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Pokemon White Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon White cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 65 cheats in our list, which includes 8 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 50 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon White on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

PoKeball Capture Rate

by no-life Mar 07, 2011

There's a similar information I posted for Pokemon Sapphire but this time, I'm posting this for Pokemon Black & White. With extra information about new Pokeballs introduced in later Generations. (This does not include Heart-Gold & Soul-Silver Pokeballs because they're exclusive to those games.) And in Generation V, they introduced Critical Capture which acts like landing Critical Hits. (Explained later...)

Capture Rate - Wild Pokemon's HP

  • Full (Green) health [1.0] (Harder to catch)
  • Half (Yellow) health [1.5] (Somewhat easier to catch)
  • Critical (Red) health [2.0] (A lot easier to catch)

Capture Rate - Status Conditions

  • None (Normal Condition) [1.0]
  • Poisoned [1.5]
  • Burned [1.5]
  • Paralyzed [1.5]
  • Sleep [2.0]
  • Frozen [2.0]

Capture Rate - Pokeballs

  • Pokeball - A standard Pokeball that captures Pokemon [*1.0]
  • Great Ball - A Pokeball with a higher catch rate [*1.5]
  • Ultra Ball - A Pokeball with more higher catch rate [*2.0]
  • Master Ball - A Pokeball with a 100% guaranteed capture on any Pokemon [100% Capture]
  • Premier Ball - A special Pokeball that goes along with 10 purchased Pokeballs [*1.0]
  • Timer Ball - A special Pokeball that has a better catch rate as the battle continues (*1/10 Turns) [*1.0 - *4.0]
  • Repeat Ball - A special Pokeball that has a better catch rate if caught the same Pokemon [*4.0] If not, then [*1.0]
  • Luxury Ball - A special Pokeball that makes a Pokemon friendly (Base happiness will be 200 instead of 70) [*1.0]
  • Dive Ball - A special Pokeball that has a better catch rate if battled in water [*3.5] If not in water, then [*1.0]
  • Net Ball - A special Pokeball that is effective on Bug and Water Pokemon [*3.0] If they're not Bug or Water, then [*1.0]
  • Nest Ball - A special Pokeball that works effectively if the user's Pokemon level is higher [*1.0 to 3.0]
  • Dusk Ball - A special Pokeball that grows effective in capturing Pokemon at night or in caves [*3.5] if not, then [*1.0]
  • Heal Ball - A special Pokeball that heals all the status conditions and restores HP when caught [*1.0]
  • Quick Ball - A special Pokeball that has a better catch rate if used in first turn [*4.0] if later, then [*1.0]
  • Cherish Ball - A special Pokeball that is used to signify Special Pokemon (Normally not obtainable) [*1.0]
  • Park Ball - A special Pokeball, only in Sinnoh, that has a guaranteed capture [100%]
  • Dream Ball - A special Pokeball that appears in your inventory while you're in High Link, has a guaranteed capture [100%]

Catch rate -... 

continue →

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by Love95Legendz Mar 14, 2011

Location: Giant Chasm

North of Route 13, you'll find a new area called the Giant Chasm. When you enter, this area is filled with forestry, but when you come near the lake in the middle, you'll hear a screech and the whole area flash freezes. Go to the north and you'll find the Dragon/Ice Pokémon Kyurem in a cave.

Level 75
Hold Item:
??? Nature.
Date of Receiving
Giant Chasm. Caught at Lv. 75
Dragon Pulse
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SiGht Seeing #1 Anville town

by Goldgary123 Mar 29, 2011

Some Trainers (Like me) Have past the cities,bridges or even routes that were meant for us gamers to enjoy. Anville Town is a town that is skiped pass by alot of players.There are pictures and steps provided on how to get here. TIP: Anville Town changes apearances daily. Sometimes you might not find a train or might be a lack of people in this town this is normal .More people appear on the WEEKDAYS so be sure to visit then.

1. FIrst Fly to Nimbasa City.

2. Head right from the pokemon center and enter in this building.

3.Enter in and go down to the fourth train. walk down the stairs.

4. Speak to the conductor and select YES(Unless you don't want to go)

5. You are now at Anville Town.

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daIly training routines(after game completion)

by charizard14 Apr 04, 2011

1.Go to Castelia city,go in the Game Freak building. Battle Game Freak Morimoto for experience points.

