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Pokemon X Version Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon X Version cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 3 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 unlockable, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon X Version on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Best way to catch pokemon

by Unregistered Mar 12, 2015

So, with over 700 pokes out there, you may find it difficult to catch them all. Even if you encounter your chosen 'mon in battle you still have to get it into a pokeball. However, if you're planning on going pokemon hunting, it helps to have a designated catching pokemon with you. This is a pokemon whose moves and stats have been carefully chosen to make it easier to catch pokemon.There are some specific attributes which are very helpful, and getting a pokemon who has them is invaluable.

(Note: ALWAYS have plenty of pokeballs. The last thing you want is to find the perfect pokemon, maybe even a shiny, and not have anything to catch it with. I recommend carrying at least 20 normal balls, and maybe some specialized ones as well, e.g. dive balls, although this varies depending on what pokemon you're trying to catch.)

1. Low HP

The lower a wild pokemon's HP, the easier it is to catch. You can use ordinary moves to do this, but there's a risk you'll KO it. Therefore the best moves to use are Hold Back and False Swipe, both of which will leave the target with at least 1 HP. The two moves have equal power and PP (both 40), and accuracy (100), but False Swipe is easier to get. Hold Back can only be learned by five pokemon, all of which are event pokemon. In fact, four of these events are not even for Pokemon X and Y! False Swipe on the other hand can be learnt by many pokemon, either by levelling up, breeding, or TM. I would definitely recommend getting a pokemon with this move.

2. Status conditions

A lot of pokemon are hard to catch, but inflicting a status condition makes it much easier. The best one is sleep, then paralysis. Sleep means the pokemon won't be able to move at all for a few turns (unless it knows a move like sleep talk or snore), and if you're lucky the pokemon might even put itself to sleep with Rest. However, most sleep-inflicting moves aren't very accurate, and they won't affect a pokemon with the Insomnia ability or Worry Seed status condition. Paralysis on the other hand won't wear off by itself and means the pokemon may not be able to attack. However, only one move causes just paralysis (others may cause it as well as doing damage): Thunder Wave. This is learnable by level up or TM though, and it has 100 accuracy. Also, paralysis won't affect an electric type pokemon.

3. Immobility

This isn't a problem with most pokemon, but some, for example roaming pokemon (not applicable in X and Y), and the infamous Abra, will run away on... 

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Unlockable - Sundae Dress (Girl Characters)

by Xx_Aquapal99_xX Nov 06, 2013

As you know, boy characters and girl characters have different clothing. Well, there is one special item of clothing exclusive to a gender. I will be showing you how to get the Sundae dress. Note: Girl characters only!

You need to be able to get to Kiloude City (After the Elite 4). Go to the top of the city and there will be a girl standing beside the water facing the fence. Talk to her and she will say that she wants to see an inspiring outfit. This is the exact outfit I had on to get the dress:

Fedora (Purple)

Ruffled Camisole (Pale Pink)

Jean Shorts (Aqua)

Knee Socks (Red)

Mary Janes (Pale Pink)

Ribbon Purse (Aqua)

Artificial Flower Pin (Pale Pink).

If you don't have all of these, don't worry! Experiment with different styles of clothing and hopefully you will get it!

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Code - Chain Fishing

by Xx_Aquapal99_xX Nov 01, 2013

Chain fishing. If you're wondering what it is, it's basically fishing continiously without breaking the chain to get a 'Rare Pokemon' which is, in fact, a Shiny Pokemon. This method is quick, easy, and successful. I have caught a shiny Clauncher at a chain of 28 through this method.

What you will need:

A fishing rod

A Pokemon with the ability 'Suction Cups'

A good spot to fish


How to keep the chain going

Don't run away from the water; stay in the same spot.

Suction Cups ensures you a Pokemon on the rod.

Find a decent place to fish, eg. With rocks, as a variety of different Pokemon appear in different places.

You MUST kill or catch the Pokemon, or your chain will break.

I got lucky encountering that shiny Clauncher. Don't worry if you take more than a chain of 28. It's worth it! Also, correct me if I am wrong on anything. Happy hunting!

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