000000 00000000Hold L when you speak to them to engage in a rematch. This code does not work on gym leaders.
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Code - Change Season

by Jeator Apr 26, 2013
94000130 FFBB0000 2224F9DC 00000000 D2000000 00000000Change Season to Spring: Press Select+Up to activate. Save the game and reset after activation to apply the change.
94000130 FFEB0000 2224F9DC 00000001 D2000000 00000000Change Season to Summer: Press Select+Right to activate. Save the game and reset after activation to apply the change. Effect is temporary and resets the season if you enter and exit a building.
94000130 FF7B0000 2224F9DC 00000002 D2000000 00000000Change Season to Autumn: Press Select+Down to activate. Save your game and reset to apply the change.
94000130 FFDB0000 2224F9DC 00000003 D2000000 00000000Change Season to Winter: Press Select+Left to activate. Save your game and reset to apply the change.
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Easter Egg - Ways to get the Lucky Egg

by Unregistered Nov 15, 2012

There are 3 ways to get the Lucky Egg item. Way 1: The Professor will give you one. Way 2: You might get one from a Happiny in White Forest. Way 3: There is a guy on route 13 that gives you random items each day, and a Lucky Egg is one.

It is true on way 3, I got one Lucky Egg from him.

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Secret - Get rewarded for your trades and also a Master Ball

by ultimatetrainer195 Jul 02, 2012

ok first you have to go to a certain town that im pretty sure you wont need help finding and after you've done now that you know what town its in you must have 50 or more trades at the GTS or GTS Negotiations for wifi and go back to that town go in the pokemon center, go to the top left corner and theres a guy in a black suit that will give you items for the trades you've done like if you've done 50 or more trades like me you'll get a free master ball and sorry if you still cant find the town its in ill post it back later if your having issues cuz i just forgot the town it was in due to getting a shiny gliscor from a trade. you'll see the name of the town in capitals and bold so keep checking back and again im sorry i forgot about putting the town in this i just haven't had the time lately this is all im able to do right now so bye until this gets on or 5 minutes after.

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Easter Egg - Give Away: level 100 shiny Gallade

by ultimatetrainer195 Jun 29, 2012

i only have one of these so you'll be lucky if you get it I will also be giving away pokemon i traded for that are level 100s so dont be sad if you dont get the gallade just think of the shiny as a cereal box prize that you dont know will be in the box haha some level 100s i have are blaziken,golem,rhyperior,

the movie reshiram,lucario,(dragoni te but im not sure if i wanna give this thing away its epic!!) and finally is a mightyena but it will come at a cost of another level 100 so dont ask me for any of these unless you got a beastly level 100.

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Secret - How to get a bonus drink in the drinks vendor

by Kanade_Tachibana Apr 23, 2012

if your saving your money on something else but wanting to buy a drink, this is the secret that's quite fit for you! sometimes, you will get a bonus drink ex. you bought lemonade and then you get a bonus lemonade! it works sometimes if you buy 2 of the same at the same time. so you get 3 drinks! it also works even when you buy 1 but it usually works when you buy 2 though... it may not work but remember keep trying!

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Secret - Shiny badges

by Pokefan5555 Mar 21, 2012

Press X and go to you trainer card. Go to your badges and rub them for a while. They become shiny and the pictures of the gym leaders will have color.

NOTE you will not be able to make the badges dirty or make the color of the gym leaders black and white if you do this.

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Secret - How to beat the elite four second time really easily

by Unregistered Feb 28, 2012

I've found a way to beat the elite four really easily on the second time. However, you have to have a Pokemon global link account and you must have beaten the game. If you meet the requirements, well done, please continue reading. First, log in to the Pokemon global link. Then, click on the tab in the bottom right hand corner that says 'Promotions'. Then type in the password 'ARCEUSVOTE'. You have to be quick, the password only works for a limited time. Then go into the dream world and voila! You will have befriended the legendary Pokemon Arceus! Next: go back to your game and go to the Undella Ruins. Here you can obtain all the type-boosting plates, but you only need four. (For a full map of all the floors and items, search on Pokemon marriland). The plates you need are: the Dread Plate, the Fist Plate, the Sky Plate (or the Mind Plate, whichever one you prefer) and the Stone Plate. Then get Arceus onto your team. You are now ready to take on the elite four! For items, you'll need at least four pp restorers and one max potion. Then, get up to the Pokemon League and equip the plates: for Shauntal equip Arceus with the Dread Plate, for Grimsley equip Arceus with the Fist Plate, for Caitlin re-equip Arceus with the Dread Plate and for Alder, the Champion, equip Arceus with the Stone Plate. When battling, use only one move: Justified. This move's type changes with the Plate Arceus is holding, meaning that the move will be super-effective on all the Pokemon. Hopefully you'll be able to KO each of the Pokemon in one hit. If you can't, just try again. If your HP gets low, use Recover, not a potion. After each battle, restore Justified's PP. Before taking on Alder, heal up using a potion. You should be able to beat him fairly easily.

