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Pokemon White Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon White cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 119 cheats in our list, which includes 32 cheats codes, 22 unlockables, 8 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 50 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon White on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Best tag team ever!!!

by Unregistered Jan 30, 2012

Okay, for those who know about it, give it up for others who keep getting their butts kicked. Best tag team I have ever found is Darkrai and Giratina. Darkrai is a Dark-type pokemon and Giratina is a Ghost and Dragon type. Darkrai's ability is Bad Dreams: reduces a sleeping pokemon's hp, and Giratina's is Pressure (or Levitate if using origin form). Give Darkrai the item big root and the moves nightmare, dark void, dream eater, and/or focus punch/focus blast/whatever works for you and then give Giratina something that increases the accuracy of moves and the moves shadow force, thunder, aura shpere, and a powerful Dragon type move(I don't think it really matters what it is, just not draco meteor). When done right, you can't lose!!! I haven't yet. :)

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Secret - Shiny Golurk and shiny Hydregion event, coming up... soon?

by KingsBlade Dec 08, 2011

In addition to the victini from the 14th and 15th pokemon movies, there are these 2 shiny event pokemon one may get via wi-fi sometime in the future.(Unnanounced)

You get the Shiny golurk in white, and the hydregion in black.

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Secret - Action Replay Game ID

by SeanPatrickMcNiff Apr 12, 2011

When entering Pokemon White as a new game when it asks for the game ID this is it (ONLY North American and European versions of the game


Hope this helps

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Unlockable - Pokemon dream world

by alexchan99 Jun 13, 2011

So the dream world is a place where you can get Pokemon with special abilities , plant berrys and play mini games if you didt know.

So when you start off you only get to go to the pleasant forest and get common items and Pokemon but by doing certain things you are able to acquire points (shown below) if you get enough you get new areas called islands, more Pokemon per areas and new items.

new pokemon and items for all areas7500 points
even more new pokemon and items for all areas10000 points
new island-Windswept sky2500 points
new island-Sparkling sea5000 points
1 pointstrade items with a friend
10 pointswater your friends berries
20 pointsfinish mini games on the island of dreams
30 pointsbecome dream pals with some one
50 pointslopg into global link
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Code - 1024x Experience [North America]

by SeanPatrickMcNiff Mar 28, 2011

521CB54C 59A8437A

023AE840 59A8437E

023AE844 51A80280

123AE848 00004770

021CB54C F978F1E3

D2000000 000000000

1024x Experience [North America]1024x experience after you beat pokemon
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Code - How to catch the three beasts

by arceusly Jun 06, 2011

this will need some Pokemon training

coblinany pokemon with claws and can learn to make pokemon sleep or paralyze 1.use a move to make coblin sleep or paralyze 2. use false swipe untill 1 hp left 3. use ultra ball
tericonsame as the top
vizoronsame as the top
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Code - Recommended Team

by DanielMoreman Apr 27, 2011

NOTE: This team is for in-game purposes only, not for Wi-Fi battles.

If you chose Snivy;


If you chose Tepig;


If you chose Oshawott;



Snivy - Nuvema Town

Tepig - Nuvema Town

Oshawott - Nuvema Town

Pansage/Pansear/Panpour - Dreamyard

Roggenrola - Wellspring Cave

Lillipup - Route 1

Axew - Mistralton Cave

Larvesta - Egg on Route 18

Tympole - Pinwheel Forest (Outside)

Deerling (Any Form) - Route 6

The moves and abilities are yours to choose :)

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Code - Where the last three legends are hidden

by phiphi501 Mar 30, 2011

The last three legends can only be gotten after their seperate events have been gotten on the game but here is where to look for them.

the fire one ( the hardest )you have to beat the red battle subway car to the end with the speical item.
the grass one ( second hardest )get vitiani (spelling) and go one seven win streak in all the battle subway with the speical item.
the water one ( easiest )get the speical item and then visit p2 lab ifit isn't there that means you should go to the prime dockand it should be there if not go to the extralink from someone and it should be there if not that means its on the run like thundrous (thondrous).
levelall should be Lv. 1 through Lv. 20
movesfire/ incenerate, flamthrower , flame charge, mechbody.
abilitys ( 1 )fire/ blaze storm. water/ torrent storm. grass/ overgrow storm.
abilitys ( 2 )they are pretty much the same as blaze, torrent, and overgrow but more powerful and they do extra damage when theyget hit like a counter hit
cool things ( 1 )they can learn blast burn, frenzy plant, and hydro cannon.
cool things ( 2 )they can learn any KO move if another pokemon in your party knows it ( it takes one week to learn ).
cool things ( 3 )they are the only ones that can use mechbody ( which makes them imunne to one hit KO moves as long as it's on the field
cool things ( 4 )they are the only ones that can use blaze storm , torrent storm , or overgrow storm.
Important!!!if you kill them even if you save before the battle you will lose the speical item and even if you get another one ( of the items ) the pokemon will not reappear!!!
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Unlockable - How to get genecect

by arceusly Jun 03, 2011

when the event for genecect.first you get him in the gift thing and then you recive him next go to the nearset pokemon center.(make sure you leave space in yuor party for genecect).then go talk to the man. also to receive two types of disks for him fight the poeple in the p2 laboratory and you get two disks for it.

genecetfirst you get him in the gift thing and then you recive him next go to the nearset pokemon center.(make sure you leave space in yuor party for genecect).then go talk to the man.
two disksalso to receive two types of disks for him fight the poeple in the p2 laboratory and you get two disks for it.
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Unlockable - How to get Thundurus faster

by Unregistered Apr 06, 2011

All you gotta do is go where its raining! If you can do that and walk through the grass you'll find him right away and if you use a move where hes too scared to leave then you have a good chance at catching it without using a master ball. Good luck!

