Ryuusei no RockMan 3: Black Ace Cheats

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Ryuusei no RockMan 3: Black Ace Cheats :

This page contains Ryuusei no RockMan 3: Black Ace cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 3 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Ryuusei no RockMan 3: Black Ace on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Fight RogueZZ

by kofta Aug 14, 2010

At the title screen, hold L and press G Comp Star, M Comp Star, M Comp Star, SS Star, G Comp Star, S Comp Star, and Black Ace Star. He'll appear in the Meteor G Ctrl CC, which is located in the Orbital Base.

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Code - Make Sigma bosses appear randomly

by kofta Aug 14, 2010

At the title screen hold L and press these gold stars in order: S Comp Star, G Comp Star, S Comp Star, M Comp Star, SS Star, SS Star, and Black Ace Star. You should hear a confirmation if done correctly.

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Code - White Cards

by kofta Aug 14, 2010

Go to the Profile screen (Menu - Brother - Center portrait). Press the White Card box on the top-right. Enter code.

[A] [E] [I] [M] [Q]

[B] [F] [J] [N] [R]

[C] [G] [K] [O] [S]

[D] [H] [L] [P] [T]

GHDRJLAqua +30, Bubble Hook 3, Shark Cutter 3, Dia Iceburn V2 (White Card 17)
HNDKLQAtomic Blazer, Attack +10, Beast Slap 1, Heat Upper 1
IJMHQPBarrier, Cannon, Cannon, Cannon (White Card 10)
GFKSLRBeast Slap 1, Gravity Plus, Buzz Saw Attack 1, Ice Spin 1
TLSRPJBeast Slap 3, Beast Slap 3, Scythe 3, Mal Wizard 3
EJHRPGBlack Ink, Flash Spear 2, Bubble Hook 1, Mummy Hand 2 (White Card 05)
KJRLBDBreak Sabre, Drill Arm 3, Sword Fighter 3, Acid Ace V3
JCKDBABreakSabre, StlthLzr3, BuzzSaw3, AcidAce
SIHFQKBubble Hook 1, Bubble Hook 1, Flash Spear 2, Inazuma Head 2 (White Card 04)
DKLEAHBuki3, HeatUppr3, GreatAxe, DreadJokr
KQBPAHDance Flame 3, Heat Upper 3, Mad Fire 3, Mech Flame 3
GLRHEDDblEater, MalWizard2, BeastSlap3, JackCorvs
KICMJTDestroy Upper, Stun Knuckle, Freeze Knuckle, Poison Knuckle
JKIPTDDouble Eater, Beast Swing 3, Whistle, Great Axe (White Card 11)
BTRIFJDouble Eater, Wide Wave 3, Bubble Hook 3, Queen Virgo
RSBQPHEdogiri Blade 3, Edogiri Blade 3, Edogiri Blade 2, Edogiri Blade 1 (White Card 14)
THFLJIElec +30, Flash Strike 3, Thunder Head 3, Spade Magnets V3
SLBHDTElec Slash, Sword Fighter 3, Wood Slash, Spin Blade 3
KDANJHFire +30, Anger Fire 3, Ox Fire V2, Machine Flame 3 (White Card 16)
JRQTLAFlash Strike 2, Shark Attack 2, Heat Upper 2, Shuriken 2
SKQALDFlashStrk3, ElecSlash, ElecSlash, ThndrHead2
JQMAKCGiza Wheel 2, Ground Wave 2, Shuri Shuriken 1, Ice Spinning 1 (White Card 07)
SHDETNGrandWave3, SwrdFghtr1, NoiseWzrd2, DrillArm3
SJBMPLGreat Axe, Break Sabre, Drill Arm 3, Buki 3
ACTKGMGreen Ink, Dummy Spider 1, Shuri Shuriken 1, Thunder Shoot 2 (White Card 02)
JSTKAPHeat Upper 2, Mad Fire 1, Time Bomb 2, Dance Flame 1
RBDLCIHeatUppr3, Buki3, BreakSabre, BigDrop3
FJLEDRHeavy Cannon, Drill Arm 2, Heat Upper 2, Heavy Dawn 1 (White Card 08)
HRJKBQHeel Wizard 1. Bubble Hook 1, Elec Slash, Dummy Spider 1 (White Card 09)
RTALSJIce Grenade, Wide Wave 3, Shark Attack 2, Blue Ink
DKMPHIIce Grenade, Wide Wave 3, Shark Attack 3, Flame Axe
BFGJIMIce Spin 3, Wide Wave 3, Shark Attack 3, Bubble Hook 3
DTOFKLJet Attack 3, Skull Arrow 3, Skull Arrow 3, Buki 3
LPBKDJMad Fire 3, Time Bomb 3, Kilo Bomb 3, Kilo Bomb 3
IJDCEOMini Grenade, Sword, Wide Sword, Long Sword
CSTKQNMteorLight, Gravity Plus, WideWave1, BeastSlap1
JDFICSMummy Hand 3, Arachnid Attack 3, Elec Slash, Earth... 

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Ryuusei no RockMan 3: Black Ace Cheats


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