Pokemon White Review

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Pokemon White Review :

A Really Great Game!

by Spottedfire12 Apr 01, 2011

Pokemon Fans are raving for this game's release... Pokemon White!

It starts out with a completely new region, Unova region. Also, brand-new Items, Moves,... and of course new Pokemon! Actually, the Pokemon were a letdown to me. Most of these Pocket Monsters weren't very unique, although I did like only a few. But the Flying types were feeble, so I had a hard time finding one that could use the move Fly. But the rest of the game was great, and it looks like the Pokemon Company finally took the fans' advice. Although, I felt they could've added a bit to HG/SS to this game. It was a good idea to have the Pokewalker. And the Pokeathelon was fun, whereas in Pokemon White, you get to dress up your Pokemon ONCE and watch them dance for five minuets to some music. But still, a really fun game!

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7Story line
The storyline really lacks originality. Of course, the same thing over again... Complete the Pokedex, become the Champ, defeat this Team that try to ruin the world... yep. But of course, that's what makes Pokemon... Pokemon.
The graphics are better now. Lots of things are 3-D and more detailed. There's more colors, too. But another disappointment I found in Pokemon White was that in battle your Pokemon look blocky and pixeled. Sometimes this game looks like one from the GBA. Pokemon Company could've done better with it.
The music is good and catchy. It fits the battle well, like if you're Pokemon is almost fainted the Battle Music will speed up and sound panicy. But the Moves' sound could've sounded better. Sometimes it sounds like GBA'S.
One thing you have now is that it will take about 100-300 hours to complete this game. It'll take a while and hard work Catching 'Em All.
9Lasting Appeal
It will get boring at the end with nothing to do, except work on your Pokemon and play with friends. But with the Relocator, you can transfer your old Pokemon to this game. WOW! A bit nostalgia in Pokemon White! So, work hard to Catch 'Em All!
(Out of 10)


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