Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Requests

 [ NDS ]
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I would like somone to write a FULL dicription of how to marry mana start to finish and somone who will cheak back to see if there are ore questions


Secret - How To Defeat The Bosses:

To Defeat:

Giant Lizard,( The Attribute It Is Is Fire, So Defeat It With Water Laser, Or Life Drain...Sword)

To Defeat:

Giant Apple Tree,(The Attribute Is Earth, So Defeat It With Fire.And Sword)

To Defeat:

Giant Squid,( The Attribute Is Water, So Defeat It With A Sword, And Fire...Also Life Drain)

To Defeat:

Giant Mammoth,( The Attribute Is Ice, So Defeat It With Fire, Life Drain, Water Laser, Sword)

These Monsters Put Up A Heck Of A Good Fight, But If A Brainless Person Like Me Did It...ANYOTHER Person Can Too...Good Luck...Hope I Helped.