2. Go to Nimbasa City,go to both sports domes and beat everyone there.

3. Go to the Pokemon League.Go outside of it and go into the cave and battle Cheren.

4. Battle the league.

5. Ride the Royal Unova and battle everyone their.

6. On Saturday nights battle Bianca.

7. In spring months battle Cynthia.

What you need:

1. lucky egg (or exp share)

2.pokemon that are in range of level 72-80 and up

well this always gave me about 5 levels everyday! I hope I helped!

feel free to ask questions in the comments

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NeEd a Pokemon?

by no-life Mar 16, 2011

Try going on GTS (Global Trade Station). You can search a Pokemon what you want and trade one of your Pokemon in your boxes.

Just beware: Most people on GTS are not being very honest, mostly because U.S.A. hacking their Pokemon, making and unfair or impossible deal. Most of us are very tired of seeing kids hacking their game, so look for a Pokemon you seek and check if it's a fair deal to you.

You may also offer your Pokemon and tell people what you want. After that, you got to wait. Patience.

Beware: If you haven't checked GTS for a long time, you may or may not get your Pokemon for your offer. And do not make ridiculous deals otherwise you will NOT get you want. As well for other low-life offerers.

And just a quick note, you have to make your deal in time before someone makes the deal first and it will be too late make a deal now.

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AbYssal Ruins

by no-life Oct 05, 2011

In the Abyssal Ruins, which can be located at the eastern side of Undella Town (where you can battle Cynthia during Spring-time). Now, in order to go there, you are being required to have the following:

  • Surf
  • Dive
  • Strength
  • Flash

Next you may have to follow the guide here. Credits goes to Marriland for the useful map.

Now, in Abyssal Ruins, as you first entered it (recommended to start at the lower-left end as you dive), you will notice a faint sound. But you do have a step limit though. The more you traverse long enough, you will be sent back to the surface where you last dived from. What you will find in the Abyssal Ruins are Relic treasures and Arceus' Elemental Plates. Maybe some other items as well.

On 1F, you have to go through the path correctly (as shown on the map) or else you will not able to unlock the first block. You can, however, go pick up some loot for your own satisfaction. On 2F, you are being required to use Flash on any of the two blocks (as shown on the map). If you don't have a Pokemon that knows Flash, then collect the loot as you wish. Now, on 3F, at the last block, you are required to use Strength. Again, if you don't have a Pokemon that knows Strength, just collect the loot. And finally, in the center of 4F, you will find a RELIC CROWN! It can be sold for an extremely high price.

If you have collected so much Relic items, they are to be sold at the villa in Undella Town to the Black Belt. He will give you a heck lot of cash for them. Unfortunately, there's only one Relic Crown.

Enjoy your search in Abyssal Ruins.

Edit: Because that the link to the map I was talking about is not there when it was first submitted, please stop being so dramatic and shut up for a moment. The link to the map is here. If it still does not show up, then you will need to go to Marriland's Site for the map.

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MoNo-Type & Dual-Type Pokemon

by no-life Mar 28, 2011

Mono-Type Pokemon are Pokemon that has a single Type. For example: Typhlosion is a Mono-Type Pokemon. It's base type is, Fire. So it gives a better boost to Fire-Based moves. Its STAB boost is greater than Dual-Type Pokemon because Mono-Type Pokemon are naturally powerful that way.

Now, a Dual-Type Pokemon, such as Infernape, is Fire/Fighting. It boosts Fire and Fighting moves but a weaker STAB boost than Mono-Type Pokemon. However, they can still deal inflict greater damage if used right.

Now let's move on to why Mono-Type Pokemon are better than Dual-Type Pokemon. You see, certain Pokemon, like Swampert, has only one weakness and that's Grass. But, Pokemon like Scyther has way too many weaknesses. Mono-Type Pokemon usually have 1 or 3 weaknesses and they usually have a better advantage than Dual-Type Pokemon.

So, if I were using Typhlosion now, its Eruption (if it has full HP) deals tremendous damage to my opponent. Escavalier would fall in defeat rather easily due to Typhlosion's Type Advantage and better STAB boost. And... Haxorus, is a wonderful Mono-Type Pokemon to have: it will boost Dragon Moves much better than Dragonite. However, they're both pretty powerful so... Anyways, you can use both Mono-Type and Dual-Type Pokemon to your advantage. It's a necessary thing to do, only if you play your part right.

