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Pokemon White Review :

Same Old Game With a Twist

by arbynthechief Apr 12, 2011

Pokemon White basically follows the same path as its predecessors, except it introduces new antagonists and Pokemon. Your goal is to defeat all of the gym leaders and become champion of the region, Unova. However, along the way, you will encounter problems, such as the meddlesome Team Plasma and the corrupt Ghetsis, leader of the Seven Sages of the team. Team Plasma's leader, N, and the son of Ghetsis, will play an important part in this game. You will get to get some insight into N's past and his true intentions. I like how in Pokemon White, they introduce two main antagonists, N and Ghetsis. However, Ghetsis and N have completely different goals, something you will realize by the end of the game. I was disappointed with some of the new Pokemon, but with others I was really impressed. In terms of gameplay, sound, and graphics, expect those to be the same as previous Pokemon games. This is a definite must-try for Pokemon fans.

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7Story line
The storyline was the same as the previous games. Defeat the Gym Leaders, take down the main antagonist, become the champion of the region. It has gotten a little old after a while, but still manges to hold up to some extent.
Let's face it, the graphics in Pokemon aren't that good. However, it doesn't really take away from the gaming experience too much. I'm sure most seasoned gamers won't mind the poor graphics. However, they have been improved in this game. Pokemon games now feature a 3-D feature.
Sound in this game isn't very good. However, it gives off some nostalgic feeling that wants to make you listen to all of the tunes over and over again.
Gameplay in the Pokemon games suits it perfectly considering what type of game it is. The way you play the game is exactly the same as previous games, and I see know problems with it.
10Lasting Appeal
I know most seasoned Pokemon veterans will be playing this game until a new version comes out. There are so many Pokemon to catch and people to battle.
(Out of 10)


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