If you've followed my guide, you should have been able to beat the elite four without too much hassle. The best bit is, you can do this as many times as you like for massive amounts of money and exp. Hope this helped!

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Code - Striaton City (Cress,Chili,and Cilan)

by icedusknoir Jan 28, 2012

ok what you do is go to the dreamyard and beat the 2 trainers. keep goin right and you find a girl. she will give you a panpour, pansear, or a pansage, depending on your partner. Then fight Cheren at the School and use your "Pan" on his starter. same goes for the gym leader. Dont worry about the lvls just use the move that has the advantage.and just use your starter on the lillipup. ill also make one for lenora and so on.

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Code - Good team for elite four (second time)

by mole338 Jan 23, 2012

if you ever want to face the elite four the second time you have to have at least level 70-80 Pokemon i would choose emboar with the moves flare blitz,brick break,flamethrower and head smash. houndoom with the moves inferno,dark pulse,flamethrower and sludge bomb. alakazam with the moves shadow ball,shock wave,psychic and giga impact. kyurem with the moves fly,dragon pulse,blizzard and stone edge. last but not least volcarona with the moves fly,quiver dance, heat wave and bug buzz. u find volcarona at the bottom of desert resort. u find houndoom in black in a swarm. u find abra in white forest then evolve it. u find kyurem at the giant chasm. u find emboar as a starter duh. my emboar is level 81. my volcarona is level 76. my alakazam is level 100 (u don't have to have it level 100) my kyurem is level 83. my houndoom is level 91 well thats it bye81D

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Code - How to battle cynthia

by Unregistered Jan 23, 2012

when you finish the game go to Undella town (or unlock it) When you are at Undella town goto the house that is close at the pokemon center when you are there make sure you are ready

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Code - A Easier Way to Catch Pokemon

by Unregistered Dec 21, 2011

To make your chances of catching a pokemon higher continue reading.

Pokemon Balls:

When you are throwing a ball at a Pokemon yell "Gotcha!" Into your microphone, that is if you have one.

More Tips:

I suggest the use of Great Balls with the trick above. It seems as though the Ultra Ball isn't as powerful as a Great Ball. The only thing that will surely catch a Pokemon is a Master Ball. If you're unsure about the Great Ball trick you can use the trick I told you about earlier with it.

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Glitch - Sky Drop Glitch

by no-life Oct 05, 2011

I have just found this interesting information on Bulbapedia (credits goes to them) and it has something to do with the move Sky Drop.

Alright, so if your Pokemon knows the move Sky Drop (which are most likely Flying Pokemon, like Braviary for example) and used it, it will swipe the Pokemon away into the air. Now, if your Pokemon (or the opponent) uses the move Gravity, the Pokemon that used Sky Drop cannot finish the move and what's more, the Pokemon that was taken into the air by Sky Drop cannot take action at all.

This can only take place in Double or Triple Battles and therefore, Sky Drop is banned for the Random Wi-fi Match. For more details, please have a look at this video here.

This information also works for Pokemon Black.

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Easter Egg - Battle Recorder Color Change

by no-life Oct 03, 2011

Are you tired of seeing the Green background while looking at your Battle Recorder? I have a solution for that and you will love to know about it! If you're interested, READ ON!

Alright, after you tap the screen on your Battle Recorder, you will now see 4 options, right? Alright, on the very edge of your touch screen (or the 4 corners), tap them and the background color will change! There are Green, Pink, Gray, Yellow, Red, Brown, and Orange. The only time you have a Blue background is when you go to the Wi-Fi Battle Videos.

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Secret - Knowing what suits best for Pokemon

by no-life Sep 26, 2011

There are 3 different types of Pokemon in battles. Sweepers, Walls, and Tactical.

Sweeper - There are two kinds of sweepers, Physical and Special. A sweeper focuses on KO'ing the foe's Pokemon in one or two hits. So, if I were using a Physical Sweeper, I would only use Physical-based moves to deal some damage. Swords Dance greatly boosts Attack stat, which can be handy to have around. Then again there are others like, Dragon Dance, that boosts Speed and Attack at the same time. Useful if you want a fast Physical Sweeping Dragon-Type Pokemon. A Special Sweeper is the opposite of the Physical Sweeper as it uses Special-based moves. Nasty Plot greatly boosts Sp.Atk, so if I were using an Infernape and Nasty Plot, its Flamethrower will deal more damage than usual.

