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Scribblenauts Cheats :

This page contains Scribblenauts cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 46 cheats in our list, which includes 17 cheats codes, 7 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 5 glitches, 14 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Scribblenauts on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Some Scribblenauts Characters

by crazyboi Sep 17, 2009

To make these characters just click the book and penil button on the top right part of your touch screen.

BrotherCreates a Brother (!!!HE IS INVINCINLE!!!)
DragonCreates a Dragon (creature) or a Dragon (weapon)
Giant wormCeates a giant worm
Maxwell/cloneCreates a clone of you
Grim Reaper/DeathCreates a Grim Reaper
GodCreates a God
AngelCreates a Angel
KingCreates a King
QueenCreates a Queen
Sumo WrestlerCreates a Sumo Wrestler
KillerCreates a Killer
NinjaCreates a Ninja
AlienCreates an Alien (not offensive)
NerdCreates a Nerd (not offensive)
SantaCreates a Santa (not offensive)
BoyCreates a Boy (not offensive)
GirlCreates a Girl (not offensive)
DevilCreates a Devil
LichCreates a Lich
ManCreates a Man (not offensive)
WarriorCreates a Warrior
ChefCreates a Chef (not offensive)
ManbearpigCreates a Manbearpig
SharkCreates a Shark
HydraCreates a Hydra
PoliceCreates a Police
WoodcutterCreates a Woodcutter (NOTE:only cuts trees if you give him an axe)
VampireCreates a Vampire (NOTE: Only dies if you use garlic, Stake or Holy cross)
Medusa/NagaCreates a Medusa
KnightCreates a Knight
CatCreates a cat (not offensive)
FrogCreates a frog (not offensive)
SharkCreates a shark
GhostCreates a Ghost
ScribblenautCreates a Scribblenaut (not offensive)
DinosaurCreates a Dinosaur (Not offensive but you can type in carnivourious Dinosaur's names to create a offensive dino)
MonsterCreates a Monster
BigfootCreates a Bigfoot (not offensive)
WerewolfCreates a Werewolf
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Code - Wormhole

by Unregistered Feb 03, 2010

In any level and the playground mode. Go to the type part to type it in. (note: destroys after one use.)

wormhole'intergalactic': click it, and random monsters come out. 'destructive': destroys everything
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Code - Some cool chars

by crazyboi Nov 02, 2009

Som chars i found
type em in at the notebook at the top-right of the touch screen

Lol wutCreates a big head for maxwell
ManbearpigCreates a Manbearpig
KrakenCreates a giant octopus
HydraCreates a hydra
BrotherCreates a invincible dude
ManticoreCreates a flying lion with a scorpion tail
MothmanCreates a weird orclike dude
ChimeraCreates a weird sheep with a lion head, snake for a tain, green wings and 2 bird legs
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Code - Out of this World Codes!

by stixman Apr 26, 2010

It's a war of the words! Just type it in the prompt box and you'll atta it.

"Large Hadron Collider"This summons the world-famous LHC, but be careful when you use it--it creates a black hole!
"Om Nom Nom Nom"You'll get a platform that looks like a hungry monster. Don't worry, it won't eat you, and you can step on it
"Nuclear Recoilless Rifle"Need to blow up a giant enemy crab? This cannon will deffo come in handy.
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Code - Awesome things

by puyo Apr 05, 2010

These are a few things that me and my bro found please rate because we think they are good. well my name is "puyo"send me some messages and I'll send you some back I'm new here so I'm getting used to it. ...............................

