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Pokemon White Review :

The Greatest Edition to the Pokemon Franchise

by Bramblefang May 02, 2011

Pokemon has been in the business for over 10 years by now. This year will be the 15th anniversary of Pokemon Red & Green! By now you'd think the games would be tweaked a bit so they won't be very similar to the first games. Unfortunately, Pokemon Black & White shares the piece of unoriginality that it's predecessors have had for many years. Still, Black and White are a must get for any Pokemon fan.

Both games start off with the usual Pokemon intro. You meet the professor of the new region called Unova and you get to customize your character as you please. Eventually, you obtain your starter Pokemon to begin your adventure and a Pokedex to record information on every Pokemon you meet. As you explore the region of Unova, you encounter wide new variety of Pokemon and Trainers. Along the way, you fight special trainers called Gym Leaders who will let you continue the game upon their defeat. Once you defeat all eight gym leaders, you get to fight the best trainers of the region called the Elite 4 and eventually the Champion who is the best trainer of the game.

As far as my first impressions were, the graphics caught my eye when I started playing. However, I wasn't entirely impressed. The graphics were changed vastly to keep it modern with today's games. Areas are now fully 3D and Pokemon sprites will continuously move in the same pattern. What's the problem with this you might ask? The most noticeable problem is that the pixels get blurred if you stand at certain angles. In addition, random colored pixels will pop up in places they don't belong in and sometimes I feel that 2D sprites feel a bit weird in 3Dish environments. However, I believe that making the Pokemon world fully 3D and adding some extra frames to the sprites and animations are good touches.

Along with the major enhances to the game's graphics, the music was completely changed to a different style. Personally, I believe that Game Freak and Nintendo were successful with the new style of music. However, I have to take a couple points off for the simple sounds they used in and out of battles.

Let's talk about the gameplay now. The battle system remains the same for the most part (which is a formula I still like to do this day) with a few minor tweaks that are barely unnoticeable. In this installment, two additional battle modes were added. These are called Rotation Battles and Triple Battles. Triple Battles isn't really well put together well and it doesn't have much strategic elements (It's just an additional Pokemon added to the battle) in my opinion but Rotation Battles are just the opposite. In Rotation Battles, you can rotate between your Pokemon without losing a turn. Another cool feature that was added is the Battle Subway. In the Battle Subway, you battle seven trainers consecutively with no items and the trainers progressively get tougher the longer your winning streak is.

In conclusion, Pokemon Black & White lacks any originality but it makes up for it's extra cool features and it's great battle system. Is it the greatest addition to the Pokemon franchise? I say it is.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
7Story line
The storyline remains the same for the most part compared to the past games. I do admit that it is improved from the last games with it's surprising twists that isn't found in the past games.
A full 3D world is nice to look at but looking at it from certain angles ruins it's magnificence, unfortunately.
Nintendo tried out a new style of music and it was successful to my ears. However, the sounds still remain to be simple.
It's an overused formula, but the battle system is still good to this day. The additional Dream World, Random Battles, and other new features are pretty cool use.
8Lasting Appeal
The game lasts for about 50+ hours. However, Pokemon can get boring for some people while others will play it for months after they beat the game. If you like the new features introduced in this installment, you can quickly expect your playtime to get over 100 hours.
(Out of 10)


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