Wall - Again, there are two types, Physical and Special. A Physical Wall takes abuse from Physical-based moves from the opponent. Let's say I have a Probopass with excellent Defense. But wait! It also has excellent Sp.Def as well! Probopass can take as much abuse from either attacks, which also includes its weakness. This is only when Probopass uses Iron Defense to maximum its Defense stat. When it is maxed, Probopass will receive only 3% of damage from the opponent. Now, the only thing that a Wall can counterattack is priority moves such as Toxic, Thunder Wave or Will-O-Wisp. So, if I were still using Probopass, I would like to set up Stealth Rock while I have the chance. Stealth Rock takes out HP depending on the Pokemon's type. So if my opponent sends out Volcarona, its HP will drop to half while Stealth Rock is in play. Rock is supper effective against Bug and Fire. Common knowledge. There is also an HP Wall. An HP Wall is a Pokemon with incredibly high HP, such as Blissey. It cannot handle Physical Abuse as it will faint within seconds. It can take abuse from Special-based damage.

Tactical - A Tactical Pokemon are often fast with priority moves, such as Confuse Ray, Stealth Rock, Hypnosis, Roar, and so forth. Tactical Pokemon are Pokemon that can find its way to take out Walls easier. So, in order to take out a Wall, one must either put it to sleep, use either Nasty Plot and strike at full power. This is what people would do with Porygon-Z or Thundurus. Also, a Pokemon with Prankster ability can cut ahead of the opponent and use Taunt to prevent the opponent from using priority moves such as Swords Dance, Iron Defense, Stealth Rock... pretty much all Status-based moves. Tactical... 

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Secret - Are Pokemon Genders that important?

by no-life Sep 26, 2011

Yes they do. They greatly effect several things such as evolution, appearances, breeding their own kind as so forth. Many people lack of importance of gender because it truly doesn't matter in game. That's not true, a lot of people are like that, but I can prove how they are wrong... in several different answers.



The only way to get Gallade is to have a Male Kirlia and use a Dawn Stone on it. The only way to get a Froslass is to get a Female Snorunt and use a Dawn Stone on it. Only Female Combee evolves into Vespiquen. Only Male Burmy evolves into Mothim and the Females evolve into Wormadam. There are 5 different Pokemon with specific gender that greatly affects their evolution line.


Breeding an offspring & Inheriting Moves

Only the Female Pokemon makes the offspring and the Father inherit moves to the offspring. Let's say you want an Elekid to use Ice Punch. You will need a Female Electabuzz and a Male Medicham with Ice Punch learned. Place them in the Daycare and wait. The offspring will be a Level 1 Elekid with Ice Punch. That way, you can have your perfect future Electivire ready for any battles.


Breeding an Offspring with Dream World Abilities

Similar to the breeding process but this time, only the Mother inherits the Dream World Ability to the offspring. You cannot teach the offspring any move tutor moves from Generation IV. Instead, you can inherit moves to the offspring with the Father. After all, the offspring has 60% of receiving the Dream World ability from the Mother. The Father has to be compatible with the Mother. So which means it cannot be a Ditto. Medicham and Electabuzz are both Human-Shape Pokemon, so they are compatible of breeding.


Attract & Cute Charm

Many people who use Physical Sweepers don't often use this move because it's either a waste of time or pointless. Well, unfortunately, that's also not true. Many people who use Attract, such as using it on a Female Jolteon or a Female Cinccino, have a greater opportunity of preparing their next attack after using Nasty Plot or Swords Dance twice. Then again they can use attacks that have great advantage against their opponent. However, there is a 50% chance that the Pokemon hit with Attract or got affected by Cute Charm cannot attack. If a Pokemon has Prankster ability and uses Attract, there is a good chance the the opponent's Pokemon will not able to attack for couple of turns. It may be something to worry about but only people... 

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Code - 5 Star Trainer Card

by Alf103 Aug 22, 2011

Fallow all these steps to get your five star trainer card in Pokemon Black or White

Defeat the Elite FourStage 1:Purple Trainer Card
Complete The National DexStage 2:Red Trainer Card
Collect all Pokemon Musical GoodsStage 3:Silver Trainer Card
Obtain all Entralink PowersStage 4;Gold Trainer Card
Get a 49 Streak in Both Super Single and Super Double Lines in The Battle Subway.Stage 5:Black/white trainer Card
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