cruiser(vechile)makes a wicked bike
liza female zombie
phoenixa fire bird
inubusan egyptian dog
jackelopea hare cross deer
fanatica fan
ray guna laser gun
teleportera teleportation device
eurohounda husky
rayguna laser gun
Tycoona guy with a money bag
inventivea pic of maxwell
pedicaba little cab
phoenixa fire bird
pyroa fire guy
shrink raya ray that shrinks you
black knighta blood thirsty knight
daoa curved but deadly sword
destroyera big jumbo destroyer
dhonia little red raft
fanatica fan
clippera battleship
hack/taxia transportation
hideouta red home
hurdy gurdya banjo
hydraa three headed beast
hydroa jet that doesn't fly
liza female zombie
magica freezing thing that works once
shrink rayu know what it is
space guna big cannon
stealth bombera space jet that is black
ziggurata ancient egyptian pyramid
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Unlockable - Merits

by cGub Sep 17, 2009

Merits are awards/achievments you can earn by doing different things in a given level. However, you need to complete the level in order to get them.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
5TH CellSpawn a 5TH Cell employee.
All NewComplete a level with objects you've never used before.
ArchitectWrite 2 buildings.
ArrrrrrAttach the Jolly Roger to a flagpole.
AudiophileWrite 2 or more instruments or audio objects.
BioterroristIntroduce the plague and infect 2 or more people.
BotanistWrite 2 or more plants.
ChauffeurDrive a vehicle with more than one passenger
ChefWrite two or more foods
ClosetWrite two or more clothes.
ComboCombine any two objects together.
CupidShoot a humanoid with Cupid's arrow.
DecoratorWrite 2 furniture objects.
ElectrolysisShock someone with electricity.
ElementalWrite more than one element.
EntertainerWrite 2 or more entertainment objects.
EntomologistSpawn two or more insects.
EnvironmentalistWrite 2 or more environmental objects.
ExplosiveSpawn two or more objects that explode.
ExterminatorTwo or more humanoidsor animals start a level, and are destroyed.
FantasynovelWrite 2 fantasy objects.
FirefighterPut out at least 2 fires.
GeniusComplete a level twice in a row.
GluttonFeed someone or something 3 times in a row.
Gold DiggerSpawn three or more precious stones.
HealerSpawn two or more medical objects.
HerpetologistWrite 2 or more reptiles.
HumanitarianWrite two or more humans.
InfectedSpawn a zombie and make it infect at least two humanoids.
JanitorSpawn two or more cleaning objects.
JockeyUse an animal as a vehicl.e
Knight SchoolKill a dragon using a melee weapon.
LumberjackCut down three or more trees.
Mad HatterPlace a hat on four or more humanoids or animals.
MagicianUse the magic wand to turn something into a toad.
Marine BiologistWrite 2 or more fish.
MechanicJump start a vehicle.
MilitantUse 2 weapons and 1 weaponized vehicle.
Miner 49erDig a massive hole.
MiserObtain a total of 300,000 or more Ollars
New ObjectWrite a completely new item.
No WeaponsDon't write a weapon to complete a level.
Novice AnglerCatch a fish with a fishing pole.
Organ DonorSpawn two or more organs.
OrnithologistWrite 2 or more birds.
PaleontologistSpawn two ore more dinosaurs.
PariahMake 3 humanoids or animals flee.
PiEarn exactly 314 Ollars in a level.
PicassoWrite 2 or more drawing object tools.
PilotSpawn two or more aircraft.
ProdigyComplete a level 3 times in a row.
PyromaniacSet at least 4 objects on fire in a level.
ReanimatorBring a corpse back to life.
Roped InWrite 2 or more rope objects.

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Easter Egg - Emotional Mech

by Moristhecat Jan 19, 2010

Part 1: Get out the mech. Get out an Enemy, and put him pretty far away. Hop in the mech and insert Spiked Steel Ball, then drop it on top of the mech. You will fall out. !FALL OUT! Part 2: Place the Spiked Steel Ball behind the Enemy. Then hop back into the mech. it will pursue the Spiked Steel Ball; which in tern, will shoot at the Enemy and kill him. Although it does not have a brain, it sure gets angry.!ANGRY!