Thundurus FasterRead the freaking description
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Secret - The Best Team Ever Unova Style

by FlamerBoy Apr 22, 2011

This Team was not easy to bring togather but in an Exact time of 119 hrs. and 26 min. I Finally Made it to an ultimate team and I shall continue to train to Gain the Ultimate Alliance!!! It's sad to say I have no Wi-Fi so you'll see no action fro this little Champion, I hope I helped Ya'll out!

The one up top - Emboar Lonely Nature backed up with his strategic moves: Heat Crash, Wild Charge, Hammer Arm, and Sunny Day with the ability Blaze and likes to thrash about Lv. 88

With a Heart of Steel - Golurk with a Serious Nature and his wicked choice of moves are: Focus Blast, Magnitude, Shadow Ball, and best of all Heavy Slam with the Iron Fist ability and Somewhat Vain Lv. 85

Next in Line - Ferrothorn sitting at a Brave Nature and an ideal combo of: Bulldoze, Gyro Ball, Explosion, and Solarbeam ( which goes good with sunny day ) and the Iron Barbs ability and Likes to run ( which is weird because he only has a speed of 57 which works with Gyro Ball ) and Lv. 83

You can't forget this guy - Beartic has a Naughty Nature is highly skilled with: Surf, Thrash, Superpower, and Blizzard of course with a Snow Cloak ability and Somewhat Stubborn at Lv. 86

Probably Most Important - Hydreigon with a Hardy Nature and an unbeatable Selection of moves: Dragon Rush, Fire Blast, Fly, and Payback with the very helpful Levitate ability and Hates to Lose with the high honor being # 2 in the world at Lv. 87

And Last but not Least - Unfezant ( Braviary works good too but Unfezant stole my attention ) with a very careful Nature and a decent strategy including: Sky attack, Double Team, Giga Impact and Finally U-Turn and unforgettably Loves to eat witha Finale Lv. of 85

And Yes I'm sure this will be enough to beat the League a second Time and anyone else out there, Peace OUT!!

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Unlockable - National Dex

by baby-girl Mar 17, 2011

After you beat the game, beat thE Elite Four and watch the credits. Leave you house and you will receive the National Dex from Professor Juniper.

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Code - Action Replay Codes US/EU

by ARCodes Mar 07, 2011

Visit us for all the pokemon white action replay codes http://actionreplayds.net

Pokemon White --- http://actionreplayds.net

Max Money (Select)
94000130 FFFB0000
0223CDCC 0098967F
D2000000 00000000

Max BP (Select)
94000130 FFFB0000
1223D8AC 0000270F
D2000000 00000000

All Badges
use at own risk!
1223CDB0 0000FFFF

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Code - Positions

by Unregistered Apr 21, 2011

hello i just thought about different positions to assign certain pokemon. hope i helped!!!

leadpokemon pokemon with most hp. so it can survive opponet atacks and atack with alot of power
secondbackup. just in case. make this your starter pokemon so he will be able to be in lead during triple battles
thirdpokemon with abilitys or moves such as helping hand so he will help in triple battles
forthlegendary. dont have but one legendary. then others will think your to much. i made that mistake once and then no one wanted to battle me
fithany pokemon thats type is weak against your starter. for example, i have serperior so the first time i battled the elite four i had no cance against the chandelure so i got a water type and i won
finalthe strongest pokemon you have. so if you have the rest of your pokemon defeated, you will have a strong one left.
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Code - How to get pansear

by nelly55 Mar 21, 2011

hi i am going to show you hot to get a panzer in pokemon white when you are at the first gym go up to the gym [dont go inside]then go right go up and then you will see a tree tunnel go in then you will be in the dream yard you will fight a couple of trainers then go up to the person make sure you have one space in your party then talk to him he will say do you want the panzer say yes then u will get a panzer! ps:I'M A GIRL!not a boy!

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Secret - New Details of Pokemon White

by Unregistered May 13, 2010

Today, (5/12/10) A Japanese magazine leaked some pictures of the new starter Pokemon. Their names, types, and species are listed as follows: Tsutaja, the grass starter, grass snake Pokemon; Pokabu, the fire starter, fire pig Pokemon; and Mijumaru, the water starter, sea otter Pokemon. The new region is confirmed as the Isshu region. In addition to the three starter Pokemon, 3 months ago, two Pokemon were previously unveiled; Zoroark, Dark, Monster Fox Pokemon, and its pre-evolved form, Zorua, Dark, Evil Fox Pokemon. In addition, Zoroarks ability is called Illusion and allows it to transform into any pokemon. Not much is know about the difference from the move, Transform. Plus, two new moves have been announced; Trickery, which power is calculated by the opponents stats, and Claw Sharpen, which raises the users Attack and Accuracy.

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Secret - How to get all Legendaries without using a master ball!!!

by FlamerBoy Mar 25, 2011

What you do is go up to the pokemon and save your data. Then select and battle. On the first turn use a quick and press the A button a fast as you can. If it fails to capture press L+R+Select to restart your game and try it again. I've caught ALL legendaries this way. Hope this helps.

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Secret - Good combination

by plasma49 Mar 28, 2011

If your using darkrai in a battle use dark void then nightmare then dream eater.

Darkrais ability bad dreams and nightmare means it will lose 2 lots of HP a turn and you can drain the enemies HP with out taking damage!

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by nelly55 Mar 16, 2011

i will show you how to catch a Burmy. 1st go to Floroma town buy honey then go to the honey tree behind you go up to it and press a the game will say[there is a sweet sent in the Air .Slather the tree with honey] say yes the wait about 2-6 hours then when you go back the tree might be shaking press a then you might run in to Burmy. HOPE THIS HELPED BYE!

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