Pokemon White Review

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Pokemon White Review :

If you're a pokemon fan, buy this game. If not, buy it anyways.

by KingsBlade Aug 13, 2012

All pokemon games are about catching pokemon, training them, and beating opposing trainers, eventually building your way to the elite 4. After beating the elite 4, you try to catch all the pokemon. In my view, the games are really fun and are for all ages. Pokemon isn't necessarily for little kids like some say. Most pokemon games are really fun and worth that thirty to forty dollars. Also, if friends have pokemon games like you, you can trade with them, and if you connect your DS to the internet, you can battle online and trade online too. There's even a special place on pokemon.com called the dream world, where you can get new pokemon and items there. There's many things to do in the game.

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8Story line
Pokemon White (and black) have a pretty strong storyline. You start as a trainer in a small town, hoping to become the best trainer around. You run into team Plasma, who believe trainers are mistreating pokemon by using them for battle. You will run into team plasma quite often.
I would give the graphics a ten, but there is one problem. In the battle system when you send out a pokemon, the pokemon you send out is closer to you than the opponents, so they took the normal back sprite and multiplied it by 2, revealing very blocky results. The battle animations are great.
The sound in pokemon games are usually always great. White was no exception. The new music sounds extremely awesome, and pokemon finally decided to put in a sountrack for when your pokemon has low health, instead of constant beeping.
The game is quite fun to play, but you can beat it in a pretty short amount of time. Be sure to take breaks when playing white, or the game will whiz by you in a few days.
6Lasting Appeal
The lasting appeal for white is quite bad. After you defeat the main story, you have to catch all the pokemon, meaning you have to get other pokemon games and migrate them into white. Playing other pokemon games is fun, but if white is going to be your first pokemon game, buy some others with it.
(Out of 10)


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