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Code - Fun stuff~

by Toststar45 Aug 02, 2010

Heres some fun stuff you can get with the (Top left cornner) notepad on scribblenauts :D

YmirA more giant giant...
ROFL CopterA funny small helicopter :D
Long catA cat in a cloud as tall as a ymir O.o
Hula DancerPreety girl :3
Rick rollRick astly O_O
Sewer (Sewage)Tap it for a surprise : )
HooptyA rusty old slow car
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Secret - Blackhole

by ckjkj Jan 18, 2010

Insert "black hole".a mini black hole forms to suck in ANY enemy or offenending object (boulders, spiked steel balls) before dissipating a few seconds later into the ether...

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Unlockable - Title Screen Backgrounds

by cGub Sep 22, 2009

When you're at the title screen (sandbox mode), you can unlock 14 more backgrounds by typing words that fall into certain categories. These are some words that unlock the backgrounds.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Background 02Type "cat".
Background 03Type "car".
Background 04Type "bee".
Background 05Type "tree".
Background 06Type "woman".
Background 07Type "coffin".
Background 08Type "vibes".
Background 09Type "coin".
Background 10Type "chair".
Background 11Type "zombie".
Background 12Type "court".
Background 13Type "rain" and select "rain(water)".
Background 14Type "it".
Background 15Type "pc".
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Code - Secret creatures

by Moristhecat Jan 06, 2010

There are many codes in this game, which may totally help you in heated battle.

ZweihanderLarge sword
HaubergeonChest Plate
HyraxLittle Baby Bear
Zachary (Francks)Pretty Young Girl
HatchbackCute little Vehicle
FoyerHouse Stuff
YemPretty Tank Top
CoshBilly Club
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Secret - Tame Monsters

by Blizzardworm Dec 21, 2009

To tame creatures you can ride but will attack you, feed it three foods. It will fall asleep and when it wakes up, you can ride it.

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Glitch - Starite in vending machine

by Sam-I-Am Dec 01, 2009

To get a starite into a vending machine, you need to spawn a "vending machine" near the starite. Spawn "handcuffs" and attach one side to the starite. Drag the other end to the vending machine and it will ask you to attach or fill. select fill. Drag the vending machine to Maxwell, and interact with it. The starite will come out, along with the handcuffs and a soda. Grab the starite for an easy win! Make sure the starite dosn't fall when you take it out!

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Secret - Memes in Scribblenauts

by Twillykid4000 Oct 20, 2009

Type Ceiling Cat, Spaghetti Cat, Monorail Cat, Longcat, Roflcopter, RickRoll, Leeroy Jenkins, Keyboard Cat, Post Two One Seven*, and last but not least... OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!

(Post Two One Seven explodes and kills everything, including Maxwell, if attacked.)

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Code - Destructo!

by isdumb May 02, 2011

(CAUTION:all of these cheats are deadly!)

kampea horrible greek monster
jeremiah1 of the creators.dont put him near a bomb!
pyrodoes the same as jeremiah
two seventeenlethal bomb
thomas edisondinosaur with bandana that eats anything,even blobs but then he dies
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Code - Magic!!!

by werker5 Mar 28, 2011

ok type in blue/red or black magic

black magicturns things into skeleten warriors
red magicburns things
blue mgicfreezes things
chimakes a ridable dragon
jeremiahmakes a producer NOTE:never let him touch bombs!!!
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Secret - Electro Reaction Vehicles

by Moristhecat Jan 12, 2010

First, upload the crotchrocket. Second, place Glue somewhere at the front of the bike. Last, insert and drop a sword, drop it so it's handle faces the crothricket, and the sharp end faces away, and place on the glue. Now, you can skew enemies at high speeds. Try this attack with the racecar, or even the Hover Tank or FlyingWing.

