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Pokemon White Review :

Pretty Good...

by Mienshao77 Aug 08, 2011

A new region, new people, new places... new Pokemon! Pokemon White version is the newest Pokemon game by the Pokemon Company. It starts out in the Unova Region. As always, there is someone who gets in your way... Team Plasma! Unlike other games, Team Plasma actually make sense when they get in your way. Team Plasma rant on about animal cruelty and how Pokemon Trainers were hurting their Pokemon and they DEMANDED everyone to realease their Pokemon. The new Pokemon were okay, although I did like a few of them. I loved Mienshao the best!I loved this game and I think it was worth my money.

So, prepare Pokemon Fans for an ALL-NEW fun adventure!

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9Story line
Same old, same old. Complete the Pokedex, rip off Team Plasma's heads, become the Champion. Despite all the newness, Pokemon White brings back some good memories.
There's some cool 3D things in Pokemon White, but most of the graphics are completely horrible. Sometimes the pixels blend together and when you send out your Pokemon in battle their animations look blocky. GBA games look better!
Great music! I really enjoyed the music. I like the Thundrus theme. It's epic. Some of the sounds were a little annoying though. Some of the sounds sounded like GBA.
It will take about 50-70 hours to catch 'em all. This is a fast-paced game, compared to HG/SS. And then you will have nothing to do.
7Lasting Appeal
Let me tell you, at the end it's very BORING! This is a fast-paced game, like I sad before, so prepare to be bored to death at the end.
(Out of 10)


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