By the way, STAB stands for "Same Type Attack Bonus." Mono-Type Pokemon gets *2.0 STAB Boost and Dual-Type gets *1.5 STAB Boost.

Remember that now.

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PrEmier Ball (Beginners help)

by Hazzard Jan 17, 2012

Ok, Sadly when I was playing Pokemon White Version I bought 99 Pokeballs. Well this is not a glitch or hack it is just a heads up. Lets say you walk into the Pokemart and you want to buy 45 Pokeballs. Instead of taking the quick way, buy each Pokeball in a group of 10 so you get a 4 premier balls not 1.

So just a little heads up, and if you are going to buy 99 Pokeballs do it in groups of 10.

Thanks for reading,


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BrEeding Pokemon with Dream World Abilities

by no-life Aug 31, 2011

A lot people acquire Pokemon with Dream World abilities. But their Natures and Characteristics are not what the people wanted, and so people breed them with a Ditto and discovered after hatching 20 eggs or more, the offspring did not get a Dream World ability. Something is wrong here. According to Serebii and Bulbapedia, you need to do something here:

  • The Female Pokemon must be the one with the Dream World ability
  • The Pokemon's Egg group must be compatible with the Female
  • Leaving them in the Daycare

After you've done that, wait for a while and get the eggs from the daycare man. After hatching a couple of the eggs, you will notice that the offspring will have the inherited Dream World ability from the mother. This method is the only way to acquire an offspring with a Dream World ability. So yes, you cannot leave the Female with the Dream World ability with a Ditto, nor can breed a Male with the Dream World ability with the compatible Female. And finally, there is 60% that the offspring WILL have a Dream World ability inherited.

I hope this helped for those who are in need of offspring with Dream World abilities.

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HaLf-Price Shops

by TheHomesickAlien Apr 18, 2011

Ok so, you want lots of stuff but haven't got the money for it? Well heres a way to get shops down to half price.

First of all, You must have a Friend with another DS and a Pokèmon Black or White Game Card (Or a spare DS and Pokèmon Black or White) Start up both games. Then on the Game that isn't yours, go you the Entralink. Then go onto one of the bridges and wait until both DSs have connected. Then on the Game that isn't yours enter your world. when you enter go to your games Tree (Doesn't exactly look like one but theres a man standing beside the "Tree"). Then press "A" at the tree if your lucky enough there might be a mission that allows you to half the price of shops. Then accept that mission then go to wherever your own game's trainer is. Talk to yourself then Dadadaaaa! Now all Pokèmarts sell everything at half price for 30 minutes.

Special Notes: This Does not work EVERYDAY it only works some days. Some other days have different missions.

Also before doing this I highly recommend battling trainers (Maybe the Pokèmon League but bring your strongest Pokèmon when doing that so its quick!) with the Amulet Coin. When I did this I bought:

99 Ultra Balls

99 revives

All Three TMs in Icicle City [Possible Spelling Fail] (Thunder, Fire Blast and Blizzard)

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CaPturing Legendary Pokemon Tips

by Bramblefang Mar 21, 2011

[Stationary Legendary Pokemon Tips]

- Like you do with any other Pokemon, lower the Legendary's HP until it turns red. The lower the HP, the better chance you're going to catch the legendary.

~ TM 54, False Swipe, will always leave 1 HP for the opponent to hang on to, assuming that the user is at a high level and has a decent Attack stat compared to the legendary Pokemon. (If the move would KO the opponent, it will always leave 1 HP instead) The TM is given to you by Professor Juniper after you "see" 30 Unova Pokemon.

- Use Pokeballs to your advantage. If it is night time when you are battling the legendary, use a Dusk Ball. If there has been many turns in the battle already, use a Timer Ball to capture the Pokemon. An Ultra Ball is another good option because it has a good catch rate wherever you are.

- Inflict status problems upon the legendary. Hypnosis, Thunder Wave, and Toxic are a few of these status afflicting moves. (Note: Poisoning or burning a Pokemon should help you catch it, but it isn't always a good idea since they damage the Pokemon between every turn. You might end up KO'ing the legendary Pokemon.)

- Try to bring strong Pokemon to give you time to throw a few Pokeballs at the legendary. Also, bring Pokemon that are about the same level as the legendary to bring down the legendary's HP if you can't afford to use False Swipe on it.

- Bring a lot of Potions, Revives, and Pokeballs. You don't know how long it will take to catch the legendary.