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Secret - Vapire weaknesses

by Moristhecat Jan 06, 2010

If you hadn't already known, Vampires are allergic to "Sun" and "Garlic". Sun, thus being from that corny vampire movie you saw on television when you were 6 about a guy who waked up from a coffin and needs to go buy some new blinds. Garlic, being from the Marvel movie Vampire Slayer. You remember, don't you The silly dude spraying garlic juice from a gun at a female vampire. Yeah... I get it you don't like my humor. Well, try it! These two objects are the only thing keeping you from a really sucky bloodbath. Witches, have also got a weakness. "Water" Any tiny puddle will work.

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Secret - Robot bombs.

by Moristhecat Jan 06, 2010

Okee dokee. You obviously wanted some kamikaze, that you could survive. Step.1. (I'll organize them in steps) Get like, 5, how many robots you want. Step.2. Find a EMP (Electric Magnetic Pulse. You can find one at your local doodle pad.) Step.3. Bring out some silly suckers to get their butt kicked. Preferably, Beast (Awesome), Siren (Hot stuff), Zombie (Sickly awesome), or any other Nazi asking for a little "BANG" in her diet.
Step.4. Fuse the EMP, hurry, before those dummies get here! The Robots should fuse out for a while, then bang! The more you have, the more chance of damage points done to any other creatures. I hope this helped.

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Secret - Cool Items, Ferocious Beasts and some Easter Eggs.

by Blizzardworm Dec 21, 2009

Chi - Spawns a friendly chinese dragon.
Cthuhul - Spawns a cool beast.
Developers - Type a name of a 5th Cell developer to spawn them. (You don't need o type the full name of any of them except "Matt Cox".
Freeze Ray - Spawns a gun that temporarily freezes the target.
Kraken - Spawns a killer squid. (You may also type "Giant Squid")
Liz - Spawns a Robot Woman that can turn humans into other Liz. It is afraid of its own kind.
Lol Wut - Spawns a giant Maxwell head.
Lunar Lander - Spawns a Lunar Lander that can fly.
Lunar Rover - Spawns a Lunar Rover that can fly.
Shrink Ray - Spawns a gun that shrinks the target to ease defeating it.
Teleporter - Teleports you to a random area.
Time Machine - Takes you to ancient times.
Vending Machine Glitch - In action levels where you have to get the Starite, attach HANDCUFFS to the Starite and a VENDING MACHINE. Suddenly, you'll get an option to Fill, click it and you can drag the Starite in the Vending Machine anywhere around the map.

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Secret - Pass the enemy

by haoning Dec 07, 2009

First type in invisibility cloak and you get a green cloak put it on to maxwell and you make him invisible.

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Glitch - Easy Advanced Mode

by cGub Sep 18, 2009

The game ignores adjectives you try to put when writing any word, so writing "Small Hat" or "Big Hat" will only be recognized as "Hat", and will spawn the same thing. The exploit is in the fact that during Advanced Mode, the game will NOT accuse "same word" if you type an adjective before the word itself, eventhough the exact same thing is spawned. You can clear a stage three times by typing "Wings" the first time, "Big Wings" the second time and "Small Wings" the third time, you'll simply get the Wings all three times, but the game will register 3 different words and will allow it. If you're feeling lazy, you don't even have to put in a proper adjective, since the game doesn't recognize them, simply typing "aaa Wings" will register as "Wings", the game ignores the "aaa" as an Adjective (even if it really isn't one).

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Glitch - Tree trick

by gameking5 Jun 20, 2012

make a drago (type of tree) and drop it so it falls on its side then bring it up to the top of the screen and let go and it will fall right through the floor so far i only know that it works for the ice area in playground mode

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Secret - Just A Little Secret :)

by zeldafreak42 Sep 28, 2011

so go on any level or even sandbox. summon a genie. and tap her. you'll get.... well, just do it yourself! ;)

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Code - Cool maxwell

by Unregistered Sep 19, 2011

go to notepad and follow these codes.

armygives you a army guy do not SHOOT
jet packequpt it and fly for 3 sec
quick sanddrouns peapol MUST be OPEN area
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