Pokemon White Review

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Pokemon White Review

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Pokemon White Review :

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May 02, 2011

Pokemon has been in the business for over 10 years by now. This year will be the 15th anniversary of Pokemon Red & Green! By now you'd think the games would be tweaked a bit so they won't be very similar to the first games. Unfortunately, Pokemon Black & White shares the piece of unoriginality that it's predecessors have had for many years. Still, Black and White are a must get for any Pokemon fan. Both games start off with the usual Pokemon intro. You meet the professor ...

Spottedfire12's avatar

Apr 01, 2011

Pokemon Fans are raving for this game's release... Pokemon White! It starts out with a completely new region, Unova region. Also, brand-new Items, Moves,... and of course new Pokemon! Actually, the Pokemon were a letdown to me. Most of these Pocket Monsters weren't very unique, although I did like only a few. But the Flying types were feeble, so I had a hard time finding one that could use the move Fly. But the rest of the game was great, and it looks like the Pokemon Company finally t...

no-life's avatar

May 19, 2011

Pokemon White shows a brand new adventure and a new Pokemon region called, Unova. Unova has more than 150 new Pokemon whether you like to see or capture them. Your journey can begin as a boy or girl and you start with having two new rivals/friends, Bianca the clumsy girl and Cheren is quite moody but smart guy, and each one of you get your starter Pokemon. After your first battle Professor Juniper gives you and your rivals the latest technology, the PokeDex. Ever since you first acquired the Po...

arbynthechief's avatar

Apr 12, 2011

Pokemon White basically follows the same path as its predecessors, except it introduces new antagonists and Pokemon. Your goal is to defeat all of the gym leaders and become champion of the region, Unova. However, along the way, you will encounter problems, such as the meddlesome Team Plasma and the corrupt Ghetsis, leader of the Seven Sages of the team. Team Plasma's leader, N, and the son of Ghetsis, will play an important part in this game. You will get to get some insight into N's ...

Mienshao77's avatar

Aug 08, 2011

A new region, new people, new places... new Pokemon! Pokemon White version is the newest Pokemon game by the Pokemon Company. It starts out in the Unova Region. As always, there is someone who gets in your way... Team Plasma! Unlike other games, Team Plasma actually make sense when they get in your way. Team Plasma rant on about animal cruelty and how Pokemon Trainers were hurting their Pokemon and they DEMANDED everyone to realease their Pokemon. The new Pokemon were okay, although I did like a...

KingsBlade's avatar

Aug 13, 2012

All pokemon games are about catching pokemon, training them, and beating opposing trainers, eventually building your way to the elite 4. After beating the elite 4, you try to catch all the pokemon. In my view, the games are really fun and are for all ages. Pokemon isn't necessarily for little kids like some say. Most pokemon games are really fun and worth that thirty to forty dollars. Also, if friends have pokemon games like you, you can trade with them, and if you connect your DS to the in...

charizard14's avatar

Apr 11, 2011

Pokemon White the 5th generation of Pokemon!It is a good game overall It has the same formula as the past Pokemon games... beat the team that tries to destroy the Pokemon world,beat the Elite Four,and complete the Pokedex. It also has a twist to it..... The Unova region.The new Pokemon it is a good game that I encourage people to play. The new Pokemon were a letdown to fans but not to me. The Pokemon in this game are lacking uniqueness but the Pokemon Company and Game Freak have used almost ever...

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