- Save before you battle a legendary.

[Running Legendary Pokemon Tips]

- Certain Pokemon have abilities that prevent the Pokemon from running away. Crobat can learn Mean Look while Wobbufet has the ability Shadow Tag that prevents a Pokemon from running away. (More examples would be Diglett and Dugtrio which have the ability Arena Trap)

After you do that, you should follow the rest of the tips to catch the Running "Legendary"

NOTE: These tips might not work all of the time. Some Legendary Pokemon are still hard to catch even with low HP and status problems.

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SpEcial Evolutions and Form Changes

by poke master Mar 17, 2011

Whether you bring your old Legendary Pokemon into Black and White or catch new Pokemon with special needs, here are the ways you can change forms and evolve special Pokemon.

  • Magneton (Magnezone) - Fight enemies in Chargestone Cave
  • Nosepass (Probopass) - Fight enemies in Chargestone Cave
  • Eevee (Leafon, Glaceon) - Fight enemies near moss-covered stone in Pinwheel Forest for Leafeon / Fight enemies near frozen ice crystal at the bottom of Twist Mountain for Glaceon
  • Feebas (Milotic) - Trade Feebas while it holds a Prism Scale (get a Prism Scale on Route 13)
  • Deerling/Sawsbuck (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Forms) - The seasons in Pokemon Black and White change by real-time months, each season features a special look for your Deerling or Sawsbuck
  • Rotom (Normal, Heat, Wash, Frost, Fan, Mow Forms) - Open boxes in teh first door on floor 1 of the Shopping Mall Nine to change Rotom's form
  • Giratina (Origin Form) - Give Giratina a Griseous Orb from the Shadow Triad on the Marvelous Bridge to change its form
  • Shaymin (Sky Form) - Give Gracidea from the woman in the Pokemon Center in Lacunosa Town to Shaymin
  • Deoxys (Normal, Attack, Defense, Speed) - Examine the meteor in the museum in Nacrene to cycle through forms
  • Arceus - Give a plate to Arceus to change form
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ElIte 4

by SeanPatrickMcNiff Mar 28, 2011

if you travel in a clockwise motion (left to right) first you will battle Shauntele who uses ghost types then you will fight Grimsley who uses dark types next you will fight Caitlyn who uses psychic types and finally you will fight Marshal he uses fighting types .Then you go to the champion's room it is enormous if this is the first time you are doing this N's castle will pop out of the ground you go in catch Zekrom fight N and Ghetsis. If this is the second time you fight the champion then you mop the floor with him which isn't easy because his highest level is 77 and all of the others are 75 so buy a lot of medicine if you need it then you beat the game. P.S. I beat him at 18 hours into the game so if you beat that time tell me.

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ChImchar with Fire Punch

by KingsBlade Apr 04, 2011

Put a Monferno or Infernape in the daycare. they should be female. then put a male Medicham that knows fire punch in there too and an egg will have a chimchar with fire punch!

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Hydreigon evolution chain- German Connection

by yoshi114 Apr 23, 2012

The Hydreigon evolution chain actually is a reference to German numbers

"eins" is 1 in German. and the first pokemon in the chain is called "deino" the EIN means it has 1 head

Zwei in "Zweilous means 2. it has 2 heads.

And the "Drei" in Hydreigon means 3. it has 3 heads

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hoW to get rotom

by fire-dragon Apr 03, 2012

after you beat the game go to giant chasm get ditto then go to route 15 and in an RV (i think) a female scientist will give you a level 60 rotom holding a max elixir that also knows the moves subsitite, electro ball, hex, and charge and also has the ability levitate for the ditto

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Ev Training Spots

by hero44 Apr 26, 2011

Speed Evs: Basculin(2)

Location: Many places where there is water. (Not all will have it but majority)

~100% encounter rate where it is located.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________

Sp. Defence Evs Frillish(1)

Location: Driftveil City

~100% encounter rate. Frillish though can be found in other variant places.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ _

Defence Evs: Yamask(1, 50% Enounter rate) Cofagrigus(2, 50% Encounter Rate)

Location: Desert Resort Relic

~ The other 50% of the time, you find Sandiles or Krokdiles.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________

Sp. Attack Evs: Litwick(1)

Location: Celestial Tower

~100% encounter rate. On higher floors, you may find Elygem which gives same evs

__________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________

Attack Evs: Golett (1)

Location: Dragonspiral Tower

~100% chance of encountering Golett after pass the stairs.


