Pokemon White Version 2 Review

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Pokemon White Version 2 Review :

GREAT addition to black and white!

by KingsBlade Oct 12, 2012

In White 2, you play in unova a few years after Black and White's plot. Team plasma has split, and is up to no good as usual. It's your job as a pokemon trainer to stop team plasma, defeat the elite 4, and catch them all. Your normal pokemon game, but not quite. New pokemon have been added to the unova dex, so you have more options to defeat gym leaders with. If you liked black or white, this game is a must buy. I love this game, it's very fun. The gyms even have new puzzles! This isn't like your platinum compared to pearl, its a significant difference to black+white. Pokemon white 2 was better than I expected it to be, and I haven't even beat the game yet.

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9Story line
Interesting story line. Team plasma has split into two sides, I won't tell any more spoilers, it's up to you to find, but it's interesting to hear about how things are going a few years from black and white
Almost the same thing as Black and White. Not much to say here, some animations and scenes changed, but Not much changed.
The sound is taken from black and white and remastered. Most of it, at least. Some new music was added, but not much originality was added into the music.
Very fun. A lot more content added, such as new towns, new features, new forms, and more. Worth your 35 bucks.
8Lasting Appeal
Like I said, there's more content, so there's more stuff to do after beating the game than black and white.
(Out of 10)


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