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Pokemon White Review :

Pokemon White Version

by charizard14 Apr 11, 2011

Pokemon White the 5th generation of Pokemon!It is a good game overall It has the same formula as the past Pokemon games... beat the team that tries to destroy the Pokemon world,beat the Elite Four,and complete the Pokedex. It also has a twist to it..... The Unova region.The new Pokemon it is a good game that I encourage people to play. The new Pokemon were a letdown to fans but not to me. The Pokemon in this game are lacking uniqueness but the Pokemon Company and Game Freak have used almost every creature they can... Aside from that this game has been an adventure for me that I still can't finish!

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7Story line
Beat the evil team,the Elite Four,and complete the Pokedex.... I'm tired of it!.... It is the same thing over again.... Well that is the Pokemon games for ya.....
This was my favorite thing abnout this game. 3D parts of the game and now the Pokemon actually move during the battle. Yeah that's cool but in battle the Pokemon look like little squares but hey atleast there not still anymore.
Cool sound... I like the panic scenes during battles when your Pokemon has lost alot of hp... I also like the musicof the Champion battles... Overall the sound was pretty good
It's good it has alot of dialouge in it and alot of cool gadgets...It also let's you have the ability to battle random trainers over Wifi-Connection which helped me understand Pokemon alot more.
8Lasting Appeal
You have a little of stuff to do such as: Challenge Cynthia Challenge GAMEFREAK Morimoto Challenge Cheren Challenge Bianca Catch more Pokemon and much much more
(Out of 10)


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