HP Evs: Stunfisk (2), Palpitoad (2), and Victini (3) (As long as you don't catch it.)

Location: Liberty Garden, Ircirrus city

~ Palpitoad isn't encountered in the winter as well as Stunfisks level gets lower.

Credit to Marriland & Dbnet.com

Hope you liek, rate please.

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raRe candy

by camo3000 Apr 04, 2011

go 2 the houses in anville town talk to a guy in a green suit and he will give u a rare candy

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StOp Evolution

by skyp Aug 03, 2011

Every one should know this. If a Pokemon is evolving and you dont want it to, just hit the "B" button in the middle of its evolution. Or, just give in an Everstone. That way, it cant evolve, no matter what happens.

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PoKemon Strategies

by cranidos1up Jun 21, 2011

I've been on random matchup and my vs. recorder a lot and I found some strategies

The Justified Strategy (this only works in double and triple battles)

First you need a pokemon with the ability Justified (make sure It holds leftovers or a shell bell) and a pokemon that knows Beat up (has to have Incredible speed)

I'm going to use Whimsicott and Terrakion as an example

I enter a triple battle (Whimsicott and Terrakion have to be next to each other) first Whimsicott uses Beat up on Terrakion and It's ability Justified activates but Beat up hits 6 times (4 If in double battle) so that means Justified activates 6 times (4 if in double battle) making it useless for Terrakion to use Swords Dance because It has very high attack

Dry Skin Strategy (Use In double battle only)

Dry Skin is a Ability that alters damage taken to it

The pokemon that are needed are: A pokemon with the ability Dry Skin and a pokemon with the ability Drizzle

I'm going to use Toxicroak and a Dream World Politoed as an example (Politoed needs to know Surf)

I enter a double battle and Politoed's ability Drizzle activates making it so after every pokemon attacked Toxicroak is always healed (the 2nd part of this strategy requires Toxicroak with low HP) When Toxicroak is at low HP use surf so that the opponents pokemon gets attacked and Toxicroak is healed

The Motor Drive Strategy (works in double and triple battles)

Motor Drive is an ability that raises one of it's stats when attacked by a electric type move

The pokemon that are needed are: A pokemon with the ability Motor Drive, a pokemon that knows discharge, and a ground type pokemon (Only in triple battle)

I'll use Electivire, Stunfisk, and Torterra as my examples

I enter a triple battle (stunfisk has to be in the middle to hit every pokemon) Stunfisk uses Discharge So Electivire's ability activates and doesn't effect Torterra repeat the process untill Electivire's speed can't raise

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SiGht Seeing #3 Castelia City

by Goldgary123 Apr 01, 2011

Castelia City, One of the Coolest 3-D Place in Pokemon White. Castelia (Like skyarrow bridge) Is also a place in which you must go. This City holds one or the gym's any ways. This city is the easiest to go to really just one step which is...

Step 1:Fly to Castelia City

Screen shots:

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MoOMoo milk: a great money saver

by KingsBlade Apr 01, 2011

Buy moomoo milk at driftveil market it saves 2 times the money and restores 2 times the health of a super potion!

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EaSy (Late Game) Experience

by yuofukkyuo56 Mar 17, 2011

After you beat the Elite 4, go to the Giant Chasm with 2 Blisseys in the back of your party. When you encounter Ditto, send in Blissey, let the Ditto transform into Blissey, switch back out, and defeat the 'Blissey' for massive EXP.

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DoUble KO problems?

by no-life Mar 07, 2011

If you think your game is glitched by having two of your Pokemon KO'd at the same turn and you can't switch any of your Pokemon in battle, you need to switch your active Pokemon with the Fainted Pokemon. After you have placed the two active Pokemon in the first two slots, the battle goes on. And I repeat this is NOT a glitch.

I hope this helps you if you're having issues with Double or Triple Battles.

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SiGht Seeing #2 Skyarrow Bridge

by Goldgary123 Apr 01, 2011

This time i will be showing something s little more different than Anville town. This time Skyarrow bridge is a bridge everyone is required to pass. But once again it's the beauty of it that was missed. This one's easy to Find just follow two steps!

Step 1:Fly to Castelia City And head East OR Fly to Nacrene City And head West (You will have to pass Pinwheel forest)

Step 2:Enjoy the Bridge!

Screen Shots:

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